Save up extensive amount of money and stop worrying about spending uselessly with these buy now pay later online stores. Dive into the details of all the available options and stores that accept buy now pay later with no credit check; learn about their interest rates, fees, and application processes. 

Get high approval rates, zero interest, and flexible payment plans from several buy now pay later online stores. Some of these include Klarna, Affirm, Afterpay, Zip, Sezzle, PayPal, and SplitIt. All these platforms allow the consumers to shop more responsibly without charging any hidden fees. You can avail of these payment options both online and in-store depending upon what your merchant offers. 

What Buy Now Pay Later Online Stores Should You Check Out?

Here are the best buy now pay later online stores that you can opt for. Just make an initial down payment at the time of checkout and choose you financial freedom accordingly. 

1. Klarna 

Klarna offers the buyers a buy now pay later plan both for the online and in-store purchases. In fact, a number of stores now take Klarna as payment method. It works similarly to those of many other financial providers available. The most famous payment plan of Klarna is that of Pay in 4, where customers can make payments in four flexible installments. 

The repayment time of the installments is of two weeks, while the down payment is due at the time of checkout. All the Klarna installments are interest-free. The remaining three installments are to be paid via your credit or debit card until you pay back the amount in full. 

Klarna has yet another financing plan referred to as Pay in 30. The customers here are allowed to pay in 30 days to pay for a purchase after the items have shipped.

Another financing option of Klarna includes financing of up to 36 months with its own set of terms and policies. With pay in 30, there is no due amount at the time of checkout, no interest, and no late fee

One of the compelling features of Klarna is that is best for earning rewards. Additionally, the company performs a soft credit check of your score for authenticity purposes. If by any chance, you miss a payment, you will have to pay a late fee of up to $7 for Pay in 4. 

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Stores that Accept Klarna 

  1. Lululemon 
  2. journeys Shoes
  3. Pretty Little Things 
  4. Journey Bikes 
  5. Adidas 
  6. Bloomingdales
  7. Rimowa
  8. Saatva Mattress
  9. Etsy
  10. Overstock 
  11. Pandora 
  12. Alpine Butterfl
  13. Coach Outlet 
  14. Dooney & Burke
  15. Espin Electric Bikes 
  16. Chasin’ 
  17. Lenovo
  18. Jewelry Affairs 
  19. Reebok 
  20. PlushBeds 

2. Affirm

No-interest financing can be attained from another financial provider known as Affirm. It requires no fees for the application process, and you just have to fulfill the pre-qualification criteria. You can use it to pay for something right on the spot and manage your large purchases accordingly. 

The financing of Affirm works in a way where the repayment options and the APR are all dependent on where you shop from. Typically, the interest rates range from 0% to 30%. Without having to worry about any fees or prepayment fees, you can rely on Affirm to fund your large expense. 

Affirm is a name and works as one of the biggest loan product providers. It might perform a soft credit checking, not hurting your existing credit at all. The first payment, like other platforms, is due at the time of purchase. The remaining installments can be paid each subsequent month on the same day. 

The payment schedule of Affirm is designed to offer 3,6, and 12-month repayment plans to the customers. In addition to these, you can also get financing of 1-2 months, or even up to 48 months based on your purchase. 

Stores that Accept Affirm 

  1. Birch Lane 
  2. Brooklyn Bedding 
  3. Certified Watch Store 
  4. Diamondback 
  5. David Yarman 
  6. Drone Nerds 
  7. Gold Urban 
  8. Expedia 
  9. Eddie Bauer 
  10. Essentia 
  11. Gucci 
  12. Figs
  13. Johnson & Murphy 
  14. Hear Rate Monitors USA 
  15. Kendra Scott 
  16. Layla Sleep 
  17. Peter Gleen 
  18. Rad Power Bikes 
  19. Reverb 
  20. Orbitz 

3. Afterpay 

Afterpay moves forward with slight differences in its terms and policies in comparison to the other existing financial providers. With Afterpay, you can divide your full purchase amount into four equal easy installments and pay over the designated time. Afterpay offers only one zero-interest payment plan to the buyers; other than that, your interest is charged based on where you shop. 

