There has been a common confusion that when you shop online, you need to own a credit card or a debit card to complete the payment to the e-store.

But, that is not true! Now you can shop online and pay with checking account conveniently.

Cool, right? All you need to work on is finding out the stores that allow you to complete payment using this method. This is quite convenient for people who have poor credit score and could therefore afford a credit card.

In this article we will talk a bit about how online payments are made using checking accounts but before that let us explore some of the best shops that let you pay with checking account.

Wish To Shop Online and Pay With Checking Account? Here Are The Top 10 Stores That Will Let You Do That!

Below are some of the most reliable websites that you can check out.

Most of them are all-in-one stores that offers cloths, dresses, appliances, furniture, toys for kids, etc. The best part? When you have added everything you need to the cart, you can simply proceed to pay with a checking account.

  • Amazon lets you buy anything from cloths to electronic accessories
  • You can pay through your checking account but you don’t need to link it to PayPal
  • All you need is an ACH-enabled US personal checking account. Here you will find the option “Shipment and Payment” that lets you add your checking account as payment method
  • You have to provide your routing number and account number to complete the transaction
  • Amazon does not accept payments from savings account, business account, or corporate account

  • Target physical store lets you pay with cash, gift cards, and vouchers. You can pay online with checking account as well
  • Online payment requires that you link your checking account to PayPal
  • You can choose the method of payment at the checkout
  • Once you have placed the order, both PayPal and Target will check with you by sending in a confirmation mail
  • allows for quick and easy payment

Best Buy

  • Best Buy hosts a large collection of home appliances, phones, laptops, TV sets, and other electronic products
  • It lets you make payment with checking account using eCheck service
  • Best Buy would not ask you to link your checking account with PayPal. This ensures that you get done with payments quickly
  • Your issuing account with authorize the eCheck but it may take a couple of days to be processed
  • eChecks are one of the most reliable ways to make online payments with checking account


  • Macy’s has a great customer base outside of the US so there are frequent online payments
  • Buyers can easily transfer the funds using their checking account
  • Macy’s require that you link the account to PayPal
  • Then you can send the money using PayPal official account
  • You will receive confirmation message from both, Macy’s and PayPal


  • QVC accepts payments made from checking account but in the form of paper checks only.
  • The procedure is simple: You have to purchase the stuff online and then send in a physical check to complete the payment
  • Once you reach the checkout, you have to click on “Check/Money Order”
  • At the checkout you will be informed of the address where the paper check should be sent
  • Paper checks are only accepted if they are mailed within 10 days of booking the order.


  • Bloomingdale’s hosts a wide collection of home appliances, health-care products, cosmetics, as well as fashion accessories for both genders
  • Online payment at Bloomingdale’s require that you link your checking account to PayPal account
  • Clicking on this mode of payment of their website will take you to PayPal’s official page
  • Here you can enter the payment details and click on “Confirm”
  • You will receive a confirmation mail from both, Bloomingdale’s and PayPal upon complete the purchase


  • Vistaprint is a reliable option for people who wish to avail the best digital marketing products
  • The website is widely used by customers who have to maintain website or related businesses
  • Vistaprint accepts credit card payments and payment using checking account via eChecks
  • Transferring the payment to Vistaprint via eCheck is quick and reliable
  • Your issuing account will authorize eCheck payment

Abercrombie & Fitch

  • There is no other brand offering the quality and designs or apparel that Abercrombie & Fitch has in stock
  • You can conveniently pay here by linking your checking account with PayPal
  • Then you proceed to check checkout portal that will direct you to PayPal official website
  • Here you have to provide relevant credentials to complete the payment
  • Abercrombie & Fitch and PayPal will send you confirmation email when the order payment is done


  • This one is a local business website that has developed greatly over the past few years
  • You can avail crazy discount deals on Nordstrom
  • If you have to shop online at Nordstrom then you can pay via eChecks
  • Your issuing bank will authorize eCheck payment
  • You might have to wait a week for the payment to be processed

  • presents the most interest deals on dresses and shoes
  • You can also find the best toys for your kids here and other amazing stuff
  • The online store accepts payments from checking account via eChecks
  • You can also link your checking account to PayPal to complete the transfer
  • Confirm your eCheck number with the bank before placing the order

How To Shop Online and Pay With Checking Account

There are only a few things you need to keep in mind when shopping online with checking account. It is an easy and straightforward process that you can master with only a few tries.

First of all, it is important to know how to link your bank account to PayPal.

This is necessary as most of the online stores would require you to pay through PayPal or other third parties that offer online money transfer services.

Other than that you can also choose to send money via eCheck or paper checks.

Nonetheless, PayPal is still considered to be the safest method of transferring money online. It takes into account major frauds that occur when customers exchange funds and makes sure that no mishap of this sort occurs on this platform.

Note! Most customers stick to cash-on-delivery option as it is the safest. However, you can also make online payment safe by using a secure internet connection and keeping the receipt with you until the order is delivered.

