Nowadays, the peer-to-peer payment process has become quicker and easier with several online payment platforms. As we all know, Cash App is one of the high-tech mobile payment services offering mobile banking for its customers, facilitating moving money from one account to the other. To know how much does Cash App Charge to Cash Out, please give this article a read to know the best of all. 

Cash App isn’t an expensive or bank-breaking platform; instead, most of its services are free of cost instead of a couple in which you are liable to pay the associated fee. Cash App charges a 3% on money transfer via credit card, 1.5% of the total amount on instant funds transfer, 2% to 3% fee on cryptocurrency, and $2 on per ATM withdrawal. In contrast, it does not charge any fee on stocks investment. 

How Much Does Cash App Charge to Cash Out?

Cash App does not require extensive credentials to complete the money transfer process. However, there are few transitions in the costs or prices at Cash App, which vary as per your application use. Also, it would be pretty fair to say that Cash App does not cost you much and is quite convenient and affordable in terms of fees. 

Let us have a look into how fees vary with the type of activity you perform on the Cash App:

Cash App Fee – At a Glance  

  • Money transfer via Credit Card: It costs 3% of the total amount transferred. 
  • Instant Transfer Fee: Instant deposits cost 1.5%, and a minimum deposit fee of $0.25
  • Standard Transfer Fee: No fee if you choose a standard money transfer method. 
  • Buying/Selling Cryptocurrency Fee: It charges a fee of 2% to 3% typically. 
  • Investing Fee: Usually $0, but might vary as per government rules for trades. 
  • ATM Fee: $2 for each withdrawal 
  • Card Fee: $0 card fee at Cash App 

Money Transfer via Credit Card

Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment platform helping you transfer funds to your friends or family in no time through their online platform. In addition to such convenience, it also charges a small fee that you are liable to pay to finish a transaction under the respective category.

If you are transferring money using your credit card, you will have to pay an additional amount of 3% of your total transfer amount. On the contrary, if you are sending money through a debit card or directly via your bank account, you are not charged any fee at all. 

You can use credit cards at Cash App from several card networks such as Visa, American Express, Discover, and Mastercard. 

Instant and Standard Transfer Fee

Cash App allows you to cash out the money through two types of transfers. One is the instant delivery, while the other is the standard delivery of funds. The fee attached depends on the delivery option you wish to opt for. 

If you are going for standard delivery, please note that it takes one to three business days before the funds are available in the recipient’s’ account; and it charges $0.

If you opt for an instant funds transfer to a linked debit card, then Cash App charges you 1.5% of the total amount transferred, and the funds will be readily available in the recipient’s account. 

Cryptocurrency Fee

Cash App is not a financial payment platform with limited options; in addition to providing you a channel to transfer funds, it also allows you to purchase or sell bitcoins. However, the fees can vary, and you can see them on the Cash App interface before proceeding with the final transaction. 

Typically, the fee varies from 2% to 3% and no more; but it can vary depending upon the currency you are trading. 

Investing In Stocks Fee 

As mentioned earlier, the Cash App itself does not charge you any fee for investing in the stocks; however, a government fee might imply all the trading you wish to do through the Cash App platform. 

It is a regulatory fee of two categories SEC Fee and TAC Fee. SEC fee is $0.0002210 per $100 of principal, and TAC fee is $0.000119 per share.


The ATM withdrawal fee at the Cash App is typical $2 per transaction if you do it with your Cash App card. Now, keep in mind that if you withdraw from the ATM using a card or some other payment service, the ATM charges you an additional fee irrespective of your withdrawal amount. 

To eliminate this, Cash App has a better solution for its users, which is that if you make or receive direct deposits of up to $300 monthly, you can get free ATM withdrawals, and all the previously paid payments are reimbursed; $7 per withdrawal up to three times in 31 days. 

Card Fee

If you are willing to pay directly from the Cash App balance, you can always get your hands on the Cash Card. Like many other payment cards, such as Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, you can link your Cash Card to the digital mobile wallets to make the payment process more feasible for yourself. 

Cash App Cash Card is free of cost and requires zero maintenance fee. Typically, you are liable to pay the monthly fee for a credit or debit card at several financial providers, but you do not have to worry about that with Cash App. 

Before You Go! 

Cash App is an affordable mobile banking platform that facilitates budget-friendly transfer options to friends and family. It provides multiple services other than transferring money, including investing in stocks, buying and selling cryptocurrencies, borrowing cash and much more. 

While these platforms come with a lot of ease, they do not come for free and hold a fair share of associated fees. We hope that in this article, we guided you on how much Cash App charges for cashing out and all you needed to know about the costs.

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