Online stores let you access brands that are not available in your region but purchasing something that is stocked far away, perhaps in the another country, comes at a cost: Hefty delivery charges!.

So if you have said NO to a product of your dreams simply because you didn’t want to spend extra dollars on shipping, Wait up! I am about to introduce you to some of best online shopping sites with free international shipping!

The list of online shopping sites with free international shipping include well-known names like Apple Store, Samsung, Amazon, Marks and Spencer and AliExpress. Some of these stores do not have delivery charges at all but the majority have set minimum shopping cost with which they allow for free-of-cost international shipping.

List of Online Shipping Sites Offer Free International Shipping?

There is no doubt that online companies that have free local delivery and international shipping are preferred by customers. Consequently, these are able to win clients from different corners of the world. Like there are online stores with cash back, some online stores provides you with no-charge shipping when you spend a certain amount on the purchases although some stores are generous enough to not have any such limit.

I have worked out some of the most reliable and useful online shipping sites that have free international shipping.

Keep in mind that you would still have to pay custom or import charges when buying items from another country.

However, these are charges are not paid to the specific company but the local authority instead. You can pay the fee in advance when shopping at sites like Amazon or eBay or pay it to local customs once your purchase reaches them.

1. AliExpress

In list of online shopping sites that promises reliable and quick international shipping, AliExpress is definitely on the top! This website was launched in China and works under Alibaba but caters to single products as well which Alibaba does not.

AliExpress takes the lead when compared to other giant online retailers like eBay and Walmart.

The website, as I mentioned, was initiated in China but currently, AliExpress official website work in Russia, Turkey, US, UK, and Brazil as well.

Website’s policy does highlight that AliExpress offers free delivery. However, the actual charges as well as the offer comes down to the specific seller that you are buying from. Some offer free shipping while others do not. You can also find certain merchants with considerably low delivery charges.

2. Apple

iPhone and Apple tablet lovers would be relieved to find out that Apple is another online shopping sites with free international shipping. You can get almost anything from the store delivered to you without any additional charges.

Keep in mind that, although the delivery is free, if you get something like TV, there will be installation charges.

3. Amazon

Amazon has to be one of the biggest e-commerce platform. Whether you are looking electronics, tech gadgets, bags, shoes or anything else, there are solid chances that you will find it on

There are different ways in which you can avail free shipping on Amazon. In fact, it was one of the first online stores that introduced free-of-cost delivery.

First of all, many items come with free delivery if you ordering a purchase higher than $25 but this offer is not extended to all the products on website. As you know, there are different retailers on Amazon and each will have their own shipping rules that you need to abide to.

Another method is to look for a discount and free shipping offers that come from time to time. Typically, these sales are introduced on smaller items like detergent bottles or litter boxes, etc. You can sign up with Subscribe & Save programs to avail such as deals. Also note that any orders made in this manner may take up to 8 weeks to deliver.

The last, and personally my favourite option, is to sign up for Amazon Prime. It is Amazon’s monthly/yearly subscription service that gives you access to multiple features.

You can choose a monthly plan for $12.99 and annual plan for $119. If you choose the annual subscription, the entire payment needs to be made at once.

Medicaid students or people with EBT cards can get a discount on Amazon Prime subscription.

There is another interested piece of news! Amazon US is not the only official website that the company owns. You can search for websites operated in other countries as well such as Germany, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, UK, etc. You can minimize delivery charges by opting for the website set closest to your vicinity.


It is trendy nowadays to decorate home with paintings, picture frames, and mirrors. happens to be a one-stop shop for all such products and more. You can find prints, rugs, canvas items, home decoration items here at reasonable prices.

As for being an online store with free international shipping, that offer is limited to certain items only. You should visit the site to confirm whether you are ordering an object with shipping cost or without one.


Another online shopping site with free international shipping of products from 850 different brands is ASOS. You can find fashion accessories and clothing here for men and women of all ages and sizes. ASOS is more famous for wedding clothes and festive wear.

The online store ships to 100 different countries in the world with free delivery supported in almost all locations. These countries include Australia, Canada, US, and Singapore.

