The effects of poor credit score are far-reaching. You will have to forget about that perfect credit card you always wanted and also face trouble getting an account in a reputable bank.

In this situation, the best you can do is to look into checking account for bad credit that can help you rebuild your relationship with banks and other financial institutions that allow you to open bank account online with no deposit bad credit policy.

Although the change can not happen overnight, checking account for bad credit can help your improve your credit standing, one step at a time. Therefore, if you are worried about how to manage your finances and turn your life around, take a look at the list of best free checking account no credit check no deposit options.

Maybe you will find your perfect match here and come back to us later with happy experience and encouraging reviews!

Top Checking Account For Bad Credit And Easy Approval

There is no denying that checking accounts are a great opportunity to get your finances back on track and even improve your credit score over time.

You don’t have look anywhere since we have brought all the right and the most reliable options to you in this article that let you open bank account with bad credit.


BBVA is operating more than 650 branches in the US. It has a widespread ATM network. Users are required to pay $13.95 as monthly charges along with $3 ATM transaction fee. Moreover, if you face an insufficient fund situation, you will have to pay $38 as penalty charges. Customers have preferred BBVA over all other services given its swift online banking and ability to waive off monthly fees after 1 year.

  • BBVA allows you to open an account with just $25
  • The bank provides nationwide ATM network with more than 55,000 locations that you can make use of
  • It has developed an impeccable online system with mobile deposits, bill payments, and easy bank-to-bank transfers
  • All the accounts here are FDIC-insured that you don’t need to worry about losing your savings in any case
  • BBVA also has some cashback rewards program

2. Chime

Chime is another great option if you are looking for checking account with no credit check. It carries minimal account charges although you have to pay $2.50 for ATM transactions. Other than that, there is no extra fee to worry about. Chime app is also being extensively used through the US by almost everyone who has opened a Chime account.

  • Chime account lets you share funds easily and without any additional costs
  • It does not have any minimum balance requirement, overdraft charges, or maintenance fees
  • You can also install and use Chime app for quick money transfers
  • The Chime account lets you make direct deposits
  • The bank offers trustworthy customer support service

3. Aspire

Aspire offers more than just credit cards. It also provides customers with low score an opportunity to open bad credit checking account on easy terms. The bank has high approval rate with one of the most established and widespread ATM network. If you have any queries or issues, you can always make use of their customer support service that is available 24/7.

  • Aspire checking account does not charge any monthly maintenance fee
  • It has a large ATM network with more than 70,000 machines installed at various location nationwide
  • It is quite easy to apply for an account here and get the approval
  • Aspire also offers a helpful credit cards to its accountholders
  • The bank has set an amazing customer support service

4. Axos

It has a single operating physical branch with widespread online network. You can avail its debit card with $310 daily withdrawal limit and $6.95 monthly fee for the account. Additionally, the bank offers great online services with overdraft protection and amazing customer support service.

  • Axos is one of the oldest banking service in the US and therefore it is quite reliable
  • The bank charges $6.95 monthly maintenance fee that is still less than some other bad credit checking accounts
  • It offers overdraft protection and a chance to open savings account as well
  • You can apply and get a debit card with daily withdrawal limit of $310
  • Axos supports online banking and quick mobile deposits

5. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is known by its name for its far-reaching services. It is an ideal choice for customers with poor credit standing because it would let you open an account with minimal charges involved. One of its best feature is that it not only approves your checking easily but also allows you to upgrade to regular checking account after a year considering that you financial condition has improved.

  • Although there are some charges involved, you will still have to deal with less account fees
  • Wells Fargo allows for charge-free transactions between savings and checking account
  • The bank offers overdraft protection
  • All the ATM withdrawals can be performed without additions cost
  • You will have the option to upgrade to standard checking account after 12 months

6. GoBank

GoBank is operated by Greendot and it is one of the best bad credit checking account options that you will be able to find. It allows you to share funds from one account to another without additional charges but ATM withdrawals will cost you $3. Moreover, GoBank does not allow its users to perform an overdraft which is both, a good and a bad thing.

  • You can open an account here with just $25 initial deposit
  • Monthly charges of $8.95 can be waived off if you maintain account balance greater than $500
  • GoBank offers you to get a free debit card
  • The bank supports online transfers and mobile deposits
  • There is no sign-up fee for creating a GoBank account online

7. First American Bank

First American Bank has physical branches at selective states only such as Florida and Wisconsin buts online network is quite remarkable and ATM locations are widespread. It approves customers for bad credit checking account easily and quickly. Other than that, it also offers Fresh Start Checking account for newbies.

