Chime is a perfect financial technology company enabling you to send and receive money in the quickest possible ways. Unlike many other traditional banks, it has services that will leave you in awe.

To ensure that you face no difficulties while transferring funds, it has set up a channel to ensure your transactions are safe. Moreover, a specific Chime Withdrawal Limit varies with the transaction types; hence, we can say that Chime has indeed guarded all the routes for you to finish a safer money transfer. 

The chime withdrawal limit is crucial, and you must be aware of it before beginning. There are certain withdrawals that you can make with Chime, and each one has its specific amount limit ranging from $0 up to a limit of $2500 or more. Some of the transactions you can make through Chime are ATM Withdrawals, Over the Counter Withdrawal, Cash Back at Point of Sale, PIN or Signature Operated Withdrawals, and a few more. 

How Much Can You Withdraw with Chime? 

Here we have presented a table to give you a quick overview of the withdrawal limits of Chime, which you are bound to stick to before starting. Please have a look and read through the comprehensive details of each in the next section of our article. 

Type of Transaction Limit 
ATM Withdrawal Limit $500 per day 
Over The Counter Withdrawals$500 per day 
Cash Back at Point-of-Sale (POS) $500 per day 
Direct Deposit Limit No specific limit
Chime Transfer Limit $200 per day and $1000 per month 
PIN or Signature Operated Withdrawals $2500 per day 
Chime Mobile Check Deposit Limit $2000 per check and total limit of $ 10,000 per month 
Card Purchase Limit $2500 per day 
Overdraft Limit $100 
Chime Credit Builder Card LimitNo specific limit 
Chime Pay Friends Limit $2000 per day 

ATM Withdrawal Limit

As mentioned earlier, Chime has set specific limits on its different transaction types for the customers. The fee associated with these transactions can vary accordingly, and you must be aware of those before making a withdrawal through the Chime account. Note that you can also load Chime card at an ATM.

The withdrawal limit of Chime through the ATM is $500 per day, and you cannot transact money more than the designated amount. Please note that there is no limit on the number of times you want to make a transaction in a single day; hence no need to be concerned about that. 

The chime spending limit via the Chime ATM card is $2500 in one day. However, certain factors that add to the variation in withdrawal charges includes the respective banks or ATM operators. 

Over-the-Counter Withdrawal

Another withdrawal type that Chime offers you is Over-the-Counter withdrawal. If you are not aware, these withdrawals are made by the credit union or the banks themselves. The withdrawal limit here is set to $500 per day, as mentioned earlier in the table. 

However, there is no limit on the number of times you wish to withdraw in a single day. To proceed with Over-the-Counter Withdrawal, you present your Chime Visa Debit Card to the concerned financial provider to request the withdrawal. 

Please note that Over-the-Counter withdrawal comes with a transaction fee of $2.50. 

Cash Back at Point of Sale

As we all know, cashback rewards are the points you earn on making purchases through your payment cards, typically the store cards. Some stores that allow you to earn cashback points on purchasing from them include Walmart and Target. 

The cashback limit at the point of sale is $500 for one day. While this remains the maximum limit several retailers offer cashback of; it can vary from one store to the other depending upon their respective criteria and policies. 

You can get a $100 cash back at some store and at the same time a $40 cash back at the other store. 

Direct Deposit Limit

Unlike many other banking platforms available, Chime has a unique service for its customers where it does not set a direct deposit limit for the accounts. The direct deposit here is any deposit of funds to your account by your employer, friends or family, benefits or a payroll provider. 

Though Chime does not restrict the direct deposit limit to a certain amount, instead, it may require additional confirmation on the deposits above $10,000. 

You can deposit as much amount as you want into your recipient’s account without having to encounter the barrier of transaction limits. To your delight, the direct deposits made through the Chime are generally available into the receivers’ account two days earlier than the traditional designated time. 

Chime Transfer Limit 

The subsequent withdrawal we have in our list is the Chime Transfer Limit. The transfer limits of Chime are about the transfers made from your external account to the Spending Account. The Chime Transfer limit starts at $200 per day and is $1000 for a month. 

Chime ACH Deposit Limit is $10,000 for a day and $25,000 for one month (per calendar month). 

The same limits apply when someone send you money to your Chime account from their own.

PIN or Signature Operated Withdrawals 

Chime limits the withdrawals that require verification through the PIN code or official signatures. The limit on this transaction type is $2500 per day, and no more. No matter how many transactions you perform in a day, make sure that it stays within the nominated limit. 

Card Purchase Limit 

For the card purchases too, Chime has set a limit for the customers they have to follow by hook or crook. The withdrawal limit for the credit card purchases is $2500 per day; it includes the limit for both the ATM withdrawals and purchases you make. 

Please note that there is no limit on how many times you make a transaction in a single day; stick to the limit to avoid any error transacting your required amount. 

Can You Increase the Spending Limit of Chime? 

Every bank has its spending limits as per several rules and regulations which they have to stick to. Chime smartly facilitates several daily money transfers through its user-friendly mobile application and convenient website interface.  

Even though you cannot increase the spending limits of Chime, the financial service still manages to cater to your problem through one of its excellent features, known as the Chime SpotMe.

You can avail of the SpotMe feature of Chime if you receive regular deposits of up to $500 every month (calendar month). The limit of the Chime SpotMe feature is around $20 to $100. 

What Are The Ways of Adding Deposits to My Chime Account?

There are several deposits you can make to your Chime account either using the mobile application or the online website, which include:

  1. Direct Deposits
  2. Mobile Check Deposit
  3. Funds Transfer
  4. Cash Deposit 

Before You Go!

Chime offers several top-class services to the customers, such as Chime Spot Me for loan and mobile check deposits. These not only provides them with a channel to transfer money from one place to the other but only helps them build their credit in the most remarkable ways. It offers a fee-free overdraft, getting paid early feature, 60,000+ Fee-Free ATMs, High Yield Savings Account and much more through its platform. 

Moreover, it is pretty safe to say that the transactions are entirely secure and encrypted, and there is no way your data gets leaked. In addition to all the services, Chime has set up certain withdrawal/transaction limits varying with the type of transactions you perform. These limits are set up concerning the day or month; we guided you in the above article. 

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