However, you must place an order of $50 or more to avail of free shipping. Other than that, you can sign up with Premier Delivery service by ASOS for $19 per year. Under this scheme, the minimum spending value for free delivery is reduced to $15 and you can also place an order for next day delivery for just $4.99 additional charges per year.

6. BetterWorldBooks

This is my personal favorite online book store that shelves the best collection of books that are hard to find anywhere else. Luckily, the international shipping is also free.

Keep in mind that the store may take up to three weeks to deliver your order.

BetterWorldBooks was introduced with the noble purpose to promote literacy around the globe. Therefore, it keenly hosts discount offers and textbook stocks for college students as well.

If you are interested in giving out a donation, this online store would be a good cause to consider. It promotes funding and gives grants to more needy people of the society.

7. Best Buy

When it comes to purchase of electronics like laptops, computers, or smartphones, your go-to shop would definitely be Best Buy, right? Well, for those who are ordering from their official store and getting the items delivered, here’s a good news: Best Buy offers free international shipping as well!

You must keep in mind that delivery charges would only be compensated if you place an order above $35.

Typically, purchase of home appliances, equipment or laptops do cost that much so you can expect a free international shipping by Best Buy. Moreover, customers can also opt for same-day delivery which will cost extra.

8. Blue Nile

One of the most famous places for engagement rings and diamonds, Blue Nile has been a promising option for jewelry shopping ever since its launch in 1999.

Right now, the online store offers free international shipping. Moreover, you can also get same-say delivery if the order exceeds $1000. The option of returning or exchanging the product remains open for up to a month.

9. Bonobos

As fancy as the name sounds, Bonobos is a good match for people into wearing bright colors and lively prints. Moreover, Bonobos hosts an interesting consultation department which you can visit if you want help in deciding what to wear at a special occassion.

It is another unique and interesting options on the list of online shopping sites with free international shipping. Additionally, products returns and exchanges are free as well.

10. Book Depository

It is an online book store with a never-ending collection of written masterpieces on fiction, non-fiction, cook books, textbooks, books in different languages, etc.

The store supports delivery to more than 100 countries including within the US, New Zealand, Australia, and others. You don’t need to spend a specific amount to qualify for free shipping.

11. Brandless

As the name suggests, you shouldn’t expect to find anything here with a branded tag. Instead, the products are labelled as per their manufacturing details like organic, non-toxic, fair trade, breakable, scented, etc.

Moreover, this online store is dedicated to selling stuff that is packaged in eco-friendly and minimally designed boxes. All in all, it is one-stop-shop for all buyers who are not brand conscious and are just looking for trendy and affordable products.

Brandless offers free shipping for all orders above $40.

12. Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel hosts a wide selection of products and although you can get free shipping on all of them, there are items available for free-of-cost delivery.

Typically, the offer applies to purchase of small appliances, glassware or bedding items.

13. DealeXtreme

This is an online marketplace for items manufactured in Chine and it hosts world-wide shipping with no delivery charges. On top of that, products here are extremely affordable. You can also return anything via mail post if anything reaches you damaged.

14. Deep Discount

Don’t forget to check out Deep Discount in online shopping sites with free international shipping. Most of the products sold on this website are relevant to entertainment niche although there is no specific segregation of you will find here. Deep Discount does, however, have a good collection of video games, vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, and more.

As per its shipping policy, the online store offers free shipping for orders above $25 and that is available on specific countries only.

15. Debenhams

Debenhams is a UK-based department store that sells clothes, electricals, home decorations, beauty products and much more.

Currently, Debenhams has physical stores in Australia, UAE, Qatar, Malaysia, Ireland, Gibraltar in addition to UK. Moreover, it delivers to almost all countries around the globe such as US, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, New Zealand, etc.

The delivery is free to all localities and in some places where there are shipping charges, they are actually quite minimal.

16. Dell

Dell is famous for its range of computers and laptops with each new model beating its own previous record. It is affordable as compared to other similar brands in the market. Additionally, Dell offers free shipping and returns on the object that you buy from the official stores.

