With the growth of Buy Now Pay Later online stores and BNPL schemes with no credit checks, everyone is interested in purchasing items through these financing options. Now, BNPLs are not limited to large purchases; stores have introduced buy now pay later gift cards, jewelry, and even grocery items. This brings us to buy now pay later clothes stores that ensure you can afford the fashion you choose without breaking your pocket. 

Buy Now Pay Later schemes like Klarna, Affirm, Sezzle, Afterpay, and PayPal Pay in 4 provide you with instant loan and often do not require a credit check. You can now use these financing options at leading clothing stores like Stoneberry, Adidas, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Walmart.

What Are The Best Buy Now Pay Later Clothes Stores?

Buy now, pay later, or now, often referred to as shop now, pay later, are short-term financing plans offered by certain loan providers to help you with purchases without any credit check or interest charges. 

Some of the best buy now pay later clothes with no credit check that you shop from right now include:

BNPL schemes pull a soft inquiry but do not appear on your credit report, making them ideal for shopping even for smaller items like shoes, jewelry, or clothes. 

There are different buy now pay later clothes stores & websites where such plans are available for you to choose from. I have listed some of the best ones below, which you must check out during your next shopping spree! 

1. Macy’s

With 500+ stores in the US, who needs to recognize this name when it comes to shopping for coats, jeans, jackets, bottoms, shoes, and whatnot?

Macy’s makes it convenient for you to access all these fashion products, whether for men or women, through Zip. co BNPL scheme.

Zip.Co was formerly known as Quadpay, one of the most reliable BNPL loan providers, and it works in partnership with multiple clothing stores. 

There are no credit checks, and the installment plan is relatively straightforward. You have to pay the first installments (25%) at the time of the purchase, and the other three installments will be due in the upcoming six weeks. 

With Klarna vs Quadpay being a strong competitor, it is surprising that Macy’s has partnered with Klarna for in-store and online shopping. 

If you are shopping at Macy’s and need clarification about which buy now pay later clothes plan to use, rest assured the payment schemes and fees are the same for Zip and Klarna. However, using Zip would also give you the flexibility to shop at other clothing brands.

2. Stoneberry

Stoneberry is another clothing retailer where you can find different clothing brands and purchase items through BNPL plans. You can buy men’s, women’s, and kid’s hoodies, boots, watches, perfumes, and more!

The most popular financing plan here is the Easy Pay credit line, which requires a thorough credit check and is challenging to approve. On top of that, you will have to pay $5.99 per month to access all the brands available at Stoneberry.com.

Although there is a credit pull, it typically does not affect credit score. You will be eligible for $1000 immediately once approved for the credit line. 

3. eBay

eBay has extensive clothing and accessories sections, and you can buy even new products on easy installment terms with specific payment plans. eBay is famous for the purchase of items like jeans, sleepwear, handbags, sneakers, etc.

As most of you know, eBay is not a clothing brand; it hosts other brands like Adidas, Puma, Crocs, Reebok, etc. 

The most popular BNPL scheme at eBay is PayPal Pay-in-4. It lets you divide the cost of shopping into four equal installments and does not require you to conduct any credit check before lending money. However, it would increase your chances of approval if you have a PayPal account in good standing. 

Other than this, PayPal credit is also a financing option that you can use, but it runs a hard inquiry on your credit score, making it unsuitable for many applicants with poor credit scores

4. Adidas

Adidas is famous around the world for its sportswear and athletic wear. It is more attractive because it works with multiple buy now, pay later programs, including Affirm, Afterpay, Klarna, and Zip. 

So, if you purchase durable and classy shoes or clothes from Adidas, you can use the BNPL options to make the purchase lighter in your pocket.

5. H&M

If you are into following trends and fashion statements, then H&M is the right choice for you. It is one of the leading clothing retailers in the US and works in partnership with more than 5000 stores. Globally, H&M has established its stores in 70+ countries. 

The BNPL options at H&M are not extensive, but the ones it does offer are a real treat! You can use Klarna financing here, which is simple and easy to qualify.

There are two options to utilize here. Either you can choose to split the payment into four installments, or you can pay within the 30-day window. Both are convenient as they allow you to divide the purchase cost instead of paying the entire amount. Interestingly, Klarna at H&M also offers a “snooze” option. This will silence your ten-day payment as a bonus time to pay back later.

H&M also has a return policy, which allows you to return/exchange a product within a month of purchase. 

Besides H&M, a wide variety of stores now accept Klarna. You can shop at these without hard credit checks and choose a flexible payment plan of up to 36 months. 

6. Walmart

Buy now and pay later for clothes and shoes: Walmart has everything! As a physical and an online store, Walmart has a vast customer base belonging to all groups of ages.

You can use Affirm financing here to divide the purchase into monthly payments. All you have to do is pay with Affirm at the checkout. 

However, prior to this, you must create an account with Affirm and check eligible criteria to see if you qualify for it or not. You will have to go through a hard credit check, after which you can pay in installments for over 3-24 months. 

Walmart’s refund policy also states that you can return an item purchased through Affirm if it is not damaged. Moreover, there are no late fees, and only minimal interest rates apply.

