Paying through credit and debit cards online and in-store is quite a common concept these days. But, let us dive into a newer and popular approach these days which highlights various shopping sites that accept eChecks and personal checks and all their requirements to pay attention to.  

You can pay for your products through eChecks and personal checks at various retail stores such as Walmart, Wayfair, Amazon, B&H, Brandy Melville, Cabela’s, eBay, Milanoo, Oriental Trading, Vistaprint, and a few others. On the contrary, certain stores do not accept payment via checks which include Ali Express, Foot Locker, Tiger Direct, Costco, Big Lots, and a few others. 

Shopping Sites That Accept eChecks Personal Checks 

Various online shopping sites accept eChecks and personal checks as their payment method at the time of checkout. Paying online using eChecks is very straightforward as all you need to look for is the online check-cashing stores. 

Shopping SitesCheck Types Accepted 
Amazon Pay through eChecks at Amazon 
Appliances ConnectionPay through physical checks or eCheck by PayPal 
B&HPay through physical checks or eCheck by PayPal
Brandy Melville Pay through eCheck by PayPal
Cabela’sIt accepts physical check or eCheck at Cabela’s 
eBay You can pay through physical check or eCheck by PayPal at Cabela’s
Milanoo Accepts eCheck by PayPal or you can make bank transfer 
Oriental Trading Check types accepted here include physical check and eCheck by PayPal 
QVCPhysical check and eCheck by PayPal are accepted at QVC
Vista PrintAllows payments through both the physical check and eCheck 
WalmarteCheck by PayPal are accepted at the time of checkout 
Wayfair It accepts physical check, eCheck and payments via PayPal 
Nordstrom You can pay via the eCheck at Nordstrom. 
Dell Dell platform is where you can make a purchase using the eCheck
OverstockOverstock allows you to pay with eCheck
SmartBargains You can choose to pay manually through the check at the SmartBargains. 

Electronic checks are now becoming more popular and people can have the advantage of paying for their purchases apart from using credit and debit cards. You can pay through the checks in different ways and at various stores at your convenience. 

Just shop as you normally do, and checkout by providing your bank routing number in addition to the checking account information. At the payment option, you can see what checks are supported by the respective platform as a payment method. 

You can also mail your checks at the respective address provided by these web-based retailers. As soon as the company receives your check, they process your order that was kept on hold.

1. Amazon 

Amazon is one of the largest multinational technology e-commerce companies. With Amazon Shopping, you can purchase a wide range of products through a web-based platform and variety of payment options like Netspend and checks that makes shopping easier and more accessible. 

You can pay with eChecks through the bank transfer at Amazon. Moreover, it doesn’t accept payments from PayPal. Choose to Add a Checking account option at the time of Shipping & Payment to pay through eChecks. 

2. Appliances Connection 

Appliances Connection being an online official retailer provides a large number of brand-name appliances, in addition to the furniture manufacturers. The payment process is quite flexible as it allows purchases via checks.

It allows you to make payments either through the physical check or eCheck by PayPal. At the time of checkout, you just need to choose PayPal as the payment option through the personal checks. The check clearance can take up to a couple of weeks before your order gets shipped. 

3. B&H

One of the top American photo and video equipment retailers, B&H is one of the most trusted choices for all the photographers, creative professionals, and musicians out there. B&H store accepts both the physical check and eCheck by PayPal to allow you to make various purchases. 

You can choose the PayPal payment option at the time of checkout or you can also contact the customer service support of B&H on the following number (800) 606-6969. The B&H support staff will guide you on creating a quote number on the check and how you can mail it to them. 

4. Oriental Trading 

Oriental Trading is an all-rounder shopping site offering products from party supplies, home décor, custom apparel, event supplies, education products and so much more. It is one of the top direct marketers and sellers of all these products. 

Oriental Trading accepts physical checks and eChecks by PayPal as payment options. You can choose the PayPal payment method at the time of checkout or even mail it in the Oriental Trading order form. Make sure to add your current address on your checks. 

If by any chance, your check is returned for the non-sufficient funds, you will be charged $20 as a service charge here. 

5. Brandy Melville 

Brandy Melville displays an exclusive aura of clothing and fashion accessories. It has been known to market its products to the teenage girls and young women out there and is a perfect go-to brand for the Gen-Z.  

Brandy Melville only accepts payments that are made via the eCheck by PayPal. Just like any other platform, you will have to choose PayPal as a payment option during the checkout. Next, you should choose a bank as a payment method to complete the transaction process. 

6. Cabela’s 

Another shopping site where you can make payments through checks is Cabela’s. It sells antique guns, camping gear, bear-proof food kegs, and more. This American retailer specializes in outdoor recreation merchandise. 

Cabela’s accept both the physical check and eChecks to make purchases. You can either mail your order along with the payment check to Cabela’s provided address. Moreover, you can also call the customer service at Cabela’s and request them to set an electronic payment for you. 

