Are you being continuously rejected for a credit card because of your score? With Merrick Bank, we are here to offer you the best solution!

Having a poor credit score gets you into a never-ending cycle.

Doubleyourline pre approved mail offer is sent out by the Merrick Bank to selective candidates. It is a great opportunity to improve your credit score since the bank automatically increases your credit line after 6-7 months of responsible use. Moreover, you will get $0 fraud liability and FREE credit score check with this credit card.

You need an excellent card to improve your credit report, but at the same time, you need a perfect score to get your hands on a helpful credit card. Most of the time, the only option available to users with average scores is that of secured cards.

However, that would additionally burden you with the worry of arranging a security deposit that might be hefty for high-end cards. So, how do you become a cardholder in this case?

Now, Merrick Bank offers a credit card that is the perfect solution to the financial issues that you are facing. The best feature here is that your credit line will automatically double if you maintain a good payment pattern for a few months.

In this article, we will talk about how you can apply for Merrick Bank cards, get in touch with bank representatives, and consider Merrick Bank when it comes to good credit cards. Without further delay, let’s jump in! Pre Approved Merrick Bank – Quick Overview

You might wonder if this is the only viable solution for good credit cards. There is so much to choose from, so should you go for this one? We have several reasons why!

First, a significant advantage of becoming a Merrick Bank cardholder is that it automatically increases your credit line after seven months. Most other card lenders make you wait at least 1 year before considering an increase in the credit limit.

The automatic increase also implies that you would not need to apply. There will be no long forms involved! The bank will inform you that your limit has been improved.

Furthermore, it is backed up by a commendable mobile app. The application lets you set alerts, notifications, and alarms for essential payments so you don’t miss out on any bills. You can also get a FREE FICO score update from the credit bureaus.

Most cards here offer an automatic increase in credit line after responsibly using it for 6 to 7 months. This means you would not have to undergo a lengthy application process to increase your credit limit.

Furthermore, you will always have $0 fraud liability.

If your credit card is stolen or lost, the bank will not charge you for the unauthorized transactions made on your behalf. Besides the annual fee, there are no hidden charges. The card has minimum interest rates, no foreign transaction fee, and no monthly maintenance charges.

Doubleyourline Merrick Bank Pre Approved Offer Credit Card Limit, Fees, and More


Double Your Line Visa card is available to those with poor to average credit scores. If you received the pre-approved mail offer, it further improves your chances of getting accepted as a cardholder. 

Annual Fee

The card charges around $72 of the annual fee. You also need to pay $75 additionally when opening the account. As for the annual charges, you can qualify for lower ones depending on your creditworthiness.

Interest Rates

If you are late with payments, you need to pay an interest rate of 27.7%, which is variable.


As mentioned, the card is an excellent choice for people who wish to improve their credit line over time. The bank automatically increases the credit limit after 7 months of responsible use.

This is a massive perk since most other banks require you to go through a long process of filling out forms when applying for a credit line increase. Moreover, some charge a 20% to 25% fee for this task.


You will be eligible for a $0 fraud liability if the card is stolen.

How to Apply For Merrick Bank Credit Cards

1. Responding To Mail Offer

Merrick Bank may reach out to you with its pre-approved mail offer. This implies that you are an eligible candidate for a credit card, and the bank would like you to look into the card offers that it currently has. Visit with your code to proceed with your credit card application.

Getting a pre-approved offer increases your chances of being accepted. Therefore, if you were considering applying for a credit card, this is a great time and opportunity to go ahead with Doubleyourline Merrick bank pre-approved offer login!

The best part about such offers is that they make the application process short and straightforward. You don’t need to provide full details on the form since the bank has already run a soft inquiry and knows about your data.

When banks go through your credit report to send out mail offers, they carry out a soft inquiry that does not harm your credit score in any way!

To respond to the mail offer, visit the bank at This window would then ask you to provide 3 essential pieces of information. This includes the Acceptance number, Email ID, and your last name. Once you have entered the data, click “Apply Now.”