17. Dermstore

Dermstore started out as a brand selling high-end skin care products only but soon afterwards, it was able to attract major customer base with beauty and make-up products as well.

Needless to say, the high quality of products here come with pricey tags. Therefore, it would be a relief for all international buyers to find out that Dermstore offer free online shipping for all orders above $50. The minimum threshold here may sound disheartening but you just have to add a couple of things to the card to qualify for it.

18. DHGate

DHGate is more popular among wholesale buyers as compared to individual consumers. The online store is, however, available worldwide for free shipping and purchase on no-name products from China.

19. Dorothy Perkins

With specialty in women clothing, Dorothy Perkins is quite a famous choice for kids wear as well. Moreover, although the brand is based in the UK, it provides free international shipping to all corners of the world.

Currently, the sales are restricted in the US, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. You can order from elsewhere and minimum purchase requirement is $60.

20. eBay

eBay is a strong competitor to Amazon and AliExpress. It hosts a wide variety of objects including clothes, computer parts, collectibles, and much more. Products here can be branded or non-branded as offered by different sellers. Brands that you will mostly find here are Dyson, Sports Direct, Microsoft, BooHoo, Nintendo, etc.

Regardless of whether you are purchasing items in full price or in a sale, eBay guarantees free shipping as long as you are buying from a merchant that offers it.

eBay has Global Delivery Program as well for customers in the USA and UK. These allow you to pay beforehand some additional custom charges.

To save your time, it is ideal to set specific filters on the website to skim out products under “free international shipping”. You can do so under delivery options on the left side of the home page.

21. Everlane

Everlane stands out for a number of things in the list of clothing brands. For example, it laid the foundation of sustainable clothing and shirts made from sustainable fibers. Even after so many years, this is something that not many leading brands offer.

On top of that, Everlane is quite transparent in its business. You can find all the detail of different manufacturers that it works with as well as Everlane’s ideology behind working with them. Not only does this make it easy to trust the website but also gives online shopping here a whole new and interesting outlook.

Everlane offers free shipping for orders above $75. Additionally, customers het 10% off on their first order from the site.

Wait, here’s a secret tip that I have gathered just for you: Everlane has special promotional offers typically a week before major holidays where all orders are shipped for free and in two days. Don’t forget to be on the hunt when holiday weekend is coming up!

Sadly, there are no free returns on this shopping site.

22. Everything 5 Pounds

The online store has an extensive range of clothing, shoes, accessories, lingerie, bags, and much more! You can skim through the product collection and everything would be of less than 5 pounds! As an extra cherry on the top, Everything 5 Pounds offers free international delivery!

23. Feel Unique

Feel Unique is famous for sales of skin care products although it hosts other items as well such as perfumes and electric beauty items.

There is some ambiguity on the minimum amount of spending that is needed to qualify for free shipping here. Some areas get free international shipping for orders on $20 or more whereas other regions have reported that the lowest amount is set at $100.

24. Fishpond

Fishpond sells wide variety of items such as arts and crafts, accessories, jewelry, and more. Although it is based in New Zealand, Fishpond delivers around the globe and does not charge any shipping fees on any order.

25. Fy

The best part of Fy is that it only shelves items that no other place is offering making it a good option to check out for jewelry, bags, accessories, bags, clothes, etc. Moreover, it is one of most reliable online shipping sites with free international shipping.

26. Gap-Branded Stores

Gap along with Athleta, Banana Republic, and Old Navy is like a one huge family that is an ideal stop for shopping clothes. From formal wear to yoga pants and leggings for gym workouts, you will find all sort of interesting styles here.

All the online orders come with free shipping as long as your total amount exceeds $50.

You don’t need to shop specifically at Gap at a time. Customers can add different products from different brands into one cart and place the order collectively

27. J.Crew and Madewell

Buyers who are looking for websites with clothing collection for men, women and kids on discounts or reward programs, should take a stop at J.Crew and Madewell. In addition to free shipping deals, this online store is generous with cash backs and sales as well that you would find here from time to time.

You can sign up with Madewell Insider program that offers free shipping and returns.

