Digital wallets are a boom in this modern era of technology. You can transfer the funds to your family and friends conveniently. To top it all, these are also accepted at many cardless ATMs if you do not have a credit card. In relevance to this, we will walk you through Can I use Apple Pay at ATMs and what banks support this feature. 

You can use the Apple Pay digital wallet service at most cardless ATMs. These cardless ATMs are now being offered by a few of the top banks. These include Wells Fargo, Bank of American, Citibank, and Chase. To use Apple Pay at an ATM Add a bank card to the app > Apple Pay Wallet App > Debit Card > ATM symbol > Verify > Enter your ATM Pin > Use ATM > Complete the transaction. 

Wallet apps are indeed perfect to make online and even in-store purchases, making deposits, and transfer money. They offer hundreds of advantages to the merchants and people who love to shop. Apple Pay remains one of the top services introduced in 2014 by Apple Inc. allowing people to pay for products they love. 

Can I Use Apple Pay at ATMs?

Apple Pay is one of the convenient mobile payment systems allowing users to pay for products using near-field communication. It is one of the best alternatives to credit and debit cards. In addition, there are many credit cards and payment networks that support Apple Pay as their payment option. 

Moreover, you can use the Apple Pay digital wallet service at most cardless ATMs and also send money from Apple Pay to bank. These cardless ATMs are now being offered by a few of the top banks. These not only make cash more accessible but also the apps can be installed on your smartphones. 

All you need to do is find the right and suitable checking account for yourself. Compare the features of banks that offer cardless ATMs and see which deems fit your requirements. Most of these banks typically partner with the Mastercard or the Visa cardless ATM networks

An automated Teller Machine (ATM), as we all know, is a banking machine allowing customers to perform basic money transactions. To use an ATM, you need to have a physical debit or credit card, along with a personal identification too. 

How To Use Apple Pay at ATM?

You can use the service of Apple Pay to withdraw cash at the ATM from your bank account. This does not need you to have any credit or debit card in hand. Here is how you can do so. 

  • Make sure that the bank card is added to the Wallet application on your device. 
  • Next, you will two symbols on the ATM i.e., Apple Pay and NFC reader tag. 
  • Use Apply pay to access an ATM and withdraw money. 
  • Now, open the Wallet app and select the debit card. 
  • Tap on your mobile on the symbol on the ATM
  • Next, verify your Face ID or Touch ID. 
  • Enter your ATM Pin to proceed further.
  • Lastly, use the ATM to finalize and complete the transaction. 

There are three ways you can access Apple Pay. Either double click the side button on your phone, hold it to the NFC reader when it asks for the card, or you can also enable a quick button on the lock screen.

It can also add as many cards as you want, but you are only allowed to choose as a default.  

What Are The Banks That Accept Apple Pay for Withdrawal?

NFC-enabled ATMs are limited so it would be best to check with your bank first. The best way is to look for the NFC contactless symbol on the ATM, if you find one, it means you can use Apple Pay there easily. 

Some of the banks that accept Apple Pay for withdrawal are mentioned. 

  1. Wells Fargo
  2. Chase 
  3. Bank of America 
  4. Citibank 

Apple Pay is only useable at specific locations and not all. Most of these do not also have the option to receive cash back. Moreover, if you have Apple Pay Cash you are looking forward to withdrawing cash, you need to transfer the money to that bank account that is linked to your Apple Pay. 

Are There ATMs that Do Not Accept Apple Pay?

On the other hand, several banks won’t accept Apple Pay and do not offer cordless ATMs. Few of these include. 

  1. Bank of Hawaii 
  2. Fifth Third Bank 
  3. City National Bank 
  4. PNC
  5. Wintrust 
  6. BB&T Bank 
  7. BBVA
  8. HSBC 
  9. HomeStreet Bank 
  10. PlainsCapital Bank 
  11. Regions 
  12. Wintrust 
  13. First Farmers Bank & Trust

Before You Go!  

Apple Pay is linked to your mobile digital wallet app so there is no need for you to physically handle a card upon payment. You can also send and receive money from other users by messaging to an iOS-enabled device. Using a card ATM, you will get a unique code that you enter into an ATM to withdraw the cash when you do not have a card. 

Keep in mind that you can only get the cash from an ATM without a debit card, only If you use the ATM owned by your bank that offers the contactless feature of cardless cash. Some banks are less confident though in the NFC options and have their apps with in-house security. Whereas some banks have stronger adoption of cardless ATMs for cash withdrawal. 

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