Many of us must be tired of gifting traditional and old-fashioned stuff to our family and friends, which seems nothing but a repetition of handouts.

So why not transition to something new, exciting and more thrilling for your loved ones, especially to your clan of buddies.  With list of buy now pay later gift cards expanding, ee have a great option on our hands, i.e., The Oculus Quest Games and Oculus gift card!

You can instantly gift an oculus quest game to friends or anyone you wish to by  Oculus Store > Choose Game> Buy for a Friend > Provide the email address of your friend > Select payment method > Confirm.  The Oculus Store also allows you to make payments through PayPal if you wish to. In addition, you can gift or receive the Game either through the web version or an app of the Oculus Store. 

How Does Gifting Oculus Quest Games to Friends Works?

To gift the Oculus Games on Quest and Quest 2, follow these steps and make your friends enjoy the best experience of all!

  • Go to the Oculus Store. You can either access the web version or do it through the mobile application. 
  • Next, you need to choose a game you wish to gift your friends. 
  • Select the option Buy for a friend. 
  • Then, fill in the required details, which is usually an email address of your friend. 
  • You can also customize it by adding the cool optional note to deliver any message to the friend you are buying it for. 
  • Lastly, select the payment method
  • Confirm to proceed. 

How cool it is! You can directly buy the titles to gift your friends with, and they can easily access it through their Quest gadgets. 

What Is The Quickest Way of Redeeming Oculus Quest Games?

Now, whoever you sent an Oculus Quest Game as a gift to needs to follow these steps to redeem the gift through the Oculus Store. 

Note that the recipient gets a 25-digit code when the sender enters the respective email address while purchasing. This code is required for further confirmation, so don’t lose it!

Now, to redeem:

  • Go to the Oculus Shop and search the Game you were sent in on your email address.
  • Navigate for the option Redeem gift on your screen. 
  • Lastly, enter that 25-digit code and voila! 

Isn’t it the most interesting and coolest gift you would ever wish to receive! 

The process is as simple as it could be, and no matter what occasion it is, be it your friend’s birthday, a Christmas or any upcoming enchanting event, you can always opt for quirky and modish gifts for your friends and family. 

Is There An Oculus Gift Card?

While gift cards are a perfect gateway to thoughtful gits, they are unfortunately not offered by the Oculus store. 

It means that you cannot access the VR products or number of games through the gift cards here as there is no oculus gift card.

To bless your hardcore gaming friends with the Oculus Quest Games, you have to purchase them by the process directly we discussed earlier, either in-store or through the online platform. 

Although there are many other companies, who offer gift cards for users to acquire their favorite games, in this case, you are the one to make a decision and pick a game that fits the best to your friends’ interests. So Best of Luck!

Does Oculus Store Accepts Payment Through PayPal?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article that Oculus Store happens to facilitate payments through PayPal, you can always go for it if it seems convenient to you. After all, PayPal has made it quite convenient to buy visa gift card online along with a number of other options.

Make sure that your friend too has a PayPal account, and you can transfer them the funds so they can purchase their favorite Game among a pool of all the available ones. 

So, to make a payment through PayPal:

  • Log in to your respective PayPal account. 
  • Then, click the option of Send and Request. 
  • Here, you Enter the email address of your recipient. 
  • Next, please choose the option of Sending it to a friend or family. 
  • Fill in the Amount you want to transfer/send. 
  • Lastly, click on the option Continue. 

While we are at it, don’t forget to read about how to transfer money from gift card to PayPal in case you want to use the funds for purchases at stores other than the ones that gift card supports.

How Do I Sell My Oculus Quest? 

Tired of your old and tedious VR headset? Looking in for a way to trade in your Oculus Quest? Well, we have got your back, and we will let you know how it works. 

There are several online stores where you can sell your old Oculus Quest. You can sell it if you need a top-notch upgraded version to enjoy a first-class VR gaming experience. 

Some of the sites that let you sell your Oculus Quest include: 

  1. Techpayout: Eliminating the middlemen and ensuring rational profits, Techpayout is by far the best option for selling in your VR headsets. You need to follow simple steps and get paid immediately when your product gets sold. 
  2. Amazon: Too obvious of us to speak of Amazon, no! You can upload your fully functional Oculus Quest at the Amazon retail store and set up a reasonable price, ensuring the product is effective. 
  3. GreenBuyback: Another perfect platform for the trade-ins is the GreenBuyback. You need to fill out a few basic fields and wait for the buyer to land to sell your Oculus Quest in an equitable range. 
  4. Swappa: At Swappa, you cut to the chase and get connected with potential buyers. The products here are available at competitive prices and the highest yet affordable values. Upload your Oculus Quest and choose reasonable pricing for it. 

Before You Go!

Gifting the Oculus Quest Games, if not the Oculus gift card, to your friends could not get easier than this. In todays’ world full of technology and modern artifacts, granting someone with VR games is a delight in itself. The process, as discussed, is pretty straightforward, and you can always plan to give your loved ones on their special occasions. 

In addition to this, these games are quite reasonable. Either purchase them through the stores or send them online to your friends, whatever seems feasible to you. VR gaming has been a boom in the past few years, and it is high time we gravitate towards exciting gift choices to create the best experience for our game lover buddies! 

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