Gift cards primarily started out as store-specific tools that companies often gave to their loyal customers as an additional perk. However, with increase in their success and popularity, you can now buy gift cards online with checking account, use them yourself or offer them to your friends or relatives as alternative to typical wrapped-in-a-box gift.

Whether you get a gift card online or from a physical store, you can always use it as a payment tool to purchase stuff. The only pre-requisite you need to check is whether the store accepts it or not.

You can buy gift cards online with checking account through CardCash or by linking it to your PayPal account. There are many stores that accept this method of payment when purchasing a gift cards online. Some of the prominent ones include Macy’s, Walmart, Target, eBay, and Amazon.

Sites & Places To Buy Gift Cards Online With Checking Account?

Surely, you can use your checking account to buy gift cards online but it needs to be done via CardCash, a third-party service that offers gift cards at a discounted rate.

First time buyers need to make an account on CardCash official website. Another requirement is that you must perform three transactions on the site, big or small, before you are eligible.

There are some document requirement as well before you can sign up with CardCash. First of all, you have to submit your driver’s license along with a written request for ACH access. This request should be submitted on

It is also compulsary to submit the email ID which is verified and linked to your checking account. After you have taken care of all the necessities, the authorities at CardCash will review your application and inform you when you are able to purchase gift cards.

Where Can You Find and Buy Gift Cards Online With Checking Account?

There are a handful of stores that let you pay for a gift card online directly through your bank account. Some of these have been listed below:

1. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is a large scale online retailer that offers gift cards of various categories that you can buy at It is up to you whether you wish to deliver it physically to the recipient or simply share the card text/number to allow them to use it virtually.

Keep in mind that gift cards from Amazon can only be redeemed at

You can fund the transfer via ACH payments and send money using account number and routing number of the bank account that you have linked to your Amazon profile.

2. Best Buy Gift Card

Best Buy sells gift cards online and you only need to sign up with the store at their official website to begin. The gift cards begin with values of $15 and range up to $500.

You can order the card online and have it sent in mail or virtually through email. There is also an option to pick it up in person.

Best Buy is famous for music, prepaid phone and restaurant gift cards although you would also find restaurant gift cards and movie gift cards here. Note that these can only be redeemed at Best Buy physical or online store for buying stuff.

3. Walmart Gift Cards

The large retailers, Walmart, is famous for a number of items, especially for Walmart’s buy now pay later service, and gift card happens to be one of them! Ranging in categories from entertainment to restaurants, you will find thousands of options here and can conveniently pay for them online through checking account.

Walmart provides gift cards ranging from $5 to $250 and you can decide whether you want an eGift card or physical one.

4. Gift Card

Another prominent name on the list of stores from where you can buy gift cards via checking account is Target. Not only does it offer a range of cards to customers, the store provides free-of-cost gift cards to its employees as a token of good will.

You can purchase electronic gift cards at and access them anytime, anywhere for online payments. At the same time, it is completely up to you whether you want to go for traditional plastic gift cards or not.

Target has REDcard gift cards, which are specialized cards that come with specific rewards and bonuses.

5. Macy’s

Macy’s offers eGift cards that you can virtually share with your loved ones. Moreover, because of the range of stores that the gift card is applicable at, Macy’s has become quite a popular choice amongst users.

The eGift cards can be purchased with different values ranging from $10 to $1000. These can also be customized as per your liking.

Once you are done with the application procedure, the payment can be complete via checking account or PayPal linked to checking account. Wait for the approval message afterwards. It is common for the card to be received within 24 hours although certain factors can cause a delay and that is nothing to worry about.

6. Nordstrom Gift Card

You can buy gift cards online with checking account at Nordstrom as well. It accepts even checking account with bad credit so you can make one right now! Majority of the eGift cards are available here and you can purchase them and have them sent to the recipient via email in minimal amount of time.

Similar to leading gift card providers, Nordstrom has gift cards with different values and prices that vary accordingly.

