Accept.CreditOneBank | Respond Credit One Bank Mail Offer

Accept.CreditOneBank | Respond Credit One Bank Mail Offer

The Credit One Bank should be your go-to option if you have a poor credit score and don’t know where to start the journey of rebuilding your credit. If you were lucky enough to recieve the Accept.CreditOneBank mail offer, we suggest you make use of it right away!

If you need an unsecured credit card to help you bounce back from a bad credit scenario then you have a good choice right here! The minimum credit line offered by the Credit One Bank is $300.

Did you know? “The Credit One Bank has paid out cash back rewards of worth $99,999,394 to all its users.”

Recommended Credit: Poor to Fair.

Regular APR: 19.49%-25.49% (Variable).

Annual Fee$0-$99.

Accept.CreditOneBank Credit Cards Features And Perks


As compared to other unsecured credit cards offered to those with poor credit score, the Credit One card has a lower APRGreat! There are other cards that charge APR as high as 10%.


Although the rewards offered here are not that amazing but it is still better than nothing. You have the opportunity to earn 1% cash-back on common expenses such as gas, groceries, cellphone bills and internet services with some cards here.

That’s not all! You also have the chance to earn more cash-backs. This is a major perk as compared to other competitors who doesn’t offer rewards at all.

Things To Keep In Mind While Applying At Accept.CreditOneBank

One of the key factors is that this credit card company is based in the US. Therefore, only the legal residents in the US can avail these services.

You need to be 18 years of age or more in order to apply for the credit card. Also, all the applicants need to fill out an application and wait for the approval. You will be notified via mail or a message.

All the credit cards offered here are completely safe. Therefore, you don’t need to worry when handling them your personal information and other details.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the Credit One Bank offers card for those with poor credit score or credit history.

How To Apply For The Credit Card At Accept.CreditOneBank


Interested in applying for the Credit One Bank Credit Card? The application online will take about 5 minutes to complete. Open their official website and provide:

  • Approval Code
  • Social Security Number

These will be included in the mail you received from the bank earlier. After providing the information click on Continue.

Once you have applied for the card, you can also check the status of the credit card by clicking on Application Status on their official website. The form here will ask you to provide your Last Name and Social Security Number.

Note! “The people who have the credit one offer can apply for the credit increasing after completing the 60 days. Moreover, you have the opportunity to select their credit card front from U.S Flag, Beach, Tiger, and Cheetah print.”

Did Not Receive The Approval Code? No Problem!

If you received an approval code for application then that’s a good thing because it means you have been pre-screened and have better chances of qualifying for the card.

Did not receive your approval code? That is not an issue at all either. Although the chances of approval are a bit low but you can still pre-qualify for a credit card without an approval code. Again visit Accept.CreditOneBank to respond to a form that will ask you to provide:

  • First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Last Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Apt/Unit Number
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Your Total Monthly Income

Is There A Downside?

There are a number of things to consider if you are making up your mind to become a Credit One Bank Credit card-holder.

Limited Grace Period

Only a handful of cardholders are given a grace period when it comes to paying finance charges. Grace period saves you from interest charges on new purchases by paying off your balance. If you have not been offered a grace period it means the interest charges will hit you as soon any payment comes to your account.

Considerably High Annual Fee

Your annual fee is decided on the basis of your credit history. It can be as high as $95 for the first year and $99 for the years that follow. There are also chances that you secure “no annual fee” for the card but you can not be sure of that until you have been approved.

As opposed to this, there are a number of secured credit cards that doesn’t charge a dime for annual fee. Therefore, many users hesitate to opt for this card.

Unclear Terms and Conditions 

You will have a clearer view of the terms for your account when you pre-qualify for the card. However, the conditions will only become crystal clear when you are finally approved. Most of the other cards offered to those with poor credit are more transparent with their terms and conditions.

Accept CreditOneBank Review

There’s a lot you can find about this card over the internet. So, what does different users have to say about Credit One Bank.

Tinman7878 rated the card 4/5 on Creditkarma and comments:

“The best for what I needed. Though the rates seem high. This card has helped tremendously with rebuilding my credit.”

Banana558 also rated the card 5/5 on Creditkarma and has nothing but good words for it. Here’s what it has to say:

“I would never have applied for a credit card, had credit karma not recommended it.  Credit one has been a lifesaver.  I am rebuilding my credit, but beyond that, the customer service is the best.  No hoops to jump through.  Highly recommend.”

Another dedicated card user, Frankierdz, rated it 5/5 and commented:

“My experience with this card has been great. I was at a time where I was looking to rebuild my credit, and Credit One took a chance on me when no one else would. I made mistakes and damaged my credit when I was younger, but that was all behind me now. The credit limit for me wasn’t too high, and the APR is manageable. Even when I had fraud on my account, I called Customer Service, they told me what to do and how to file a dispute. They quoted me up to 90 days, and it was fixed within 30. I was really impressed. I use it for emergencies and have never been late on a payment. Just recently switched to Bill Pay through my bank, and there is no disconnect from either side.”

There’s more!

If you are drowning and have no way out grab this life-boat now! This card literally saved my life… I was addicted and on the streets but rebuilt my credit/life with the Credit One Bank Card… you can do! Cheers Mate

says Chris G. Chicago, IL.

Wallethub: 3.3/5

The Balance: 3.9/5

Cardrates: 3.7/5

Frequently Asked Questions About Credit One Bank

1. Can you contact their customer support for help?

Ans. Credit One Bank does offer customer support however the service is not open 24-hour. Some regard this as a big inconvenience. On the other hand, it does provide automated account information. This service is open to use 24/7 for all the customers.

There is also a mobile banking app that you can make use of if you want to check you bills and balances.

2. Is Credit One Bank a scam?

Ans. This bank is not a scam at all. The Credit One Bank and Accept.CreditOneBank service is famous for issuing credit cards to users with less than perfect credit score. Read the review section to find out what different users have to say about this bank services.

3. Can you use the Credit One Bank cards outside of the US?

Ans. As a protection plan against frauds, there are some areas where the use of Credit One Bank credit cards have been blocked. You can, however, call and inform at 1-702-405-2042 prior to use.

4. I can not access some portions of the Credit One Bank website. Why?

Ans. Some of the parts of the website might not be open to use if you have activated ad blocker. In case you want to get rid of this issue, we suggest you turn it off.

In Closing

Credit One Bank is a perfect opportunity to rebuild your credit score especially for those who have average or fair score. Although you need to deal with high interest rates and APR.

The cardholders also get to enjoy cashback and a range of rewards. They can also track the credit score through Experian services. This is a very reliable option so if you were lucky enough to receive the mail offer visit the Accept.CreditOneBank and make use of it today!

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