Acima Credit, previously known as Simple Finance, is a perfect outlet for managing your large purchases. Similar to payment schemes like Klarna and Quadpay, If you have a poor or bad credit history, Acima credit fits right for you. In this guide, we will let you know about various Stores that accept Acima credit with a 90-day purchase option and much more. 

Acima Leasing offers instant shopping power, easy payment and no credit option. You can choose from thousands of in-store and online retailers that offer and accept the Acima Lease-To-Own financing option. You need to provide an income history of at least three months, must have an active checking account and no negative balance or overdrafts. 

Stores That Accept Acima Credit – How Does It Work? 

Acima Leasing allows you to get items of several kinds, starting from home purchases to even car appliances and tools. These will enable you to buy expensive products in a very reasonable price range. You have to pay for the product purchased over time in several installments as structured by the respective store. 

Acima Credit has several benefits, one of which is that you can use it both online and in-store after looking at what stores allow you to make payments via Acima Credit. 

It has a no credit option, which means you can get things you want without credit usage or even without increasing your debt. 

The application process of Acima could not get more straightforward than it is. It is convenient and fast and does not harm your credit score. You can quickly get approved for $300 to around a maximum of $4000. 

Features of Acima Credit 

  • Pay Over 12 Months 
  • 90-Day Purchase Option 
  • Early Purchase Discount 
  • Easy Checkout 

Pre-requisites of Getting Approved by Acima 

To get approved for Acima’s Lease-to-Own option, you have to abide by these few basic set of rules which improves your chances of selection: 

  • Income History: You must present your current income source along with at least an income history of three months. 
  • Checking Account: An active checking account and at least $1000 of monthly income. 
  • Identification Verification: For identification, a government-issued ID, Social Security Number or a Taxpayer Identification Number. 
  • Checking Activity: Please make sure you have your checking account free of any negative balance and excessive overdrafts to avoid any hindrance in the selection process. 

You can get whatever you need as long as you fulfil the abovementioned criteria. If you apply for a credit of $5000, you will have to pay back the amount depending upon the payment plans of the respective stores.

In general, the payment plans range from weekly payments to monthly payments. Please see what the store you are using Acima credit at allows with. 

Stores That Accept Acima Credit – A Complete List 

Here is a list of several stores that accept Acima credit as their payment option. There are several categories to look into that offer lease-to-own options and facilitate you with practical budget planning. Some of the top picks include: 

Jewelry and Fashion Stores That Accept Acima Credit 

  • Frost NYC You can get the best statement jewelry pieces and pay for them over time. The initial deposit is required at the checkout is $70.  

Furniture and Appliance Stores That Accept Acima Credit 

  • Mattress Savvy: You can choose from thousands of retailers and get approved instantly for a leased line of up to $4000. It offers hassle-free returns and early purchase savings. 
  • Better Home Store: Get high-quality products at a very reasonable price. The products are of various categories such as kitchen and dining, furniture, bedding, laundry, cleaning and much more.
  • Gilles Brothers: Acima is one of its most incredible financing options. You won’t have to worry about your credit history and get approved instantly.
  • Affordable Home Furniture: With Acima Credit, you can pay back from 90 days to 12 months lease period.
  • CB Furniture: It offers credit for up to $3500 without any interest. You have an option of a 90-Day Early Purchase with several others that varies from store to store.
  • Kids Furniture Warehouse: They offer monthly payments for 6,12 and 18 months through their Kids Furniture Warehouse Credit Card. In addition, you need no credit to qualify for the program. 
  • Alyssa’s Home Furnishings: You can Payoff within 90 days; however, you have to make an initial $50. 

Car Accessories Stores That Accept Acima Credit 

  • Audio Max: You can get instant approval of up to $2000 instantly. You have to make an initial deposit of $50, and it offers a 90-Day Buyout Option. 
  • Tire Town: Get top-notch wheels and tires by the perfect financial lease plans of the Tire Town. All you need is a three-month income history, checking account and monthly income of at least $1000. 
  • Down 4 Sound: Get several car accessories at Down 4 Sound via the Acima payment option. Just make an initial payment of $50, and you are good to proceed.
  • Wheel & Tire Connection: You can finance your car products with Acima credit at this place. Make sure you have a minimum purchase of $149 and pay back the total amount within six months.
  • Perfection Wheels: Take advantage of the Acima credit at Perfection Wheels by applying online or contacting customer support.
  • Simple Tire: Get the best alternative to traditional financing with the Acima credit as it provides flexible payment plans with no credit needed.
  • Speedzone: It offers tailored payment plans similar to those mentioned above and provides you with an affordable solution for expensive purchases.

Before You Go! 

We hope you are now well aware of several stores offering Acima credit and providing you with loans up to a specific limit. As mentioned in the article above, it gives a 90-day purchase option and allows you to make monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly payments. You need to submit an online application or pay in-store physically without worrying about any credit required.

Just stick by the few pre-requisites we discussed above and get a chance to avail yourself of the best option of Acima credit to help you with suitable and manageable financing. Acima approves up to $3500 without any interest as long as you pay the total amount back in the given time. So, do not wait up and look at where you can use Acima credit!

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