Boots is championing everyone’s right to feel good, and with its gift cards, you can aim to create a fond memory of your event. Boots gift cards have numerous advantages, but can you use Boots gift card online or not is what we will be addressing today. 

Gift cards have replaced the traditional gifting idea and people are diving into more creative ways. These help you add more thoughtfulness to the gift and fit right to the preference of your recipient. Just like you can buy visa gift cards with PayPal, the purchase of Boots gift cards are the same and eliminate all the guesswork out of gifting making it easier. 

Boots gift cards cannot be used online anymore as per various policies. To redeem them, you will have to go to the nearest stores. Some of the online payment methods that are accepted by Boots include those of PayPal, Maestro, American Express, Visa debit, Mastercard, Boots Advantage Card, and Visa. One4all and Love2shop are two gift cards that can be used in stores at Boots. 

Can You Use Boots Gift Card Online?

Celebrate every occasion with full thrill and zeal using the Boots Gift Cards. It offers a wide range of cards to celebrate your achievements and make your event memorable. You can spark joy with customers and employees right when they receive their gift cards. 

It is indeed unfortunate to say that Boots gift cards can only be used in-store instead of online. You can only redeem these gift cards in-store and not online as per the policies of Boots. 

Every gift card is curated to fit the respective occasion and affiliated with a specific brand. It is important that are well aware of all the features of your gift card before gifting it to your loved ones. For instance, Boots has suspended the use of store-branded gift cards

Also, if by any chance, you still have an old Boots gift card in your possession, it will expire 24 months after its last use. Therefore, if you have one, it would be best to use it rightly in-store only as there is no such option to pay with a Boots gift card online. 

If you purchase the gift card in-store, you can add a value of your own choice up to at least £250. On the contrary, if you do it online, you can purchase from a minimum value of £10 up to £250. Gift cards from third-party retailers are also available in pre-loaded denominations or value of your choice i.e., £10 up to £250.

What Gift Cards are Accepted at Boots? 

Boots accepts a couple of gift cards using which you can make payments to get the eligible products. The two UK-based stores i.e., Love2shop and One4all have multi-store gift cards that are valid in various shops across the United Kingdom. 

One4all gift card is used at Boots, both online and in-store as per your preference. However, if you want to use it online, you will need to process it as a Visa debit card or a Visa card. Like any other payment card, it also has a purchase limit of £40. 

On the contrary, Love2sghop gift vouchers have certain restrictions by the Boots in a way that they are only accepted in-store, and not online. 

What Are Some Alternative Online Payment Methods at Boots?

Boots supports various payment methods that can help every customer to make payments in their comfort. Some of the alternative online payment methods at Boots are. 

  • PayPal 
  • Mastercard 
  • American Express
  • Maestro 
  • Visa 
  • Visa Debit 
  • Boots Advantage Card 

Boots Advantage Car offers exclusive discount offers to help you with instant savings! You can save a lot on hundreds of your favorite products when you shop both in-store and online. In addition, you can earn 4 points for every £ you spend in-store, online, and on the app. 

You can also expect to receive a treat on your birthday, a free Health & Beauty magazine, extra benefits in Parenting Club, Student Discount, customized offers through the Boots app, Over 60s Rewards, and so much more using the Advantage Card.

Can I Place International Orders at Boots?

Boots has its online presence in around 30 countries worldwide, but it only ships to UK addresses. Some of the Boots’ sister sites that have country-specific URLs will allow you to ship outside the UK. Some of these countries include. 

  • Italy
  • Sweden 
  • The Netherlands 
  • Ireland 
  • Sweden 

If you are still not a resident of any of the above-stated five countries, you can look for the brick-and-mortar Boots store near you. 

Boots Gift Cards

All the customers residing in the United Kingdom can purchase the Boots gift cards online at their official website or from their stores. You can use the store locator to find the nearest one and check the availability of Boots gift cards there. 

In addition, Boots gift cards can also be purchased from selected third-party retailers. Just pay attention to the terms and conditions to avoid any inconvenience in the future. The process of redeeming these gift cards is like the ones bought from Boots. 

If you are planning to pay for something online, you simply need to take the description of the product along with the product code to the staff member at tills. Using the details, the staff member will place your order using your respective gift card as payment. 

Boots allow you to purchase a minimum of six cards in one go. This is perfect if you are looking forward to buying it for a group of friends or multiple family members. Boots Corporate Giftcard Site is where you can see to get gift cards in bulk. 

To pay with your gift card at any of these Boots stores, you can present it to any staff member at the counter. The other way of doing it is to either scan it at the self-checkout. One of the great features of Boots gift cards is that they can be used for both full and partial payments. 

You can deliver the gift cards to the recipient’s home with a payment of £25 or a little bit more than that. If you are willing to deliver the order on a specific day, you must inform the company 14 days in advance. 

Before You Go! 

Boots as we all know is one of the leading beauty retailers and pharmacy led-health stores. It offers a variety of product ranges and has around 2200 stores for the purpose to help customers with their wellness. You can shop online at Boots or visit your nearest store to get affordable products and services. 

It also offers Boots gift cards which you can gift to your loved ones and make their occasions special and worth remembering. The only problem is that they cannot be used online, and you will have to visit a physical store to do so. They are however indeed perfect for birthdays, Christmas, and many such occasions. 

If you are into using gift cards, don’t leave without reading about buy now pay later gift cards!

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