These four equal installments are due every two weeks, and the down payment is due at the time of checkout.

You can enjoy all the perks of interest-free shopping if you don’t get off track with the on-time payments. the late payment can charge you a penalty fee of $8, provided you fail to pay back even after 10 days of delay. 

The approval at Afterpay is a bit hefty as it is based on your credit available. The company also performs a soft credit check, without hurting your available credit. But it is known to approve the applicants who have fair or bad credit for its BNPL financing program. 

Make your first payment at the time of checkout and pay the rest over six weeks. You can also set up automated payments, so you do not miss out any payment on and cause yourself an extra ounce of fatigue. It also offers smart spend limits, where the spending limits start at around $600. The limit only increases on monitoring your responsible spending behavior and not otherwise. 

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Stores that Accept Afterpay 

  1. Bare Minerals 
  2. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics 
  3. Estee Lauder 
  4. Fashion To Figure 
  5. Draper James
  6. Fragrance Net 
  7. Hypeach Boutique 
  8. Jimmy Choo 
  9. J. Crew
  10. Kvd Vegan Beauty 
  11. Outdoor Voices 
  12. New York & Company 
  13. Physicians Formula 
  14. Princess Polly 
  15. Revolve 
  16. Ray-Ban Ban
  17. Sigma Beauty 
  18. Shein 
  19. Ulta Beauty 
  20. Vanity Planet

4. Zip

Zip, formerly knowns as Quadpay is yet another buy now pay later online store to facilitate your large expenses. You can split your full amount into four easy installments. Unlike the above-discussed platforms, Zip charges a convenience fee for every payment that you make. The company performs no hard credit checks and can be easily availed at several retailers. 

Whether you are looking forward to covering an emergency fund or have bad or no credit, Zip should be your go-to choice. Every transaction with Zip is interest-free, and there is no establishment fee too. Just sign up with Zip, browse and shop, enjoy the goods, and repay your way. 

There is no amount due upfront, and no repayments until the end of next month. However, as mentioned earlier, you must pay $40/per month for each repayment. You can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly as per your choice.

It also allows you to make contactless payments as you can add your Zip Pay Card to the digital wallet. While opting for Zip, just keep in mind the convenience fee which is $1 for every payment you make. In addition, the late fee of Zip can start from $5, $7, and go up to $10 based on your state. Lastly, you must know that you can only use Zip where Visa is accepted. 

Stores that Accept Zip  

  1. Hoke One One 
  2. Jenni Kayne
  3. Chewy
  4. Athleta 
  5. Hero Cosmetics 
  6. Herbivore Botanicals 
  7. Cosy House Collection 
  8. Gamestop 
  9. Daniella Shevel 
  10. Senreve 
  11. United By Blue 
  12. Volition Beauty 
  13. Yummie 
  14. Winky Lux 
  15. Jack Mason 
  16. For Love & Lemons 
  17. Insert Name Here 
  18. Naadam 
  19. Logan Hollowell 
  20. Inamorata

5. Sezzle

Sezzle offers you what you want in over six weeks when you Pay in 4, with 0% interest at all. The platform does not perform any hard credit checks and offers the payments to be reported to credit bureaus. As long as you make on-time payments, you can expect to build your credit score and improve it. 

On the contrary, if you fail to pay on time, Sezzle charges an account reactivation fee in this regard. As for the installments policy, you can split your payments at checkout and opt for a pay-in-4 payment plan.

Pay the first installment at the checkout, and the remaining payments every two weeks until the amount are paid in full. 

Sezzle has an easy application process, and it is available both online and in-stores. It performs only a soft credit check and scrutinizes your previous payment history. Buy now pay later plan at Sezzle is much more feasible than loans since it charges no interest. To qualify, make sure you link your bank account with Sezzle. 

