Cash App accepts funds from a number of accounts such as Venmo and PayPal but as far as debit cards are concerned.

We are yet to find out whether it is possible to send money from Direct Express to Cash App.

You simply need to go to cash app and add your Direct Express Card information and get to transferring your funds. Also, by dialing 1(888) 741-1115, you can transfer money from your Direct Express card to a bank account.

How To Transfer Money From Direct Express to Cash App?

You may use the Cash App to add a Direct Express prepaid card and then use it to send money. After all, Cash App accepts all major credit cards, including VISA and Mastercard.

  • Open the Cash App.
  • At the top of the main page, select My Cash.
  • Then choose Cash and Bitcoins from the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll want to look for and touch on Add Bank.
  • Provide information about your Direct Express card, such as the card number.
  • Confirm that you want to use Cash App to link the card.

Money transfer between Express card and Cash App will be accessible once you’ve finished setting up the app in this manner.

How To Send Money From Direct Express To Cash App Using a Linked Bank Account?

Knowing how to transfer money to and from a bank account is always convenient. Similarly, cardholders must be curious about how to transfer funds from an Express card to a bank account which can later be shared to their Cash App.

Fortunately, the prepaid card allows for bank transfers.

Although the method differs from standard transfers, it is possible to send money to a personal bank account.

  • Request a transfer by calling the customer service center at 1(888) 741-1115.
  • Alternatively, you can send money using US-Direct Express’s online account.

Monthly Fees of Direct Express Debit Card

Although Direct Express has graciously waived certain fees, there are still some that you should be aware of.

The application for a card is free of charge.

Furthermore, it is free of charge on a monthly basis. If you intend on using the card frequently, you should be aware of the following costs.

Monthly paper statement$0.75
Transfer to US bank account$1.50 per transfer
Direct Express cash access$0.85
Replacement of the debit card$4.00
Delivery of replacement card$13.50
ATM withdrawal outside the US$3 + 3% of the amount
Purchases outside the US3%

How Safe is a Direct Express Card?

If you’re using a Direct Express prepaid card to transfer money to Cash App or another account, you’ll want to know how secure your funds are.

Direct Express is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). You don’t have to worry about losing your money.

Furthermore, you will be protected by a $0 liability policy in the event that the card is lost or misplaced.

You can also immediately apply for a new card. However, there are various fees and levies that must be paid.

What Are the Benefits of Direct Express Debit Card? 

Direct Express can help you improve your financial management.

It Safeguards Your Money at All Times: The fact that your assets are FDIC-insured is one of the major game-changers. You will be able to get your money back if the firm goes bankrupt or if there are any flaws in the system.

A PIN is used to protect your transactions: You’d have to submit a PIN every time you want to withdraw money from an ATM or transfer money to another account. Because this PIN is established by the accountholder, it is kept private.

Super Convenient: The Direct Express card may be used at all the places a Mastercard is accepted. Customers who purchase with a debit card may be eligible for cash back at some places.

Funds are Always Available: With just your basic card information, a government agency can send you money on your card. It will be ready in a matter of hours or even minutes!

What Are the Payments from the Federal Government on a Direct Express Prepaid Card Account?

Direct Express may receive a variety of federal payments, allowing you to take advantage of the following advantages.

  1. Assistance Program.
  2. Compensated Work Therapy
  3. DFAS Annuitant Pay.
  4. DFAS Former Spouse Pay.
  5. Railroad Retirement Annuity.
  6. Reserve Education Assistance.
  7. Retired Military Pay.
  8. Social Security Retirement.
  9. Supplemental Security Income.
  10. Veterans’ Health Administration.

Take-Home Message

Since Cash App includes a routing number and an account number, you may use it to make money transfers using your Direct Express card. You must first add the debit card as an option on the Cash App, after which money exchange is a breeze.

Furthermore, the Direct Express card entitles you to government perks, making it a win-win situation. You may use it to withdraw cash from ATMs similar to Cash App, make online purchases, and pay bills in stores!

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