When you want to avoid background checks and verification, the most sensible approach is to pay via cash. However, I have come across buyers who want to shop online checking account but without OTP verification. Neither can you buy all products in this manner nor do all online stores allow purchases without OTP, however, there are a couple of things you can learn how to buy gift cards online with debit card without OTP!

You can buy gift card online with debit card without OTP by shopping at specific websites that do not require verification. You can also shop from a foreign store or get a non-verified debit card for online shopping. Bitcoin users can buy cryptocurrency through debit card which does not require you to enter OTP. The bitcoin can then be used to purchase gift cards online.

Can You Buy Gift Card Online With Debit Card Without OTP?

Platforms like Quora and Reddit will leave you under the impression that you can only get gift cards online without OTP if you choose to pay with cash on delivery. Not true!

Major retailers and grocery stores have their gift cards available on various online sites. Some of these allow you to shop with a debit card without OTP. Although your options are extremely limited, there is still hope! 

The trick is to look for shopping sites that do not need an OTP for immediate purchases via debit card. You will also still need to provide debit card number, expiration date, CVV and your full name to complete transactions online.

You can also try different sources of getting the gift card. Let me talk about this one by one.

Try a Non-Verified Debit Card

This type of debit cards are mostly issued by Visa and some other companies as well. As the name suggests, these cards do not require you to enter verification code at the time of shopping.

The number of Non-verified cards available has decreased over the years. This may be because of increasing incidents of online frauds and scams. You can find some of them on the dark web. Then use them to buy gift cards until the card is closed down.

Shop From a Different Country’s Website

Did you know that shopping through foreign website lets you skip verification? Access a VPN to open an online store that is not available in your country. The retailer can not get in touch with your bank and therefore, the store would not generate any OTP.

This is true for all types of foreign transactions. Off-shore banks can not validate a transaction done with a store beyond borders. 

There are some issues with this type of shopping of course. The first thing you need to address is the availability of a picker. If the store is not available in your country, its shipping policy may not cater to you as well.

You can sort this out by hiring a picker. The third party can pick up your order from the given billing address and then re-ship it to your location through lawful forwarding means.

Use Debit Card Without OTP To Buy Bitcoin

Buying cryptocurrency does not require you to provide OTPs. You can buy bitcoins through BItrefill.com or Paxful without verification. You can covert the cryptocurrency to cash then and buy gift cards through

Shop At Specific Gift Card Stores

It is also possible to avoid all the hassle by simply shopping at the websites that do not require verification. Lucky for you, multiple sites let you buy gift cards online with debit card without OTP.

Giftcardcabin.com, TunesBud.com, Mygiftcardsupply.com, Gamecarddelivery.com, Dundie.com, and Carddelivery.com are some prominent sites that you should consider. 

It is quite convenient to shop at these sites. You won’t have to use a VPN or pay extra to third-party pickers to get the gift card. Moreover, the vendors in your region will also provide you with cards that are usable at the stores present in the location.

Buy Gift Card With Credit Card Without Verification

You can buy gift cards online with a credit card. However, most of the websites require verification before you can proceed with the purchase. You may have better luck purchasing gift card with a credit card without verification by shopping in-store.

Which App Does Not Require OTP For Payment

Most of the online money transfer apps require you to enter One-time password when completing a transaction. This is important to minimise frauds and protect users against online scams.

However, Google Pay Cards is a great option if you want to proceed with easy payments without entering CVV or OTP.

What Are Some Steps To Take For Security When Shopping Online Without OTP?

The reason why the majority of shopping sites do not allow debit card purchases without OTP is because it raises doubt about the ownership of the card. Why would someone have an issue providing the passcode if the card is theirs?

OTPs are a security feature that was primarily introduced for card payments to safeguard users from unauthorized transactions. 

The reason why YOU want to shop online without OTP may not be this absurd but you must still protect yourself from legal issues. Some of the things under your consideration should be:

  1. Using a VPN To Shop Online: It is crucial to mask your location when you want to shop online without verification. Getting a free or paid VPN service will allow you to do that. Paid VPNs are more reliable, provided quicker connection and premium IP locations for your access.
  2. Looking Into The Website’s Shopping Policy: Some websites do not allow shipping without ID verification. This would kill the whole point of shopping online without OTP. You should also prefer sites that offer international shipping or shipping intermediaries. These can pick order on your behalf and forward it to your country.
  3. Purchasing via Fake Contact Number: When I say a “fake” number the aim is to utilize a number that is not personally yours. You can get a third-party number or enter a secondary number that will make it difficult to trace you. I should emphasize that public numbers are not reliable and do not guarantee protection of your private messages.
  4. Providing a Fake Billing Address: VPNs can mask your location but if you can not use them, at least shifting your home address should do the trick. This will prevent you from being tracked. You can hire a third-party to pick up delivery order from the given address.

What Is One-Time Password and How Does It Work?

In layman language, it is enough to know that OTPs are added payment processing protocols to minimize fraud and scams when shopping online.

OTPs are generated when buyers initiate an online transaction. To confirm that the payments are being requested from a verified device, the associated bank sends 4 or 6-digit password to the user on the particular device. The transaction can only be completed if the users enter this passcode correctly.

One Time Password (OTP) and Personal Identification Number (PIN) somewhat serve the same purpose: minimizing the number of unauthorized payments and scams. 

Before You Go!

You can shop for gift cards online with debit card without OTP! In any case, it is better to enable verification on your debit card in case it falls into wrong hands. Use of VPNs and fake contact number and billing address for placing online orders may have become common but it is illegal and can incur issues for you in the long run.

A tight budget often motivates customers to look into all sorts of alternatives and trying to buy off risky sites without OTP is one of them. If budget is the issue that you are experiencing, why not try to buy now pay later gift cards to make things easier on your pocket?

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