Note that this program is available only to customers who spend at least $500 or more here per year. If you are eligible for it, Madewell Insider will also let you earn bonus points on purchases that you can redeem later on for a store gift card or use as credit on next item that you buy.

Similarly, J.Crew rewards program promises free shipping as well although free return is not part of the deal here. Nonetheless, the offer for accumulation of bonus points remains the same. You can redeem 200 points for $5 discount on your next purchase.

Since the bar is set a bit high, it is highly likely that you will only be approved for the plans if you are a regular buyer here.

28. Kate Spade

Shopping for handbags does not get better than Kate Spade. These designer wear can be pricey but luckily you have free-shipping and free-return offer to make up for it.

29. Look Fantastic

For those interested in looking for free shipping of beauty or skin care products, Look Fantastic is a reasonable option. You can find a wide range of options here in serums, creams, cleansers, shampoos, scrubs, balms, and even electronics such as curlers and clippers.

Additionally, Look Fantastic has a separate section of male beauty products from different such as Evolutionman and Bulldog Skincare.

The shipping option is available for more than 100 countries however, free delivery is not promised for all destinations. The shipment charges may vary depending on where you are ordering from.

30. MAC

Lipsticks, contour kits, poppy shades and acrylic paints that stand out have been winning factors for MAC. The brand simply continues to grow with every passing day.

Luckily, it offers free shipping on all online orders as well as free returns. However, you must not have damaged the seal or used the product if you wish to return it to the store.

31. Macy’s

In addition to customer’s attention, Macy’s has won considerable number of clients thanks to the limelight that it got by being of various Hollywood movies like the incredible King Kong. This store is famous for the purchase of furniture, kitchen utensils, home decorations, and much more.

As per Macy’s shipping policy, it does not charge a fee for delivery when the order exceeds $25.

Macy’s credit cardholders can also enjoy free shipping without any minimum spending value but it requires that you continuous shop for the store and spend at least more than $500 here per year.

Note that although Macy’s started out as US-based store, it delivers worldwide with large number of orders concentrated in Brazil, UK, India, and Canada.

32. Marks and Spencer

In the world of fashion wear, who hasn’t heard of Marks and Spencer? Right now, this outstanding brand operates in multiple countries like New Zealand, UK, US, Canada, China, Australia.

It has an online store that operates globally. It offers free international shipping as well but there is a minimum order requirement.

The amount of money you need to spend per order for free delivery varies from one country to another. It is better to get in touch with Customer Support service at Marks and Spencer for more information on this matter.

33. Missguided

Missguided has made its worth on the list of womenswear as it sells fashionable clothing items at reasonable prices. This is a UK-based brands that offers shipping globally including regions of Russia, Australia, Turkey, Netherlands, USA, etc.

There is limited information on the minimum amount of spending that will get you free international shipping. I suggest you visit its official website for more information.

34. Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus sells designer wear and branded cosmetics as well as accessories. Although most products here are quite expensive, you are can enjoy free shipping on almost every order in addition to free products returns.

There are, however, exceptions to this rule. You can not return a product for free if more than two weeks have passed and need to pay $9.95 for the return then.

The same rule implies if you get something from clearance sale.

35. Net-a-Porter

Everyone knows someone who just can’t let go of designer fashion! If you are that person or your friend happens to be one, Net-a-Porter is a good place to check out as it currently hosts more than 800 designer brands.

As it turns out, all the brands working with this online store ship for free and the product returns are free-of-cost as well.

36. Newegg

Newegg is a US-based tech store with headquarters in California. You can multiple gadgets and accessories here including gaming devices, home appliances, electronic toys, video games, computer spare parts, etc. In fact, Newegg offers such products on price much lower than the ones you will find in the market.

Free shipping by the company is limited to specific products only. Moreover, Newegg does not support delivery all over the world although all major countries are supported such as Canada, Europe, India, Australia and Mexico.

37. Nordstrom

Out for bagging some trendy clothes? Whether you are looking for adult clothing lines or for kids, Nordstrom has you covered. It is one of the few online shopping store that hosts wide range of branded designer wear at affordable prices.

Nordstrom is unique from other clothing retailers in not just shipping policy but return protocols as well.

