If you are searching over the PlatinumOffer, it means you have either received the pre-approved mail offer or came here looking for credit card options available to those with an average credit score. In both cases, you have landed at the right place! 

First Premier bank platinum credit card is a costly option but definitely something that can help those with poor credit situation. The annual fee and the processing fee depends on the approved credit limit. The bank also charges 25% fee when increasing the credit limit.

Getting a credit card does not seem like a challenging task! However, doing it with a broken credit report only proves fruitful in some cases.

Luckily, Platinum offer First Premier Bank has a good reputation amongst other options in the US for providing a variety of credit cards. We suggest you contact them if you wish to receive some financial relief amidst challenging times.

This article will provide all your information about First Premier Mastercard credit cards. We will also let you know how to respond to the mail offer or how to apply for the credit card right away.

PlatinumOffer – Quick Overview

Since the card is meant for those with average scores, it tends to be a costly option. The bank would not charge you any security fee, but the monthly maintenance charges, processing fees, and interest rates are high.

You can avoid paying interest charges if you consistently pay on time. Carrying a balance on the account is the only time you are liable for paying interest.

We will discuss in the next section how the credit limit determines some of the charges you will be paying. However, it is essential to know that an increase in the credit line is possible.

You need to maintain good credit spending habits for at least a year before you can qualify for it.

The bank also charges a 25% fee when increasing the credit limit. Moreover, the processing fee is $75 for those with a $600 credit limit. The rest of the customers need $95 to open the account.

The bottom line is that the credit card presented by the PlatinumOffer helps boost your credit score quickly. This is one of the main reasons you should consider responding to a mail offer you received a pre-approved one.

PlatinumOffer First Premier Credit Card


You can apply for a credit card at www.platinumoffer.com with a fair to average credit score. Some customers have also been approved with poor credit standing because their credit report was in good shape.

Annual Fee

The Platinumoffer credit limit offered to you depends on your creditworthiness. The annual fee you pay would take into account the credit line you have. The breakdown is as follows:

  • For a credit limit of $300, the yearly cost is $75 in the first year and $45 afterwards.
  • For a credit limit of $400, the yearly cost is $100 in the first year and $45 afterwards.
  • For a credit limit of $500, the yearly cost is $125 in the first year and $49 afterwards.
  • For a credit limit of $600, the annual fee is $79 in the first year and $49 afterwards.

The annual fee is deducted from the credit limit, so you will have less credit to spend at the start of the month.

Interest Rates

The purchase APR is also relatively high in the First Premier credit card case. It charges as high as 36%. The only way to avoid this is to make the payments on time and in full. Otherwise, you would find yourself under a tremendous financial burden.


Unfortunately, there are no rewards offered on this card. Since the credit card is meant for those with poor credit scores, its only aim is to help them fix the score. You can do so by maintaining timely payments, paying in full, not carrying a debt, and having a low credit utilization ratio. All of this is possible with a primary credit card. 


The card covers fraud or other misfortunate events by providing $0 liability.

Applying For First Premier Card at www.PlatinumOffer.com

So now you know a lot about the Platinum Offer and what it has in stock. The next main task is figuring out how to apply for the card. There are two ways to do this.

You can respond to the mail offer or fill out a credit card application without the request. After registration and approval, you can continue to visit the platinumoffer.com activate page. Below, we will show you how to proceed in both cases.

1. Responding To Mail Offer

A pre-approved mail offer would shorten your application time and improve the chances of your request being accepted by the bank.

Such offers imply that the bank has checked your report and found you an eligible cardholder.

A pre-approved offer is beneficial but does not guarantee that you will be accepted 100%. If you want to apply for a credit card, getting a bid in the mail is a fantastic opportunity.

Like all other great banks in the US, First Premier Bank also traces its customers to recognize potential cardholders. It then sends out pre-approved mail offers to make the application process easier for them.

If you are from the lucky ones, here’s what you need to do next:

Your mail offer would include a confirmation number printed at the bottom of the page. Use your web browser to open www.platinumoffer.com. Type in the confirmation code and click “Apply Now.”

Hopefully, the acceptance mail will reach you within a week. Keep your hopes high!

