Privacy Policy

This page represents privacy policy for with complete disclosure of use of personal data and scope of services that are followed on the site. 

As Per Privacy Policies, the Type of Data that Collects is as Follows: 

  • Information from comments for spam verification. 
  • Personal data that a user provides intentionally. 
  • IP address and browser information. 
  • Anonymized string from email IDs. 

Moreover, the website DOES NOT collect data listed below: 

  • Personal Information: physical characteristics, education, employment information, financial information, medical information, contact information. 
  • Protected Classification Characteristics: national origin, religion, disabilities, gender expression, genetic information, sexual orientation. 
  • Biometric Information: Biological characteristics, face prints, fingerprints, physical patterns, gait, retina scans, activity patterns, exercise data, etc. 
  • Commercial Information: Information on personal property, purchasing trends, history of purchases, services. 
  • Geological Data and Sensory Data. 
  • Inferences from Personal Information: Individual’s behavior, aptitudes, personal abilities, characteristics. 

Policy of For Disclosure of Information

The website takes the responsibility of not sharing any data with third parties without consent. It may only be under the compulsion to do so if there is a legal matter that requires disclosure. Even in such a scenario, the legal circumstances should either be:

  • challenging website rights or properties
  • gathering information about wrongdoing of a user
  • challenging safety of the users. 

Does The Website Collect Information From Other Websites?

The site may host images, videos, and products from other parties just to create more valuable content and generate maximum information for the readers. Accessing this content, however, would be considered as if the visitor has shifted to the other website. Consequently, how the user’s information is utilized there would depend on the other site’s privacy policies and terms of use. 

Does Perkstreet Keep Your Data Saved Indefinitely? 

The data that the site retains varies. For example, comments and the metadata is stored in the servers for a limitless amount of time to help authorities perform follow-up. 

  • The data that users provide such as personal information and contact data can be or can not be saved depending on their preferences. If they choose to save sign-in information, they will not be required to re-enter it next time they visit the page. 
  • Location data that is attached to the embedded videos/images on the site can be accessed by those who download this content. 
  • Data that is required for analytics or determining traffic flow such as IP address or browser information is also saved. 

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