First of all, you will almost always find different items at discounts here. Some may even be marked down to 70%! Moreover, you do online price matching with other sites you have in mind to make you buy products at most appealing prices.

Finally, Nordstrom has free international shipping as well as free return on projects you get online. Their delivery service works in more than 100 countries including far off states like Afghanistan.

If you choose Cash on Delivery with Nordstrom purchases, you can simply in your own currency once your receive the order along with custom charges and duties.

38. Overstock

Overstock is another famous option that you have for furniture shopping, purchase of home decoration items and much more.

All US customers can avail of free shipping if the order is above $45 which is mostly the case as furniture and relevant items do not come in cheap nowadays.

Delivery to any part of the world usually takes up to two days to arrive.

Another way of minimizing delivery charges is to sign up with Overstock membership program, Club O. There is an annual fee for this program in exchange of which you will have free shipping for all orders in the future, 5% cash back rewards, price-matching guarantee as well free return on any item.

39. Reformation

How can I leave out Reformation from the list of online shopping sites with free international shipping!

This is an eco-friendly brand that is famous for women-wear and accessories. Moreover, international shipping and product returns are offered for free.

Here’s a tricky part about shopping at Reformation. As it offers different styles of clothing it may be that you fit into “small” of a particular dress but find it to be tight on your for another style at the same store. As it turns out, free returns are a big blessing here.

40. Samsung

Samsung made its name in the market initially through the sales of smartphones but soon afterwards, it was able to expand its business to manufacturing and selling computers, home appliances, and tablets.

You can earn free shipping with Samsung purchases but there are some limitations. Currently, free-of-cost shipping is available for oversized objects only such as refrigerators or TV sets.

You will not need to pay delivery charges with such products but there will still be additional costs for installation and haul-away.

41. Sephora

There is not even a thin chance that a makeup fanatic would not have heard of this brand! Since most cosmetic items that we frequently used are tried and tested, it makes sense to get them online so you can avoid all the crowd.

Sephora offers free shipping for online orders above $50. It has a rewards program as well through which you can earn a point on every dollar that you spend.

Interestingly, there is a Flash-two-day shipping program that promises free shipping within 48 hours but requires that you spend at least $15 per year at

42. Sheinside

This is a one-stop-shop for trendy, yet affordable, womenswear. You can buy apparel, shoes, accessories, and jewelry from Sheinside. Moreover, if you are ordering from their online store to a region where they don’t manufacture, you can expect free delivery.

There is limited information on the minimum amount of spending that will get you free international shipping. I guess you have to try it to find out!


It wouldn’t take an Einstein to figure out what offers! However, what will amaze you is the range of footwear available here. According to recent surveys, currently hosts a million different footwear products all of which are available for international delivery. These include loaders, sandals, boots, slippers for men and flats, pumps, heels, mules for women. is a hub for different brands that excel in footwear manufacture such as New Balance, Birkenstock, Clarks, Converse, Sketchers, etc.

In addition to free global shipping, also does not have any minimum spending value to qualify for free delivery.

If you want to couple free delivery with discounts, wouldn’t disappoint you. Online coupon codes are available generously on the website. You can also exchange a product without any fee.

Please note that returns are not free at and may note be allowed for products purchased on discounts.

44. Shopbop

Shopbop is a retailer where you would find products from almost all luxury brands. You can get free shipping here as well as long as you spend more than $100 on your order. This is true regardless of the country you are placing the order from.

45. SportsDirect

SportsDirect is a UK-based sports retailer that shelves and sells products from different brands. The list of companies available here include Adidas, Nike, and PUMA, three of the best sportswear brands in the world!

SportsDirect offers free international shipping but there is a minimum spending amount that you have to reach. Check out its official website to find out more about this.

46. Strawberrynet

For purchase of beauty products, I would personally vouch for The website is easy to use, has variety of products to choose from and sends international shipping for free.

There is a pre-requisite that your order must be above $150 to avail of free shipping.

47. Target

Target has offered impeccable online service to its clients for many years. In fact, customers often tend to order items from the official website instead of visiting in-store as there are high chances that what they are looking for many be out of stock in the outlet.

