Considering their popularity, companies are quickly moving forward to ensure that purchase of their gift cards is accessible at all times. Where you can buy gift cards online or get Visa gift cards delivered to your doorsteps, certain providers are picky with how you can buy their gift cards. Shein happens to be one of them so let me answer your question: Where can I buy Shein gift card?

You can buy Shein gift cards at its official website These are available of different values ranging from $25 to $1500. Shein gift cards can only be redeemed at the website and can not be converted into cash. On top of that, there are various techniques that you can use to earn cash back or get discounts when shopping with a Shein gift card.

What Places Sell Shein Gift Cards?

The answer to this is pretty simple: Shein gift cards are not available anywhere except its own online store. The card would be provided to you in a digital form as Shein does not sell physical gift cards and also does not provide it through third-party retailers.

You can buy gift cards here with different values ranging from $25, $50, $80, $100, $200, $400, $500 and $1500. I would shortly discuss what these would cost you.

Any of the payment method accepted at Shein website can be used to pay for the gift cards. It can take the company up to 7 days to process the request and send you the gift card via email.

Where Can I Not Buy Shein Gift Cards?

Don’t expect to find Shein gift cards even at big retailers like Amazon, Best Buy or Target. I have looked into and none of these offer the gift card. Other stores like CVS, Kroger’s, Walgreens and Walmart provide plenty of other gift cards but Shein isn’t one of them, unfortunately.

What Can You Buy With Shein Gift Cards?

As a general rule of thumb, anything that is listed on the Shein website can be purchase through the card or gift card balance.

These include accessories, clothing, lingerie, trend wears, sale items, activewear, loungewear and even the items available on sales.

In a nutshell, you can buy anything that the retailer is offering on its website. Luckily, there is a huge assortment of products that Shein provides.

What Are Shein Gift Cards and What Do They Offer?

Gift cards by Shein work in pretty much the same way as those by other big retailers like Amazon or Walmart. You can buy a gift card with a pre-decided value and use it as alternative to cash payments when shopping at Shein.

Shein offers store-specific gift cards only. This means the card you buy here can not be redeemed anywhere else.

You can buy gift card of different values starting at $80. The gift card at $80 and $100 would come at price equivalent to the amount loaded on it. However, if you purchase gift card of $200 or more, there will a 5% discount.

For example, you can buy $200 gift card for $190 (5% discount), $300 gift card for $285 (5% discount) and $500 gift card for $460 (8% discount). The highest value that you can get with a Shein gift card is $1,350.

How To Apply For a Shein Gift Card Online

As I mentioned before, Shein gift cards can be purchased through the official website only. Visit right now to apply for one.

These are are regionally locked. If you purchase the card in the US, you would only be able to redeem it in the US. This policy is relatively new and was implemented in 2021.

Can Shein Gift Card Help You Save Money?

First thing first, it isn’t possible to get the gift card for free. I know that there are some sites and online accounts that promise to get you Shein card free of cost of get you a card with a value as high as $800 but these are mostly scams. Stay away from such phishing sites!

Yes. There are ways that Shein gift card can help you save some dollars. You can even have enough savings to get yourself a new gift card.

Promo Codes

Shein may not publicly advertise about coupon and discounts but you can save money by constantly keeping a check on their website. Any new coupon that become available will be mentioned here.

Some users also rely on third-party software like Coupert. This is a browser extension that helps verify different coupons and promo codes automatically. You can use them to get cash back on every order. The extension is free to use!

You have to download the extension and then add it to your browser. Then visit Shein official website and click on Coupert icon at the top-right corner. The pop-up window will show all the relevant promo codes then.

Coupert works with more than 7000 stores so your shopping will not just be limited to Shein in this case. You can get cash back deals with multiple retailers using this.

Honey is another Chrome extension that lets you avail promo codes on Shein and activate cash backs as well. You just have to download it and install the extension to get going!

Cash Back Platforms

There are websites like that support Shein and allow customers to get up to 10% cash back every time they shop there. You just have to sign up here and then start shopping. Moreover, you will automatically get 10% off on all purchases. You can also top it up with any discounts that a coupon is offering.

Buyers can also use cash back websites like Topcashback to receive a percentage of return upon using Shein gift card.

What Are Terms And Conditions That Apply To Gift Cards At Shein?

You obviously have to look out for certain terms of use when employing Shein gift cards for purchases. You may be able to find more details on the official website but I have highlighted some of the most important conditions below:

  1. The non-refundable card can only be used to purchase products/services at Shein.
  2. You can not redeem gift card amount for cash.
  3. Shein gift cards have no expiry dates but there may be for the ones that are given out to customers for free. It ranges from 1 to 3 months or longer.
  4. The cards purchased at the US site can only be redeemed there. You can, however, access the site through different means such as computer, Android phone, iOS, mobile app.
  5. If you had purchased the gift card prior to March 8, 2021, it can not be used in any country other than where it was bought.
  6. You must wait for the company to check that your chosen payment method is acceptable/safe when you place the order.
  7. The verification takes upto 7 days. The length of time depends on which payment method you choose.
  8. You must provide gift card number and PIN when making a purchase. The amount will be automatically deducted from your account.
  9. You can not complete the purchase if the gift card balance is less than the total cost unless you provide another payment method to cater to the remaining amount.
  10. You can not use two gift cards in combination to pay for a single purchase.
  11. If you had used the gift card in combination with another payment method and then requested a refund for the item, only the portion paid by the gift card will be returned as card balance.
  12. Shein does not take responsibility for a lost or stolen gift card.

Is $800 Shein Gift Card Legit and Safe To Use?

When trend of online shopping, money transfer apps, and gift cards was picking up pace, many financial analysts came forward to share their views on how to stay safe while using such platforms. Common words of advice were “Anything that looks too good to be true, probably isn’t”.

In simpler words, if a company, page, or an account is offering a huge reward in exchange of minimal investment or NOTHING, I strongly recommend that you stay away.

There are discount schemes and bonus points. However, these are given through proper planning by the company. Most of the times they are just 3% to 5% return on what you would already be spending.

Now, do you think you can get a $800 Shein gift card without putting in anything? Red Flag!

If you have come across an influencer account or a YouTube channel promising that they can deliver you $800 Shein gift card, there could only be two possibilities.

First of all, they may be using it as a click-bait. Growing accounts on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok are desperate for views. They use misleading headlines to attract new viewers. Other than that, it might be an attempt to steal your personal information. Therefore, I always advise my readers to never click on unreliable links.

Such scammers lure you by requesting you to “just click on the link” to get $800 gift card. As soon as you open the link and type in your contact details, they can extract sensitive information or even hack your personal accounts.

Before You Go!

So that is all about where can I buy Shein gift card! Now you know where to buy them, what you can purchase through the Shein cards and how you can utilize them to save some money. Hopefully, this guide would help you make the best out of gift cards that you have right now.

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