Additionally, Nordstrom gives $50 bonus with $300 gift card and $20 bonus with $150 gift card. Moreover, gift cards for various occasions such as Christmas holidays, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, etc. are available here.

7. Apple Gift Cards

Apple gift cards are also a good choice for purchase of items from various categories but its application and approval required that you are an iPhone user.

If you tick all the requirement boxes, the gift card can be purchased online at

This gift card can be purchased online with a checking account and you don’t need to fund the transaction indirectly from any other platform.

Moreover, at the time of the application, users also have the option to customize their card to make it more attractive especially if they wish to gift it to someone.

How To Buy Gift Cards Online With Checking Account Through PayPal?

A convenient way to use your checking account to fund the purchase of gift card is to have it linked to PayPal account as majority of retailers accept this option.

1. PayPal Gifts

The first and the foremost choice when you are using PayPal to buy gift cards is to do it via PayPal Gifts. This store offers digital gift cards only.

Customers need to create an account on the official website. After which, you have to log in with password and username to see “pay with your bank account via PayPal option“. The transaction should be quick and simply as long as you follow the right guidelines.

2. Target

From Visa prepaid gift cards to Mastercards and additional huge selection, Target is one of the most catchy names that comes to mind. You can buy the gift card of your choice either at store or at official website,

However, keep in mind that most of the cards here can cost up to $6. This is much higher than the price that you would find at other options in the market.

3. eBay

Digital as well as physical gift cards are available at eBay where you can pay through PayPal account smoothly.

Moreover, customers can sell their old gift cards here as well as long as they have not expired, are physical cards, and have value stored in them for less than $500.

4. Raise

Raise is popular for discounted gift cards that you can purchase online through it official website or via mobile app. Just like eBay, Raise also acts as a platform where users can sell gift cards.

5. eGifter

With access to more than 200 retailers, eGifter is a famous choice for buying gift cards through PayPal. Users can also enjoy customizing the card or adding a personal note before having it delivered to the recipient.

An interesting feature that eGifter introduced was combined purchase of a gift card by a group. This meant that you can invite other to divide thee expense with you in case a group of friends intent to gift the card to recipient collectively.

6. Game Card Delivery

If you are into purchase of gaming-related gift cards only then it does not get better than Game Card Delivery. You will be able to find all sorts of gift cards here related to Xbox, Steam, iTunes, Facebook, Hulu, Skype, and many more.

However, it is important to note here that you will only find gaming gift cards here and some which are relevant to entertainment. So to say, the range of cards is somewhat limited.

7. Gyft

You can purchase gift cards at Gyft through PayPal and receive the virtual code for shopping almost immediately. Moreover, the purchase can be done via mobile app as well. This app is largely used by customers to keep a check on their spending balance, etc.

8. Giftnix

Another option to try out if you are looking for digital gift cards is giftnix. This platform became popular with its gift cards that were also available for fundraisers.

You can use PayPal linked to your bank account here for money transfer and purchase. In addition to this different debit cards and credit cards are accepted as well.

How To Buy Gift Cards With Personal Checks?

Personal checks and eChecks are also quite popular even for everyday purchases. There are many stores that now let you buy gift cards, and other items, and pay via checks. Some of these have been listed as:

  1. Walgreens
  2. Walmart
  3. Costco
  4. Kroger
  5. Meijer
  6. CVS
  7. Target
  8. Big Lots
  9. Giant Eagle

Before You Go!

You can give gift cards to your loved ones on special occasions so they have the flexibility to purchase anything they want through them. Now you can purchase majority of the gift cards online either directly via checking account or buying gift cards with PayPal.

Most gift cards come with set amount of spending limits although some are like reloadable prepaid cards that you can use again. Some of the most famous stores for gift cards include Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. It is also up to you whether you want virtual card or physical one!

If you are interesting in buying gift cards, don’t leave without reading about buy now pay later gift cards 2022, you won’t regret!

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