When it comes to free international shipping at Target, there are multiple options that you can try but it is a good online shopping site with free international shipping.

First of all, Target has free delivery for orders that exceed $35. If you plan to order less costly objects, the minimum spending threshold for free delivery may be reduced to $25.

Another option for discounted delivery is Target’s RedCard. It is a credit card that gives 5% discount on all online orders. As a cardholder, you can also avail extended return period at Target. The only downside is that it is a credit card that required a hard pull which may not be a good option for those with poor credit score.

There are some limitations to online shopping at For example, you can not order fresh fruits and vegetables from the e-store. These may be available at Target for in-store pick up online. Alternatively, you can buy them and have them delivered through Shipt. This is a store-specific shipping service that delivers orders above $35 on the same day but requires $99 subscription charges.

Please note that specific items may be “permanently discontinued for shipping”. You have to check if they are available at your local stores.

48. The Hut

Since The Hut hosts products from a variety of brands, including Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and more, you can expect to find almost all the stuff here for men, women, or kids.

Moreover, the online store promises shipment to more than 100 countries around the globe. Currently, the delivery services are supported in China, New Zealand, Russia, US, Australia, and Israel.

There is a minimum spending threshold that you need in order to qualify for free international shipping but the exact amount varies from place to place.

You will be informed of the charges once you proceed to the check-out option.

49. Tiffany

Tiffany is an outstanding jewelry store that has something to trendy to something classy all it one place. You can get free shipping and free product returns here on almost all online orders. In fact, it is one of the most famous online shopping site with free international shipping.

Nonetheless, it would be a good idea to go through their size chart before you place an order because, although returns are free, the process can still take some time and you wouldn’t want that to ruin your special day!

50. Ulta

Cosmetics, skin care products, hair care products, beauty products and what not! You will find all of this at Ulta and much more. The best part? You just need to spend $35 here to avail of free shipping.

You can further enhance the shopping experience here by signing up with Ultamate Rewards program.

As per this program, you get to win a point for every dollar that you spend and later on, redeem the points for discounts. Typically, you get $3 off for every 100 points. Not bad, right?

51. Walmart

Walmart is a strong competitor to retailers like Target but, fortunately, it has more flexible terms when it comes to international shipping.

It allows free, within 24-hour delivery for orders above $35. You can have range of products delivered the next day including toys, health items, home accessories, etc.

Walmart has categorized ineligible and eligible products for next-day delivery. However, if you add both types of items to the same cart and place the order for online shipping, the whole order would be considered ineligible for next day delivery.

Another option is to make use of Walmart+. This is a store-specific program that promises free delivery on next day or two days later. However, it does have monthly charges of $12.95 and annual fees of $98.

52. YesAsia

YesAsia is basically a tech store that sells objects like consoles, accessories, Play Stations, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, etc. You can also expect to find some video games here.

The store offers free international shipping for orders above $49 in some countries where as others have reported that the minimum threshold is set at $149.

There is no restrictions on what you should buy as all objects are considered eligible for international delivery except posters.


Zappos started out as an online shoe store but now sells accessories, clothing, and bags as well. As far as I have heard, was one of the first online store to introduce online sale of footwear and it is another online shopping site with free international shipping.

The store has free shipping and return for all orders as long as you initiate the return within 365 days. Moreover, it is quite generous with reward programs as well.

You can visit Zappos official website to sign up with its reward program that offers free-of-cost, next-business day delivery and introduces discounts on specific items as well. There are also cash back offers on every dollar that you spend here.

Before You Go!

That’s all about online shopping sites with free international shipping!

With online shopping being so common nowadays, many retailers provide free shipping as a bonus to customers and also to encourage them to shop more. For stores that do not have free-of-cost delivery, the offer may come around on special days such as Christmas holidays or New Year Eve. You should also go through terms and conditions thoroughly as some online retailers allow free shipping on specific products only.

I tried my best to include all online shopping sites with free international shipping that I know of. However, it is possible that I have missed out on some and there are more out there. Do dig out other options and mention them in the comments below!

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