With current inflation and prizes over the mountain top, spending on necessities can be hefty. And investing in something bigger is even more burdensome where you have to pay all at once. Well, not now! Here we will talk about Klarna Vs Quadpay; both platforms offer financing plans to the customers for easy purchases

Klarna has three payment options, i.e.,  4 Interest-Free Payments, Extra 30 days to pay and Offer up to 36 days to pay,  while Quadpay has only one payment plan, i.e.,  4 Interest-Free Payments.  In addition, Klarna offers a penalty fee if you do not pay on time, and the penalty fee ranges from $7 to $35, whereas, Quadpay charges a fee of $5, $7, or $7. 

Klarna Vs Quadpay 

The economic downturns affect the purchasing power of the customers and, ultimately, the businesses’ profits. To manage both ends, a new payment plan is called the Buy Now Pay Later, allowing the buyers to split their purchase into several installments depending on the company’s policy.

This type of sale financing does not even burden the buyers to pay the amount all at once. It also ensures the retailers and third-party providers as the pending payment reflects on the buyers’ succeeding statements.

Many platforms require a little to no credit check, whereas others perform a rigid credit check to know the customer’s financial history.

This helps them to track any pending payments they might have or late payments affecting their credit score ultimately.

On the other hand, several institutions also offer Point-of-sale loans to manage large purchases and make payments in installments. It is also a financing plan allowing customers to pay overtime and opt for one of the specific payment plans while checking out. Here’s a quick overview for Klarna Vs Quadpay comparison.

0% APR0% APR
Multiple Payment OptionsOne payment option 
Does not accept prepaid cardsAccepts US credit and debit cards
No prepayment feesNo prepayment fees
Supported on SaaS, iPhone, iPad, Android Supported on SaaS
Six weeks repayment Six weeks repayment 
0% – 9.99 %; 19.99% for standard purchase Financing of $0

Several companies allow these types of loans to get the burden off their chests of making large payments all at once. We will discuss two major options that can help you with the lease-to-own option: Klarna Vs Quadpay.


Klarna offers the smoothest shopping experience for users with their flexible payments plans as they partner with several retailers serving a wide range of product categories. In 2005, Klarna was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, and Klarna Group was formed in 2014.

It leads in more than a hundred countries worldwide, including Germany, the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and several others.

It rapidly grew into the most promising and trustworthy purchase platform and became the top choice of 15 million US customers through its quality services. The exponential growth led to a transaction of 2 million daily on the Klarna platform.

Several world’s top brands that use Klarna payment methods include Sephora, The North Face, Adidas, H & M, Timberland, rue21, Toms, Good American, and many others. 

What Are The Payment Plans of Klarna?

Klarna offers three major payment plans for the customers, both in-store and online, to shop for the products they love easily. Payment plans are listed below:

No of payments4
Time between payments2 weeks 
APR 0% to no interest
Klarna seller protectionIncluded 
Market availabilityUnited states and United Kingdom
Maximum payment delay3 business days after order shipment 
Standard term of agreement 36 months 
No of payments1 payment only
Time between payments30 days 
APR 0% to no interest
Klarna seller protectionIncluded 
Market availabilityUS, DE, UK, FI, DK, SE, NL, NO
Maximum payment delay3 business days after order shipment 
Standard term of agreement 36 months 
No of payments3+ payments 
Time between payments1 month 
APR 0% to 29.99% interest
Klarna seller protectionIncluded 
Market availabilityUS, UK, NO, FI, DE, AT, SE
Maximum payment delay3 business days after order shipment 
Standard term of agreement 36 months 

Klarna offers a penalty fee if you do not pay on time, and the penalty ranges from $7 to $35, depending upon the loan terms. 

Utilizing Klarna’s Payment Plans In-store 

You can use Klarna’s payment plans in-store using the digital card Klarna offers payment flexibility.

  • Create a Card: On the app, create your digital card and add your card to the Apple or Google wallet.
  • Tap to Pay: Offers a secure and contactless payment.
  • Post-purchase: Customers can manage their orders through the app and get a complete idea of their purchase.

Utilizing Klarna’s Payment Plans Online

You can use Klarna’s payment plans online at checkout, on shipment, or post-purchase.