Now lets talk a bit about the things to keep in mind when shopping online and paying with checking account.

1. Obtain Your Checking Account Number

When you have to use your account to make a payment online, the first thing you need to do is note down your checking account number.

You can get this information from the bank by getting in touch wither customer support team. Moreover, account number is also mentioned on your checks as well as monthly statements available online.

2. Keep Certain Risks In Mind When You Have To Shop Online and Pay With Checking Account

When we talk about the risks associated with using checking account number for payments, we are referring to the risks that occur when transferring money online.

Data Theft

The biggest risk you run is that of losing your personal information when using online accounts. During the transaction, you may have to enter data like account number, contact number, full name, etc.

If you are using public internet or unsafe internet connection, it is possible that hackers can get hold of your information and use it to harm you or sell it to third parties.

Malware Attacks

Another risk is that you will be inviting malware attack or virus if you end using unsafe websites for money transfer. This may damage your device or result in you losing the account password.

It is extremely important to always use official, reliable websites especially when it comes to money transfer and exchange of funds online.

3. Keep Your Account Number Safe At All Times

There are a few steps that you can take to keep your account and its detail safe and sound.

Keep Account Details To Yourself

The first and the most reliable method is to never share the sensitive data related to your account. There are many scammers who can use this to damage your finances or hurt you in some other manner.

Only Use Reliable Websites To Make The Transaction

Your data is in safe hands when you use reliable websites. In case of online transaction via bank account, make sure you use their official website. Moreover, the e-stores that you choose to shop from should also be trustworthy.

Keep Your Software Up To Date

Computers that are equipped with the latest software usually tend to have multi-layer protection. Its screening will keep you away from scam sites and protect your personal information as well.

Pro-Tip! When you log in your account, you will be asked if you want it to remember your password and other login credentials. It is always safer to never click on “Remember Me”.

Using Checking Account To Make Payments : eChecks vs Paper Checks

At the start of the article we discussed that majority of buyers also use eChecks and paper checks to make payments when shopping online. In fact, eChecks has developed into a very commonly used method since it is safe and quick.

eCheck work much like paper checks but don’t need to be filled manually.

The store runs through an electronic reader and the amount would be automatically deducted from your account.

Typically, an eCheck will contain your name, date of the issue, your signatures, and the amount that is going to the online seller.

It is still an unsolved debate whether eChecks are better than paper checks. There are many points that you can take into consideration.

For example, paper checks can be difficult to keep track of. You will have to maintain a check on remaining balance and bank accounts, etc.

Since paper checks need to be filled manually, it is common to write down the wrong amount. Some people also consider paper checks to be unsafe since you are handing some information to who ever has your check.

On the other hand, eChecks carry a number of advantages.

  • They are processed quickly since the information can be exchanged digitally within minutes
  • They are safe and your data is protects at all costs.
  • eChecks have lower chances of resulting in frauds
  • They eliminate the need for printing and mailing.

Online Stores That Let You Pay Using eChecks

There are many stores that now accept eCheck payments in addition to physical checks and paying via credit cards. eChecks or internet checks are now widely accepted as they are convenient to deal with and they ensure that the transactions takes place safely.

Check out the list below to find out which stores will now accepts payments made via eChecks.


  • You can make payments using eCheck via bank transfer
  • The payment procedure is simple. You only need to add your checking account at Amazing payment portal
  • All future payment can then easily be made by providing your routing number and account number


  • You can make online payments using PayPal eCheck services
  • Walmart online site will let you choose from multiple payment options when you reach the checkout point
  • The order will be shipped to shortly after you complete the payment


  • eBay also accepts payments made online via PayPal eCheck services
  • This mode of payment may not be accepted by a few sellers on eBay so check before you proceed
  • Some sellers only allow for personal statement


  • The online store accepts eChecks via PayPal
  • You can avail the payment mode at the checkout
  • Vistaprint website also explains in detail how payments should be made

Brandy Melville

  • Brandy Melville accepts payments using eCheck via bank transfer
  • It also takes payments through PayPal eChecks
  • You will be informed about other payment modes at the checkout

Appliances Connection

  • It offers you to pay using eCheck PayPal services
  • This option will be given to you when you reach the checkout portal
  • You can call 800-299-9470 to select the mode of payment you wish to choose


  • It offers you to pay using eCheck PayPal services
  • You can call 800-951-3386 to select the mode of payment you wish to choose
  • B&H provides the best customer support service if you want guidance on how to complete the payment


  • It offers you to pay using eCheck PayPal services
  • You will find the option once you have added the required items to cart and move to checkout portal
  • Moreover, you can also choose to pay directly via bank account

The Bottom Line

Hopefully this article has covered all the details on how to shop online and pay with checking account. The online stores that we have mentioned here let you not only shop easily but pay easily as well!

Your experience at different stores may vary. Don’t hesitate to try out different ones and share your reviews with us in the comment section below. We are waiting!

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