You can find a range of buy now pay later gift cards at leading retail stores like Walmart and even buy the gift card of your choice online. But, when it comes to store-specific gift cards, they may not be available everywhere. I have come across customer queries asking does Walmart sell Amazon gift cards? Let’s find out!

Walmart does not sell Amazon gift cards online or in store although you can find a range of other gift cards here including Visa cards, Mastercard, Facebook, and Microsoft gift card. Interested buyers can find Amazon gift card at other retailers such as Publix, Walgreens, and CVS. These offer physical cards only and the digital Amazon gift card can be purchase alone at

Can You Buy Amazon Gift Cards At Walmart In 2022?

Walmart hosts a wide range of gift cards and I was hopeful to find Amazon card stocked there as well but as it turns out, you can not buy Amazon gift cards at Walmart.

As per updated information on Amazon official website, the gift card is available at other third-party retailers but not Walmart. I have listed down the stores below from where you can find Amazon card.

While we are at it, I would like to share that other big stores such as Target and Costco also do not sell Amazon gift cards.

Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards Online?

Walmart online store is popular as well with enormous variety of products available for purchases. However, that too does not include Amazon gift card.

In fact, you can not even buy Amazon e-gift card at other retailer. You can only purchase it at The code is then sent to your instantly.

However, there is an important point to note here. Although Walmart does not officially include Amazon products on its online store, it does allow individual sellers to do so.

Individual sellers can list Amazon products on Walmart and have them shipped to the customers who order from there. Walmart does not directly deal with such orders.

Where Can You Get Amazon Gift Cards From?

Physical Amazon gift cards can be purchased from a number of leading retail stores. These include Walgreens, CVS, Best Buy, Publix, Wagmans, Wawa, Kroger’s, Family Dollar, Dollar General, JC Penny, Lowes, and others!

Keep in mind that these store outlets sell physical gift cards only.

If you wish to get the card instantly and that too without leaving your home then the best bet is to go digital one instead. You can purchase the e-gift card online at The code sent to you can also be printed for convenience.


In the list of outstanding American multinational retail corporation, Walmart is a definitely somewhere on the top. It is a well-managed chain of hypermarkets that sells variety of products in store as well as online.

Walmart has more than 11,300 physical outlets around the world and operates almost globally through its online store.

Walmart has a loyal customer base and is keen to introduce reward programs, discounts, and cash back offers from time to time. You can almost always find the product of your choice here . The shipping charges are also minimal but largely depends on what you are ordering and where you need it delivered. In case of any queries, Walmart offers impeccable customer support service.

Does Walmart Sell Other Gift Cards?

Walmart does sell other gift cards even if Amazon gift card is a big NO at the store. You can found store-specific, restaurant, and gaming gift card here to use yourself or share with others on special occasions. Some of these are:

  1. Facebook gift cards.
  2. VISA gift cards.
  3. Mastercard gift cards.
  4. Apple Store gift cards.
  5. iTunes gift cards.
  6. Starbucks gift cards.
  7. Subway gift cards.
  8. Microsoft Xbox gift cards.

Also note that the type and range of cards available depends on the specific Walmart store that you are shopping at. It is possible that some outlets will have more cards than others.

Can You Buy Other Amazon Products At Walmart?

As I have mentioned before, Walmart has its own gift cards and therefore, in terms of competition, it does not offer Amazon gift cards. Similarly, since Walmart has extensive variety of items similar to those sold at, Walmart does not host any product from the Amazon.

Walmart does, however, carry an advantage over Amazon and that is it offer in-store shopping. Therefore, if you are not comfortable ordering something online, you can visit Walmart instead.

In terms of pricing, both the retailers seem to be somewhat same. But, in case you want to compare the cost of a certain purchase, Walmart website provide price matching with Amazon. This will give you a clear idea of which place to prefer for an item that you are interested in buy.

Can You Use Walmart Gift Card to Purchase Anything At

Unfortunately, does not allow you to shop and pay through Walmart gift card. This is because Amazon does not support the use of cards that do not require three-digit CVV number and Walmart gift card happens to be one of them.

Alternatively, you can use prepaid VISA cards, American Express card, or MasterCard to pay at Amazon.

Even for the payment cards that are accepted, you can not split the cost of the purchase between different cards.

Before You Go!

So in a nutshell, Walmart does not sell Amazon gift cards but that does not mean it is completely deprived of any gift card offerings for you. In fact, you can get in touch with store representative or check out its online shop to discover wide variety of other gift cards that you can purchase here.

Availability of gift cards is not an issue any more. You can buy gift cards online or explore store specific cards like ross gift card, redbox gift cards, and Oculus gift card, etc. Moreover, if you are specifically Amazon gift card, there are other options in the market to consider like Walgreens, Dollar General or CVS.

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