Stores that Accept Sezzle 

  1. Cocomelody
  2. Clarria Cosmetics 
  3. eLiquid 
  4. Bodega 
  5. Etnies 
  6. Monos 
  7. Kove
  8. Mommy Makeup 
  9. Simple Workout 
  10. Victoria Emerson 
  11. Touch Of Modern 
  12. Beau Lane Boutique 
  13. Alley And Rae 
  14. Ash Diva 
  15. Carbon Harts 
  16. Blue Eyed Baby Couture 
  17. Cole Swim 
  18. Big Chop Accessories 
  19. Freddy Store 
  20. Enchanted Ranch Boutique 

6. PayPal 

Say no to fees, hard credit checks, and interest with payment plans offered by PayPal. PayPal Pay in 4 is all to set you free from breaking a bank with expensive purchases. All you need is an official account of PayPal, and your account should be in good standing. After you are approved, you can split the total payment into four equal installments

Each installment to be paid is due every two weeks and the first one is at the time of checkout. PayPal Pay in 4 is indeed one of the smartest options to finance your emergency needs or large expense. All the payments are billed to your bank account or the debit or credit card automatically. You can also move funds from bank to PayPal to take care of transaction charges.

PayPal Pay in 4 is supported at millions of online stores and you can shop at your favorite brands and retailers seamlessly. The decision is instant, so you won’t have to wait for a long stretch of hours to learn about the approval. Just choose PayPal at checkout, make a down payment, and the remaining three every two weeks. 

The company might run a soft credit check which does not hurt your credit score. Moreover, you won’t be charged a fee or a prepayment if you pay off your debt early. If you are someone who doesn’t qualify for a credit card, using PayPal Pay in 4 is one of the good options. 

Stores that Accept PayPal  

  1. Fanatics 
  2. Adidas 
  3. Puma 
  4. Michael Kors 
  5. Crutchfield 
  6. Clinique 
  7. Target 
  8. Foot Locker 
  9. Gucci 
  10. Urban Outfitters
  11. Macy’s 
  12. Sally Beauty 
  13. Home Depot 
  14. Walmart 
  15. Costco 
  16. Target 
  17. Walgreens 
  18. Canon 
  19. JCPenney 
  20. Vineyard Vines

7. Splitit

SplitIt allows you to use the existing credit which can be broken down into several installments to fund a purchase. Customers do not have to pay any fees or interest, nor do you have to fill out an application or go a soft credit check. 

You can avail of SplitIt both online and in-store and get multiple items such as furniture, jewelry, fashion, health, electronics, and more. All these merchants offering these services are charged a fee for each transaction. 

Installment plans are different and start from three months and go up to 24 months. You can choose them at checkout as per your preference. Various merchants allow you to use Visa, Discover, or Mastercard; you can check with what your respective merchant allows. 

SplitIt powers the next generation of Buy Now Pay Later helping businesses solve their problems. The shoppers can shop more responsibly without any added debt or hidden fees as discussed earlier. Being a SplitIt user, you won’t have to harvest any data or cross-sell to the company. 

Stores that Accept SplitIt 

  1. Byte
  2. Purple 
  3. Nectar
  4. Glasses the USA 
  5. Simba Sleep 
  6. Mobvoi 
  7. SmartBuyGlasses
  8. Chairs4Gaming 
  9. Mend Sleep 
  10. Sleep Envie 
  11. Allurez
  12. James Allen
  13. Vestiarie Collective 
  14. DreanmCloud 
  15. Bed Mattress Store 
  16. Dandy Fare 
  17. Estate Diamond Jewelry 
  18. Eastwood Guitars 
  19. J Phoenix 
  20. Laywell Beds 

Before You Go!

Many online and in-store retailers accept these payment plans for the convenience of customers. Each platform has its own policy related to these interest-free financing platforms. Number of these financial providers also offer schedules payments where you won’t have to worry about missed payments. 

These buy now pay later services are installment based and you can purchase something at a fraction of its price. You can get great features with these services that are otherwise not offered by credit cards. Choose the perfect platform that charges no interest fees and penalties and get perfect financing. 

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