Secondly, you can use the Klarna BNPL scheme at Walmart as well. This allows you to pay in 4 installments over six weeks without any interest charges. 

7. Urban Outfitters

This store has outlets in the US and Europe and is planning to extend its operations to the UAE. It has paired up with Afterpay BNPL service, allowing customers to shop for items and pay in installments. 

As per Afterpay policy, you don’t need to go through any credit check, and even if the company performs a soft pull, it won’t affect your credit score. However, it may still disqualify your application for other reasons that need to be highlighter in the user’s agreement.

The rule is simple here: You apply for Afterpay financing, wait for approval, and then use it to split the cost into four installments when shopping at Urban Outfitters. 

8. Tobi

This is another women-dedicated store that sells lingerie, pants, heels, sandals, T-shirts, and wedding dresses on buy now, pay later financing.

The majority of the buyers use Sezzle here. Tobi works with Sezzle so that once you purchase and choose this BNPL, Sezzle will pay all your bills up-front and collect money from you later in terms of installments.

You can now sign up with this BNPL and wait for them to complete the hard check. This will not pull down your credit score. 

The Sezzle Spend account provides a specific loan amount, indicating how much you can shop. Keep in mind that this money can not be taken out as cash. This gives you an idea of how much financing Sezzle has offered you.

9. JellyBeanz Kids

When shopping for kids apparel, JellyBeanz Kids is the way to go! The clothing brand has an extensive collection of high-class products for kids, and you can split up the cost of purchase using the BNPL plan by Four. 

The Four installment scheme does not require any hard credit check and conveniently splits the cost of purchases into four equal parts. 

What’s interesting about Four at JellyBeanz Kids is that it is open even for small purchases. Let’s say you buy something as minimal as $20, even that you can split into payments of $5. This is applicable for amounts up to $1000. Doesn’t that make it one of the best buy now pay later clothes shops?

Keep in mind that Four is not a very popular BNPL program. Nonetheless, you can use this financing at stores like The Frock, Stix and Stones, and MIMU. 

10. Rat & Boa

Another commendable women’s clothing brand to consider is Rat & Boa. To ensure your budget keeps you from shopping for these beautiful dresses, the stores offer financing options such as SplitIt to its customers.

Although this buy now pay later clothes store also has other financing options, SplitIt is the most popular one. 

You have to choose BNPL SplitIt at the checkout. After this, you can start paying the installments without any interest charges. 

The perks don’t end just there! You can shop at Rat & Boa without worrying about credit checks. You can use your existing credit card to make the payments. If you don’t currently have one, getting a secured credit line quickly with a particular deposit is possible if you have a poor credit score.

11. Bellissimo Hats

As the name suggests, this place is famous for selling hats but offers other items. With limited physical stores, you can consider shopping at Bellissimo online, as the shipping costs are minimal. 

You can pay in installments for the purchases. Typically, the cost is divided into four installments, each due at two weeks intervals. Choose the BNPL scheme. Shop Pay at the checkout without waiting for any approval process. On top of that, it does not charge any interest, and it has not affected your credit score, either.

12. Vestiaire Collective

Regarding luxury clothing and resale, the collection is similar to Vestiaire Collective. Therefore, it was exciting to find out that this clothing hub also works with different BNPL schemes.

Moreover, you can avail of items here at discounted prices as well. It hosts a vast collection of different brands all in one spot, saving you from the hassle of going here and there.

13. L’Envers

When you are thinking about timeless clothing styles, make a stop at Lenvers. You can find the best jeans, tops, and pants here at affordable pricing, further backed up by BNPL schemes for more accessible purchases. Moreover, you can customize the clothing to go with the look you love the most!

14. Recreo San Miguel

Recreo is a leading women’s brand offering one of the best clothing brands in the US. Moreover, you can order from anywhere worldwide and have the items delivered to you with minimal charges. Recreo San Miguel works with a couple of BNPL services, but which one you can use depends on the region from where you are shopping. 

15. Roxy

Doesn’t the name already have a feminine sound to it? Well, that’s because the Roxy store is dedicated to selling women’s activewear, sportswear, and relevant products. You will find products in all shapes and sizes here.

The online stores are accessible globally, but physical shops are limited to certain countries only. The BNPL offered also depends on which country you are shopping in.

16. Quicksilver

Quicksilver is a famous shopping spot for activewear, outdoor clothing, and sportswear. Its stores are open globally and offer men, women, and kids products. The physical stores, however, are limited to selective countries only. 

The BNPL schemes accepted here must be clarified, but you can check out their official website for more information. Nonetheless, Quicksilver does work with different shop now pay later programs, but which one varies from time to time. 

Before You Go!

Most stores discussed here let you buy clothes now and pay later through short-term financing options. These third-party loan providers typically pay for your purchase immediately and then collect money from you in instalments. Alternatively, some clothing retailers offer direct financing through store-specific credit cards, which can be a hassle to apply for.

Regarding buy now, pay later schemes for clothing, H&M, Macy’s, Walmart, and Urban Outfitters are the best options. You can use multiple financing tools there; no credit check is required to take the loan. Moreover, these schemes do not hurt your credit score at all!

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