  • First American Bank lets you open a checking account with $50 initial deposit
  • There is no restriction of minimum monthly balance
  • Monthly charges are set at just $9.95
  • You are allowed to perform unlimited check writing, online banking, and swift mobile deposits
  • More than 55,000 ATMs are available nationwide for your ease

8. Bank of America

Bank of American is another great choice for people struggling with banking history. It has one of the lowest thresholding for opening an account, just $25. Moreover, it allows for paper checks, mobile deposits, online banking, quick money transfers, direct deposits, and Safe Balance Banking Account option as well.

  • The bank lets you open a checking account with just $25 initial deposit
  • Monthly maintenance charges are as low as $4.95
  • It hosts a large network of ATMs nationwide
  • You are free to make mobile check deposits and direct deposits
  • It offers the option of Safe Balance Account as well

9. Peoples Bank

Peoples Bank only has a physical branch in Texas but you can always make use of their online banking system as well as ATM network that lets you carry out transactions without any charges. Its debit card is available free of cost to all the accountholders. However, you need to be careful about certain fees. Peoples bank account carries $27.5 overdraft charges that are quite high. There is also $20 penalty fee for those who open and close the account within 90 days.

  • You just have to pay $30 to open an account
  • You can upgrade to a regular checking account within 1 year
  • The bank offers impeccable online banking and allows for paper checks as well
  • ATMs around the US are free to use
  • You can make use of a Mastercard debit card as well

10. Radius Bank

Radius Bank also lets you open account easily nd without serious credit check but you need to careful about fees and limitations. First of all, there is a $5 overdraft fee. In addition that, users also have a $500 daily debit card limit and $100 mobile deposit limit to keep in mind. Lastly, you have to pay monthly charges of $9.

  • there is no restriction of minimum balance requirement
  • It offers Essential checking account as well
  • You can upgrade to regular checking account after just 12 months
  • All accountholders can ear 1% cashback on eligible purchases
  • The bank has impeccable customer support service

11. Woodforest National Bank

Similar to Peoples Bank, Woodforest National Bank is another great option that comes with a bit of fees that you need to keep in mind. Monthly fee is about $9.95. There is also an account set up fee of $9 and overdraft charges of $32. Customers who wish to start using debit card need to pay $15 for its set up and initiation.

  • Woodforest National Bank is currently serving in 17 states in the US
  • It just required $25 to open an account
  • Electronic bank statements and ATM transaction within network are completely free
  • ATMs have been installed at thousands of locations around America
  • You will have to pay $15 to initiate debit card usage

12. FifthThird Express Banking

The last option is that of FifthThird Express Banking. Luckily, this account does not charge many fees but at the same time it offers only limited features. If your goal is to get a bank account for savings and money management then this can prove to be an ideal choice.

  • There are no overdraft charges or monthly maintenance fees
  • The bank does not have any restriction on minimum balance requirement
  • It hosts swift mobile and online banking
  • You are free to make unlimited direct mobile deposits
  • Account-associated fees are minimal

Bad Credit Checking Account vs Second-Chance Accounts

Checking account for bad credit is a broad term that can be used to refer to either bank accounts that don’t use Chexsystems or second-chance bank accounts.

Since more than 25% American can not afford regular accounts given their financial standing, cad credit checking accounts have become quite important .

Bank account is a necessity when it comes to money management and transferring funds. Majority of the users are not comfortable relying on just prepaid debit cards. Conversely, checking account can help you fix your banking history over time.

Second-chance bank accounts are a special kind of accounts that overlook the applicants banking history and literally give him a second chance to improve. However, they typically come with high maintenance charges or account set up fees as means of security.

Checking Account vs Prepaid Debit Cards

As we mentioned above, some people who can not find a reliable checking account for bad credit tend to apply for prepaid debit cards instead. Surprisingly, they are a good alternative as they let you deposit funds and use them responsibly later on.

Furthermore, you don’t need an outstanding credit history to apply and get approved for such cards.

Nonetheless, prepaid debit cards can be expensive to maintain and they also can not help you rebuild credit history.

If you wish to apply for a debit card and avoid high fees then here are a few options that you should consider.

