I had been using Cash App for over a year when I realized how limited my access to its features was since I did not know how to verify Cash App. Do you want to figure out how to use Cash App borrow money, sell stocks through the app, and make use of direct deposit simply by verifying identity on Cash App? Let me show you how!

You can use Cash App without verification but there are certain features like direct deposit, selling/buying stocks on the app, and Bitcoin exchange that will be inaccessible. To verify identity on Cash App you have to Open account > Open settings > Verify your identity > Get started > Submit pictures of back and front of ID card > Submit a photo > Answer basic personal questions > Confirm.

Do You Really Need To Verify Cash App?

First thing first, it is not compulsary to verify Cash App account. You can use the basic features of the app without verification but will not be able to take full advantage of it.

Verification requires you to provide driver’s license, SSN, or state-issued ID card. The company then reviews your information and updates the status of your account. In most cases, the approval is almost instant. But, you might be wondering why you need to go through the process at all?

Cash App authorities ensure that they do not cross any legal boundaries. Therefore, the app reports all transactions to the government to minimize chances of frauds and scams.

Cash App account number is given to you as soon as you sign up. However, this does not mean that your account is verified. That will not happen until you confirm your identity with Cash App authorities. Some of the perks that you will then be able to enjoy are:

  1. You can apply for a Cash App debit card and use it for shopping online and in-stores.
  2. Cash App will open its option of direct deposit and transferring bitcoins.
  3. You will be protected against frauds and scams. Verification of Cash App account provides better security against identity theft.
  4. You can then use the Cash App account with utter confidence knowing that your money transfers and sensitive information is always safe.

How To Verify Cash App?

Given that the procedure is quite simple, I don’t see the point of not verifying the account to access the additional features. What you need to do to verify Cash App name is:

  • Open your Cash App account.
  • Then click on Balance option.
  • Scroll down to the sections where funds are mentioned and tap Add Card.
  • Provide the necessary personal details including full name, date of birth, Cash app account number, CVV, etc.
  • Then move to the profile section and just enter the Social Security Number.
  • Click a picture of government ID card.
  • Upload the image to Cash App account.
  • Also, submit a recent photo of you in form of a selfie to match with the documents.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the procedure.
  • Click on Confirm to verify the account.

What Other Ways Can You Use To Verify Cash App? ‘

Cash App hosts the option of verifying the account within the app so there’s no need to look elsewhere. In some cases, users have had trouble doing so then I recommend getting in touch with Cash App customer support team for guidance.

How To Verify Cash App Account Without Identification?

It is not possible to verify Cash App account without sharing ID. In fact, if you try to hide it by sharing fake social security number or fake payment screenshot, your account may be closed or banned permanently.

Some users go use desperate measures to have their account verified because they are under the impression that Cash App transfers will not work unless they do so. That isn’t true. You can still use your Cash App balance to make payments but the amount you can transfer or receive is limited with an unverified account.

The limits are only increased once you verify your identity on Cash App. This includes sharing social security number, date of birth and full name. There is simply no work-around for this!

Can You Verify Cash App If Under 18?

That is a tricky question! According to Cash App user policy, it is compulsary to be above 18 years of age to create an account let alone verify one. However, if you do have an account registered using someone else’s personal details while you are younger than 18 yourself, it is still possible to verify it.

This requires sharing parents or guardian’s full name, contact address, contact number, Cashtag, email ID, etc. at the time of verification.

Here by the term “guardian” I imply legal caretaker and not just any random person or a relative. Your request will get declined if you try for verification using fake contact details.

Another thing to be mindful of here is that in this case the Cash App account technically belongs to the adult using whose details it is verified. The teen would just be an authorized user and in case of a mishap or a mis-conduct it is the guardian who would be held accountable.

The adult would also be able to see transaction history, access money transfers and monthly Cash App statements, oversee Cash App card activity, disable to discontinue Cash App account.

Verification of Cash App account being used by someone under 18 is not voluntary. You will be prompted to verify it as soon as the authority detects that you are between 13 to 17 years of age.

How To Get Cash App Card Without Verification?

Cash App prepaid card is now available to anyone under 18 although this was not possible when the app and its cash card were initially introduced.

Cash App card is a Visa debit card and it functions just like one. If a minor has create a Cash App account and verified it using guardian’s or parent’s personal information, he or she can apply for the card as well, load Cash App card and use it for purchases or payments.