  • At Checkout: Choose the Klarna payment plan, displaying the whole payment schedule and total purchase cost.
  • On Shipment: Klarna pays the retailer up front and deals with customer payment on its own.
  • Post-purchase: Customers can manage their orders through the app and get a complete idea of their purchase.

Eligibility Criteria of Klarna 

To qualify for the buy now pay later financing plan of Klarna, there are certain pre-requisites you need to abide by, which include:

  • You must be above 18 years of age.
  • Must be an official US resident.

Klarna performs a soft credit check of the financial history before approving you for its payment plan. The credit check, however, has no impact on your credit score. 


Quadpay, also called Zip, is yet another lease-to-own payment platform helping customers with easy and manageable financing. It allows the customers to split the payment into four interest-free installments.

If you are looking to buy things, this is the time you can check off the items from your bucket list with a Quadpay financing plan. The payment plan works both in-store and online as several retailers aim to increase sales through this smart financing plan while customers buy their loved products easily.

Compared to Klarna, Quadpay is surely way behind for now and does not have any lead over Klarna in any country. However, it has benefited many people in its capacity. It serves around 4.5 million customers with $3 billion in annual payments worldwide.

Quadpay does not charge any hidden fees and interest on your purchase with Quadpay Visa virtual card making it a better option than the credit card. 

What Are The Payment Plans of Quadpay? 

Quadpay offers a Visa virtual card that works similar to your credit and debit card. These cards are entered into the existing credit card checkout forms, and customers can easily pay in four.

4 Interest-Free Installments 

You can use Zip or Quadpay wherever the Visa is accepted. Customers pay the very first of four installments upfront, i.e., at the time of purchase, whereas the remaining amount is paid over six weeks.

1st Payment $112.50
2nd Payment $112.50
3rd Payment $112.50
Final Payment $112.50

As long as the payments are paid on time, Quadpay does not charge any interest or fees. However, in case the payment is delayed, Quadpay charges a cost of $5, $7, or $7. 

Utilizing Quadpay Payment Plans In-store 

If you are making an in-store purchase and want to take advantage of the Quadpay payment plan, here is what you need to do on the app:

  • Please select the in-store tab. Enter the total amount of purchase.
  • Next, review your complete payment plan.
  • To generate your virtual card, confirm the amount and method of payment.
  • Next, add to your wallet.
  • You can keep Zip in the Apple Wallet or Google Pay for easy access.
  • Finally, tap to pay to complete the purchase.

Utilizing Quadpay Payment Plans Online

Shopping online with the app is also an option at Quadpay, and you can use it to pay for your purchases in different installments:

  • Please find a retailer first and choose what you wish to purchase to get started.
  • Next, add products to the cart.
  • Once done, click on the option Pay with Zip.
  • Enter the purchase amount. Make sure that the cart amount matches the payment request.
  • Fill in all your payment info to check out and complete the transaction.

Talking about the loan amount of Quadpay, it allows you to access the maximum amount of $350 to $1000. At the same time, Zip Money will enable you to loan a maximum of $1000. 

As discussed earlier, loan lenders have a specific credit check, so they know of your previous payment history to make sure you are eligible and capable of making repayments on time. They pull a credit check at the time of application, and in case of late payments, your credit score gets affected.

Quadpay comes with several drawbacks, and it would be best to know it beforehand. Since you have to link your payment card to use their service, you will still have to pay the fees associated with the card. 

And if you are not able to make payments on the linked debit or credit card, it is better you choose an alternative option of Quadpay. Here it is recommended that you opt for a personal loan or a 0% APR credit as another option to qualify.

Before You Go!

Quadpay and Klarna are the payment platforms allowing you to pay for purchases by splitting up the cost in several installments. Similar to offers like buy now pay later gift cards, and online stores that accept Snap Finance, these institutions do not charge any interest as long as the repayments are made on time without delays. You can purchase your favorite products by option for these buy now, pay later options.

When it comes to Klarna vs Quadpay, the application process is pretty straightforward; however, the companies perform a little credit check of your previous payment history which tells if they have any negative balance or late repayments. Of course, this might affect the selection process, but such payment platforms need to make sure that you don’t deviate from the original payment dates.

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