1. Wells Fargo EasyPay Card

  • Wells Fargo debit card offers easy approval
  • There will be no penalty charges if you don’t use the card
  • All ATM transactions within network are free
  • You have to pay $5 monthly fee
  • It is an ideal choice for customers who can only maintain low expenses

2. Netspend Visa Prepaid Card

  • It comes with a helpful mobile app for money transfers
  • You can keep check on your account 24/7
  • The card application charges are $2
  • Users also have to pay $9.95 monthly fee
  • There is a penalty fee of $5.95 if the card is left inactive for 90 days

3. FifthThird Access 360

  • The card is widely used by millions of Americans
  • Its service is available in 10 states around the US
  • It has a widespread ATM network
  • The card charges an monthly fee of $4
  • Monthly fees are waived off if you keep the account balance above $500

4. Bluebird By American Express

  • Bluebird American Express is a reliable debit card service
  • The card does not charge any extra fees
  • All customers are allowed to make direct deposits
  • You can perform mobile check deposits as well
  • It has a high approval rate

How Can You Find The Best Checking Account For Bad Credit?

As you can see, there are a number of banks in the US that now allow customers to open bad credit checking account. Amidst so many options it can become difficult to choose the one that would be most useful to you.

Here are a few tips that can help you decide which checking account to rely on.

1. Monthly fees can be avoided and you should always prefer the bank that lets you either waive them off completely or under some terms and conditions. This is important because frequent monthly charges can pile up to a lot and become a burden on your pocket later on. Therefore, you should look into the options that have $0 monthly fee or offers some ways in which these can be avoided. Chime and Aspire are good options to consider in this case.

2. The next important thing is to consider the type of service charges that the bank has. The more perks that you can avail in free, the better! Many banks let you write unlimited checks for free, offer no-charge online banking, mobile deposits, ATM withdrawals, and overdraft protection as well. They are most convenient since you won’t be bothered by minute charges over and over again.

3. Some accounts ask your for a minimum balance at all times. You would need this amount to be in the account at all costs. Although the money is still yours, there is not much that you can do with it unless you close the account and take it out. Some view it as savings but the truth is, minimum balance requirement is better if avoided.

4. Online banking is the last feature that you should not be willing to compromise on. Nobody has time to physically visit the branch for every account-related activity such as money deposit, transfer of funds, changing PIN, checking account balance, etc. Mobile and online banking can make it all possible in the comfort of your home or even when you are the go. All you will need is a good internet connection.

Here’s a Quick Summary Of What We Just Talked About:

  • Bank accounts without monthly charges are easier to maintain.
  • You should opt for a checking account that does not have many service charges
  • Try to avoid banks that have minimum balance requirements
  • Prefer opening an account that comes with online and mobile banking apps

Application and Approval

Opening an account with a bad credit has a the same procedure as getting yourself a regular checking account. You just need to find the right place to begin with.

Hopefully, the list above would have given you a good idea about different institutes that you can try. Once you know where to apply, your next job is to check their credit requirements. This can be done by visiting their branch or opening their online portal.

After that you should check out your own credit report to ensure you fulfill the application criteria. Carefully look for any errors that you can dispute and eventually boost your credit score. Make sure you clear any unpaid fee or debt before you apply for a bank account.

Once all this is done, you can apply for the new checking account by providing all the personal details as required by the bank and submitting the relevant documents as well.

Pros and Cons of Opening a Checking Account With Bad Credit

The last thing left to talk about is the advantages and some disadvantages that checking account for bad credit have. After all, you can not make a well-informed choice without exploring both sides of the picture.

You would have already have it figured that the biggest advantage of bad credit checking account is that they can help you fix your banking records over time.

Such accounts are an opportunity to learn money management when you have messed up before. Since they are especially meant for customers with poor credit score, most banks let you steer clear of excessive fees making them more affordable that getting prepaid debit cards.

Checking accounts are a good way to re-establish your banking history and contact with financial institutes. Eventually, they can help you qualify for better accounts or credit cards in the future.

In contrast, most accounts in tis case do not offer overdraft protection. Therefore, if you are in a situation where you need to withdraw all the amount, you might have to pay off penalty fee later. This almost always can not be avoided.

A Tip Before You Leave!

There is no doubt that a checking account can help you in poor credit situation. However, you need to learn that the only permanent way out of this mess is to work towards a better score. Otherwise, you will be facing bank and credit card rejections too often.

Conversely, with a good banking history, every lender and issuer will be willing to offer your services and that too, on better terms. Therefore you can enjoy the perks that bad credit checking account offer but at the same time, focus on improving as well. Maybe then you can eventually upgrade to a regular checking account and avail of better banking terms and lesser fees!

Hopefully, our list would help you choose the next checking account wisely and correctly. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below. You also leave your queries down there so we can get back to help you as soon as possible. Good Luck!

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