If you have changed states or created a new account, you should know how to change the routing number on the Cash App. Luckily, you have landed on the right guide! 

The only way to change routing number of your Cash App account is to change the state you reside in or create a new account linked to a different email ID and personal information. You can then find the new routing number by Opening Cash App > My Cash > Get Account Number > Get Account Details.

Cash App does more than accept funds from other accounts such as Chime. It can send money to your friends and family, help you manage finances, and now, invest in Bitcoins. 

When Can You Change The Routing Number For Your Cash App Account?

The option of a Cash App card now allows you to have an impeccable debit card in your hands for daily use. You can load Cash App cards at multiple locations and use them as needed.

However, to make use of most of these benefits, you need to be aware of Cash App routing number and account number details.

There are only two instances in which you can change the routing number for your Cash App account.

  • You create a new account. Consequently, you must link it to a different email ID and phone number than your previous Cash App account.
  • You move to a different state and create a new account. It would be linked to a foreign bank, so the routing number would be automatically changed.

This is the only correct answer to your query. Most users are hoping to find some hack that would let them change the routing number of their existing account, but that, unfortunately, is not possible.

  • Let us explain to you why!

The primary purpose of a routing number is to show where your Cash App account exists. It is not really up to you to choose a number of your choice.

Instead, it would be assigned to your account, considering the location and the associated bank. Therefore, the routing number will automatically change when you change either of these two factors.

For example, Lincoln Savings Bank for Cash App has 17 branches.

It owns up to 22 different routing numbers. Let’s say you created an account in California linked to the nearest bank. When you move states to NYC, a new version that connects to a local branch may be needed.

It is up to you what to do with the old Cash App account once you have created a new one. Typically, not using it would deactivate the account in 72 hours.

How To Change the Routing Number on Cash App?

  • Open the Cash App on your smartphone and log in to your account by providing the credentials.
  • Click on the My Cash button present at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Now tap on Cash, and click Get My Account Number in the next window
  • Choose Enable Account. The screen will now show you the existing account number and routing number. Copy it and move back to the home screen of your app.
  • Now click on Personal and tap the field where your previous address is added.
  • Change the address to your current state and click on Update.
  • Once the process is complete, follow the first 4 steps to reach the new routing number again and match it with the one you had copied previously to ensure that the update is, in fact, complete.

Find Cash App Routing Number For Your Account

  • Open the Cash App account on your device and click on My Cash. 
  • Then tap on the Cash menu and select Get Account Number. 
  • Choose Enable Account in the next step and click on Copy Account Details. 
  • Then tap Copy Routing Number. You can paste the number in your device notes to save it with you.

Where Can I Find Cash App Account Number

  • Open the Cash App account and go to the My Cash tab.
  • Then click on the Cash button and tap Get Account Number. 
  • Select Copy Account Number and paste it into your notes in the next step.

Does Your Routing Number Change When You Get a New Card Cash App?

A routing number will stay the same because you have a new Cash Card. The number is associated with your Cash App account and the state that you live in. If you have lost or misplaced your previous card and applied for a new one, the routing number will remain the same.

The same holds for the Cash app account number. The number will not change with a debit card replacement. You can ensure this by comparing the numbers printed on your bank statement or at the bottom of the checkbook for the previous and current month.

Do I Have a New Cash App Routing Number Now?

The cash App routing number has changed from 073905527 to 073923033. This allowed banks to offer more options and features and speed up direct deposits, which may be delayed if you continue using the old routing number.

Note that both the routing numbers correspond to the same bank, Lincoln Savings Bank. Cash App has partnered with this bank to provide financial services.

Why Is Cash App New Routing Number Important

As we mentioned before, you need the routing number of your Cash App account to perform several activities.

  • First, it lets you receive funds on your account from other platforms like PayPal or Chime. Whenever a sender has to deposit funds in your account, the app asks to provide the routing number of the recipient account.
  • A routing number is needed when you wish to pay your bills using Cash App. These included internet bills, charges for water or electricity, or other utilities such as telephone charges.
  • It lets you set up direct deposits on your account. To enable direct deposits, you must enter the account and routing numbers. (We have discussed this method in more detail in the next section. Take a look)

Can You Contact Cash App Customer Support For New Routing Number?

You can contact Cash App support for help with the new account or finding the routing number. To get the license, tap the Profile icon and select the Support option.

Then, choose Something Else and share the issue that you are facing with the team.

How To Add Bank Account To Cash App With Routing Number?

  • Tap the Profile Icon on your Cash App home screen.
  • Then select Linked Bank Account and choose Link Bank.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.

How To Enable Direct Deposits Using Your Cash App Routing Number?

  • Get hold of the new Cash App routing number for direct deposit.
  • Open Cash App and click on My Cash at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Get Account Number and note down the routing number for your account along with other necessary details.
  • Now click on the Deposit & Transfer option given on the home screen.
  • Paste account information here to enable the direct deposit for your Cash App account.

What Is Routing Number 041215663 On Cash App?

You may have received a check with the routing number 041215663. Federal Reserve Banks process Cash App direct deposits and Fedwire payments using such numbers. You will see these 9-digit numbers printed at the bottom of the check.

The routing number helps identify the specific bank necessary for ACH payments in the US.

You can confirm a routing number using the online IBAN checker. Being sure about the numbers helps prevent fraud and scams online. Alternatively, you can check the Federal Reserve Bank’s site to see whether a financial institution issued a particular number.

Before You Go

This guide will allow you to change the routing number next time.

However, if you still need help with the task, remember that the Cash App customer support team is one of the most helpful people you can find here.

Moreover, some customers need help identifying the bank to which their Cash App account is linked.

This is relatively easy if you have the routing number with you! Do an online search on which bank owns this number, and you will have the name you are looking for.

Let us know about your experience with creating a new Cash App account or changing the routing number of your own. We are eagerly waiting for feedback!

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