It is not possible to obtain the Cash App debit card without verification. It is up to you, however, if you verify with your personal information or your guardian’s.

What Is Cash App Verification Requirements?

The verification process is quite simply. You would already know by now the things you need to verify your identity on Cash App. Nonetheless, I am going to give you a short check-list to save your time.

  • Smartphone.
  • Driver’s license.
  • State-issued ID card.
  • Submission of a selfie.
  • Social Security Number.

Obviously, an internet connection is a must to fill and submit your verification request through the app.

Why Does Cash App Need My Social Security Number and Driver’s License?

Sharing social security number and driver’s license is compulsary when verifying your Cash App account. You can instead provide any other government-verified ID proof but SSN and driver license are the most common choices.

As I mentioned above, Cash App follows a legal framework to minimize scams. It follows the FINRA rules and regulation under which it is compulsary to collect personal information from the users for monitoring purposes.

This is crucial especially when a huge amount of money is involved such as is the case with selling or buying stocks on Cash App or in Cryptocurrency exchange.

In Cash App language, any money transfer bigger than $250 is considered a large payment and this will require verification. A verified account means the one which provided full name, date of birth, SSN, driver’s license, and last 4 digits of ID card.

Cash App only allows for larger transactions once the account has been verified that is why it is important to share your Social Security Number and driver’s license information.

How Long Will It Take To Verify Cash App Account?

It does not take long to get your Cash App account verified. Typically, the process should complete within 2 business days. You can initiate it through Cash App mobile app and then wait for the updates. Do get in touch with Cash App customer support team if there are extended delays.

Some users have complained about pending verification that goes on for days.

In this case, there may be issues with the information that you have provided. Also, there can also be glitch in Cash App system that did not let your request get submitted. Either ways, seeking guidance from the support unit should sort out the issue easily.

How To Confirm Cash App Account Is Verified?

There is no set protocol that will allow you to confirm verification of the Cash App account. You will, however, receive a confirmation mail from the authorities notifying you with the update.

Moreover, your account will be able to access additional features like Bitcoin wallet, selling and buying stock, Cash App direct deposit, etc. indicating that it has been verified. The most obvious update would be that you can transfer money more than $250 which is the cap for unverified accounts.

What To Do If Cash App Won’t Verify My Identity?

If Cash App verification isn’t working then the first thing to do is to figure out the root cause. There are many things that can mess up the process when you are trying to verify your account.

You would see the error “Cash app verify identity not working” when the app is unable to process request.

For those who are facing this error right now, some things you should consider are:

  1. Cash App will not allow for verification if you are younger than 18 years of age. Only adults above 18 years can verify their accounts.
  2. There may also be issues with the process if the scanned image of the driver’s license or government-issued ID card that you have submitted is not clear. The request will be immediately turned down.
  3. Another problem occurs when users submit only one side of their ID cards. Remember, you must scan and provide both the sides of driver’s license and IS card for verification to complete successfully.
  4. At the time of request submission, do confirm that all the number in the images provided are clear to read. This is the most common reason why Cash App does not verify identity of certain users.

Does Cash App Verification Increase Spending Limits?

Similar to majority of other money transfer apps, there is a limit on how much you can send from Cash App to Chime, Cash App to Venmo, Cash App to PayPal, Cash App to Zelle, or to any other app or bank account.

This limit is set at $250 for unverified accounts. But once your account is verified, you can send up to $7,500 per month which is quite a significant increase!

Unverified accounts are also only allowed to receive $1,000 per month but this cap is completely removed after verification. This means you can receive unlimited amount on your Cash App later on.

This shows how important it is to verify identity on Cash App especially if you intend to use it for larger transactions. Even if you have to send small sums only, verified Cash App gives you access to multiple additional features that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Tax reporting and Bitcoin withdrawals, Cash App ATM, just to name a few!

Before You Go!

With all the benefits of Cash App verification listed, it would be wrong of me to suggest to use the app otherwise. You can, however, continue to use it for minor transfers if verification is not possible. Remember, there shouldn’t be any issues with receiving or sending payments even without verification.

Now that you know how to verify Cash App account, I wonder if you would be interested in growing knowledge about the app by checking out how to delete Cash App history or use the Cash App money hack to make some extra dollars? Don’t forget to check these out as well!

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