In most cases, you would get a reply within a week with either a confirmation of your acceptance or the reason for disapproval stated in the email.

If you are still waiting for a response from the bank within 14 working days, you can call and contact their representative. Typically, this means that your information needed further processing before they could reach a decision.

2. Applying Without Mail Offer

Unfortunately, not all eligible candidates receive the mail offer. The mail was sent out randomly and did not reach you, although you qualify for it.

However, you don’t need to worry. You can always check your pre-qualification by visiting the same page mentioned above. Here, you can contact the bank and inquire about your credit card offers.

You first need to locate the button that states, “See if you match a pre-qualified offer from Merrick Bank.”

This would direct you to a new window asking you to fill out your name, address, contact details, Email ID, social security number, etc. You can click submit and see if you have any eligible offers as soon as you are done. This would not affect your credit score in any way!

3. Contacting The Bank

If you are facing any issues during the application process, remember that the bank is just a call away! You can easily dial Doubleyourline Merrick bank pre-approved toll-free phone number 1-800-204-5936 or 1-800-253-4563 to reach a spokesperson.

Additionally, you can also write to the authorities regarding your problem. For posting, the following address should be used:

P.O. Box 9201 Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001.

Is Pre Approved Mail Offer Safe?

Most customers worry about the authenticity of the bank and its services while applying for credit cards. Since you will be sharing a lot of personal data for the application, it only makes sense that you want to work with an entirely reliable platform.

Luckily, Merrick Bank has maintained an excellent reputation with its customers.

There have been no reports of fraud or mismanagement by the bank. Users online have nothing but positive remarks about the card offered here.

One commented on Credit Karma: “This is a card you get when rebuilding your credit.

The high APR and annual fees are a con. The system makes it simple to make payments. This is a credit card that helps rebuild your credit score.”

Doubleyourline Merrick Bank Pre Approved Offer Reviews

There are many reliable sites where you can find real-life reviews from Merrick bank cardholders. These will help you determine whether Doubleyourline is the right match for you.

I read the reviews of the card and about Merrick Bank, and so many are negative! One reviewer even said they were unable to apple because of their location. Well, that state is specifically listed as not available on the application, so there’s that… People also complained about not being able to make payments online and that purchases didn’t show up immediately for the card… Ok, I was concerned about the payment thing, but I know how to keep track of what I’ve spent (simple addition). So I applied, got approved for a $1,000 limit; no annual fees, no other fees. Card is slow getting to you, but that could be postal system. I made a small purchase to test the problems I read about. It took a day for it to show up on the website (I didn’t bother with the app). I setup my banking information and scheduled a payment for the next day. The payment processed for 24 hours and then….went through. No issues at all! Everything worked as it was supposed to. So, I don’t know what is happening for everyone else, but for me, no problems, no complaints.

I applied for this card and was approved and got a congratulations at the end of my application but I never received an email about my application approval so I downloaded the app and tried to make a new account and it said they couldn’t find me with the information I entered. I called customer service and they couldn’t find me either and said they were sorry but they don’t know what happened which is very alarming considering I input all my personal information and it’s not like the application timed out I literally got an approval and congratulations at the end. I asked if I could speak to a manager and was told they couldn’t transfer me. Don’t waste your time applying. I read reviews and I thought they were being dramatic but I can confirm they are true.

Before You Go!

Although the card comes with a couple of additional charges, & some benefits that you can’t say no to, on the top of that list is its most evident perk: the automatic increase in your credit limit after just a few months.

The terms and conditions associated with the cards are essential in how well you can maintain them and how much they can help you boost your score. You can’t expect to fix it overnight, but responding to reasonable mail offers such as Merrick Bank can surely get you a credit card that is beneficial in the long run.

Once you have the card, the next step is to maintain good payment habits, ensure you don’t cross the credit line, and pay in full whenever possible. Sticking to these tips would enhance your financial standing in front of credit bureaus in no time.

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