If there is no response from the bank, we suggest you wait at least 2 weeks before contacting them. There are chances that the request is still pending because your information needs further processing.

2. Applying Without Mail Offer

You can immediately apply for the First Premier credit card without entering the confirmation number. The procedure is the same. Again, it would help if you opened www.platinumoffer.com.

Find the option that says “Apply Now” without a confirmation code and click on it.

This would open another window with a digital form. Fill the application with your first name, middle name, last name, contact address, contact number, and social security number.

After submission, you will immediately get a response from the bank to further guide the rest of the registration process.

3. Contacting The Bank

Hopefully, there are no issues when applying for a credit card. However, if you wish to contact them for other queries or help, please call their toll-free platinumoffer com at 1-800-987-5521.

This general helpline can be used to report problems, apply for the card, or cancel the credit card if needed.

You can also write to the bank at the following posting address:

First PREMIER Bank, P.O. Box 5524, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5524.
We recommend contacting you via email or call as it is responsive and quick. A written mail might cause delays in getting a reply from their representatives.

Is Platinumoffer.com Legit?

PlatinumOffer.com, with a confirmation number, is an entirely legit, reliable platform if you wish to apply for the First PREMIER Platinum Mastercard.

The bank is known around the US for providing a variety of credit cards to millions of users.

Furthermore, the First Premier card offers $0 fraud liability. This implies that the bank would take care of any unauthorized charges, and you will not be held accountable for it.

On top of that, the bank has a reliable online system that is secure and up-to-date. You can quickly contact the bank to report errors or clear a query.

Platinumoffer Pre Approved Reviews

Although First Premier Bank is a reliable institute, many still wonder if platinumoffer.com is legit. Below are some reviews from long-term users that can help you decide whether to do this. 

It is not a scam at all, an expensive way to obtain credit so if you decide to move forward with any cards offered on this site please use the card to best benefit you. My suggestion is to get this card only when financially ready to, this card as mentioned is very expensive so pay all of the fees right away, make all payments on time, and keep your balance below 30 percent, if you need to use more then the 30 percent make sure you make a payment bringing the balance below 30 percent of the limit prior to the statement coming out otherwise you will spend all this money and not gain anything . The purpose of these cards offered here is for those with bad credit or limited credit to build there credit. When used properly you will build credit. If you are late even once and keep your balance high you will be stuck with low limits and excessive fees and interest for many years to follow. Do yourself a favor, follow what I say and you will be rewarded in 1 or 2 years with much better offers with much more favorable terms.

Yes the card cost a lot. I’ve had my card now for 5 years now. Only ones who would give me a card. Started off with 300 dollar credit limit – they took half of that for activation. Kept my payments on time. When thing was ok for me I paid it off. Then I ran into hardship and started only paying minimum payments. They raised my card without me asking to 500 dollars. Now today it’s 1000 interest. Is hard but you can pay it off. Not interest or fees. I love them. My credit score went up like 100 points because of them. Gotten my self in more debt because of hardship but god is good. Things will be ok. Use your credit wisely.

I have never had a problem with First Premier and I have had it for six years now. Anytime I have called them they have been nice and polite, even when I had to pay late because of a hospital stay, I was not charged a late fee nor have I received a “courtesy call” some are saying they get. Yes, the interest rate is high but that is what happens when you have no credit or bad credit.

Less-Expensive Alternatives To Platinumoffer Credit Card

If you are struggling with a poor credit score, a secured credit card is best. Although you will need to make a security deposit, the credit card can help you improve your credit score and qualify for better offers in the future.

Platinum offer does not seem like the right fit for you? Consider DCU Visa Platinum Secured Credit Card or OpenSky Secured Visa credit card instead.

Remember that whenever you choose to close your account, the security deposit will be returned to you.

Before You Go!

That’s it, folks! We hope this article covered everything you were looking for. The bottom line is that PlatinumOffer is a great place to start with your credit-rebuilding journey.

You may currently have a poor score, but choosing the right credit card would help you solve that problem over a matter of months.

Who knows? Next time, you will be able to apply for a high-end card that offers a variety of rewards!

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