7. eBay 

eBay, is one of the greatest online shopping sites known for its auctions and consumer-to-consumer sales around the world. It is indeed one of the massive corporations serving as a verification portal for all retailers and consumers. 

Payments at eBay can be made either with the eCheck by PayPal or physical checks too as per your convenience. The payment option varies with the sellers and whatever option they support will be visible at the checkout time. The auction item or fixed-priced items can then be purchased if sellers opt for the personal checks. 

8. Milanoo

Whether it is a wedding dress or a cosplay costume, Milanoo has everything from chic handbags to stylish shoes for its customers. It offers check payments and facilitates people who don’t want to make payments via cash. 

Milanoo accepts check payments by PayPal or bank transfer i.e., mostly eChecks. As for the bank transfer, you will have to use the banking information available on the website which guides you with the payment process.

Either use PayPal or Electronic Funds Transfer, but you won’t be facilitated with personal checks at Milanoo. 

9. Vistaprint 

Vistaprint sells unique business cards, and print solutions offering convenience and digital marketing products for micro-businesses. You can make payments at Vistaprint in the form of checks. 

Vistaprint accepts both the physical checks and eChecks by PayPal. Please note that Vistaprint eChecks order value is not above $10, whereas paper checks are available for orders over $10. Write your order number on the check and mail it to the associated address so your order gets cleared and processed. 

10. Walmart

Paying through checks at one of the global retailers Walmart isn’t something to be surprised by. This multinational retail corporation has successfully inculcated all the best features to facilitate the customer’s purchases. Walmart facilitates its customers to make payments through the eChecks by PayPal. 

Just select PayPal at the time of checkout and choose the bank account as your payment option here. Walmart also accepts checks through the Pay with Cash program where you can choose the option of Pay with Cash while checking out. Just visit their local store to make payment using a personal check. 

11. Wayfair 

Wayfair is yet another US-based furniture company selling home goods for quite a while now. Some other categories it sells include décor items, and kitchen and dining products. Wayfair offers a wide range of payment methods including physical checks, eChecks, and PayPal. 

Pay by check or the bank transfer by selecting PayPal at checkout or after requesting a quote. You will have to wait for at least 15 days as Wayfair holds the orders paid by check until they are received for clearance. 

12. QVC 

QVC platform is specialized in televised home shopping and serves as one of the largest electronic retailers. Additionally, it also sells a wide range of merchandise including jewelry, housewares, cosmetics, and more. 

Payment through physical checks or eCheck by PayPal are two options supported by the QVC. Choose the option of PayPal or check/money order at the time of checkout. If you opt for the check, please select place order to complete the process. 

You need to mail your check to QVC address within 10 days to prevent the order cancellation. 

13. Nordstrom 

Nordstrom, a leading fashion retailer is a hub for fashionable items for men, women, and kids. With its unparalleled collection of products, it has been quite a bliss for people who are crazy about shopping. 

You can pay via the eCheck at Nordstrom. To complete the payment, you might as well have to provide your account and the routing number. Nordstrom accepts check payments in a wide range of shopping categories. 

14. Dell 

Pay for your laptops, desktops, gaming PCs, monitors, and so many other gadgets by making payments via check. Dell is an American company selling and providing repairing services for computers and other related products. 

Dell is yet another platform where you can make a purchase using the eCheck. Just choose this payment option at the time of checkout and you are good to proceed. You can also use the online banking website of Dell if you have a registered account

15. Overstock 

Overstock designer brand helps you get the home goods and furniture at very reasonable and rock bottom prices. Additional items it offers include area rugs, window treatments, bed & bath, lighting, mattresses, and so much more. 

Overstock allows you to pay with eCheck when shopping for different items. The shopping site however requires your account number along with the checking account number to complete the payment for the purchase. 

16. SmartBargains

SmartBargains resources products from top brand names and sells a variety of items including watches, sunglasses, jewelry, handbags, and luggage bags too. You can also choose to pay manually through the check at the SmartBargains. 

Just make your check out to the SmartBargains and mail it to their provided address to proceed with the shipping process. Kindly add your name and address on the front side of the check. The company will ship your order as soon as they receive your check and payment. 

Shopping Sites That Don’t Accept eChecks Personal Checks 

Now that you are aware of various shopping sites that accept eChecks personal checks, here are a few that do not facilitate this service and allow payments through debit or credit cards. 

  • Sears
  • Old navy
  • Banana republic
  • Kmart 
  • Home Depot 
  • Old Navy 
  • Groupon 
  • Athleta

Before You Go! 

It is quite a delight to note that various stores have started to accept checks as their payment options. Not many retail locations facilitate this process but there are quite a several top-notch stores acknowledging payments through checks. 

While this can be a convenient option, please note that it may take up to weeks before you receive your order. Even though it is safe and doesn’t come with any incurring fees, you should prefer to pay with PayPal where you can directly pay by linking your checking account with the routing number to your PayPal account. 

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