Are you tired of being held back from buying a favorite product of yours? Can’t afford them or have a poor credit history? Well, we suggest you not to worry anymore; hold your breath and ride with us on the guide to top online shopping sites with credit lines that let you purchase your treasured products and pay for them later

Many online stores have credit lines for their customers where you apply and receive instant credit to purchase the product you are looking for. These sites have variable repayment periods and minimum monthly installments required. Some of the top online shopping sites with credit lines include Midnight Velvet, Zebit, MDG, Ashro, The Swiss Colony, Lend you, Monroe and Main, and a few others. 

Our Top Pick of Online Shopping Sites with Credit Lines

To choose the right online store for you that could provide you with instant credit, read below our top choices and decide which one suits the best to your budget: 

1. Midnight Velvet

Midnight Velvet is known for its unique and top-quality products of many categories, including clothing items, shoes, decorative accessories, jewelry, and many other products for your home décor. 

However, buying stuff can get a bit tacky when you are out of cash or don’t have much credit available on your card. Well, what to do in this situation? This is where the Credit Lines assist the customers in purchasing the most-wanted stuff. 

At Midnight Velvet, you can apply for the credit at the checkout option once you are done selecting the items you wish to purchase. The application process is a no-hard trick, and the customer representatives get back to you in no time. 

With a purchase of $200, you will have to pay $20 a month; for a purchase of $400, the monthly payment is only $25, and so on. 

Just make sure that you make your payments on time and all the period is interest-free. However, if you exceed the payment deadline, Midnight Velvet charges the penalty fee along with the actual cost of the products purchased. 

2. Swiss Colony 

Here we have one of the online store categories for all the foodies out there! Whether it is a grand party you are throwing in or want to fulfill your appetite with scrumptious food items, The Swiss Colony’s credit line is the right choice for you. 

Keep in mind that you need to have a credit score of at least 300, but most of the time, Swiss Colony does approve your application even if you are below that limit. 

The application process is quite handy and easy, and you are replied to within 24 hours and no more. The credit option of Swiss Colony is a very apt approach if you wish to pay for stuff over time. 

The minimum purchase has to be at least $75 and more, and you can pay an amount of $10 every month to complete the total payment within a given period.  

3. Ashro 

Get the best shopping experience with Ashro and buy the products you have an eye on. At Ashro, you can shop from several departments and whatever category you wish to purchase from. 

The monthly payment criteria that Ashro has set for its customers is a $20 monthly payment without any interest. 

You need an Ashro credit card that offers the loan to qualify for the line. To your advantage, Ashro also reports the major credit bureaus if you make on-time payments, which builds your credit score

With a purchase of $100, you will have to pay $20 a month; for a purchase of $200, the monthly payment is only $25, and so on. 

Hence, Ashro is quite an appealing option for online stores that offer credit lines if you want to upgrade your wardrobe with the most stylish and modish clothing items. 

4. MDG 

MDG online store offers a plethora of products for its customers ranging from laptops, tablets, desktops, gaming equipment, appliances, mattresses, furniture, and much more. If you cannot afford one, shopping with the MDG credit line can be a potential saver for you. 

It offers you a credit amount of up to $3000, that too with the low monthly payment limit to assist you with flexible payments over time. 

Another great feature of the MDG online store is that it does not even ask you for your previous credit score, and the application process is not extensive at all. So, apply now and enjoy the join the club at MDG to enjoy the best from its credit lines. 

5. Lend you 

Lend you is one of the online platforms that directly does not offer you a loan, instead connects you with various official lenders through their program. At Lend you, the criteria are slightly different as you are bound to fulfill the requirements of lenders paying you a certain amount of loan. 

A few of the essential vital requirements of getting approved by Lend you are that you must be 18 years old or above, have an official savings account, and have a stable income of $1000 monthly. 

Submit for cash online and get fast approval. Once accepted, you can check your account to see the loan amount on the next business day. The credit you receive can be used anywhere; no matter you are shopping online or in-store, as long as you purchase items within the credit limit. 

The loan ranges from $100 to $2500, depending on how your credentials fit the respective lender’s best interest. 

6. Monroe and Main

Another best online store that offers a credit line is Monroe and Main. While you can choose from various categories, it provides you with a practical solution for managing a budget and not having to pay a total amount all at once. 

It offers high-quality purchase items starting from handbags, makeup, jewelry; including shoes and clothing items. But what if the prices are keeping you from purchasing all the first-rate products? Here is when Monroe and Mains’ credit line jumps in. 

The monthly installment you have to make is just $20, without any additional costs if paid within the designated limit by the store.

Register yourself and login to their account to further access the application required to get in the credit line plan. Once approved, shop from your favorite categories and pay flexibly for the items over time. 

7. Fingerhut 

The next option in line is that of the Fingerhut. Even if you have a low credit score, it does not matter as it reviews your application without any biasness regardless of your poor credit score. Hence, Fingerhut is the suggested platform if you long to build a healthy credit score.

To avail of the credit line of Fingerhut, you need to make sure that your purchase is above $50 at least. However, at Fingerhut, you are required to make a $30 down payment to qualify. 

You can shop whenever you like with their traditional credit account. You need to make three on-time payments to increase your credit line and the FICO score consequently. The payment history here is reported to all the credit bureaus, which is undoubtedly a plus point when you have a regular payment history.

Fingerhut credit card and Fingerhut FreshStart Loan are the pre-requisites to avail of the pay later option and enjoy the monthly installment plan without panicking. 

8. Seventh Avenue 

Seventh Avenue is a hub of several stylish furniture items, bed and bath items, unique products for kids, and so much more. With the Seventh Avenue Credit, you can avail of the top-notch buy now pay later schemes here. 

With a purchase of $200, you will have to pay $20 a month; for a purchase of $400, the monthly payment is only $25, and so on. 

The application process is convenient; just shop and checkout. Next, you need to choose Seventh Avenue Credit to avail of the credit line and answer a few questions to further proceed with your application process.

In addition to this, the monthly payment is as low as $20. Also, if you wish to increase your buying power, you will have to pay $5 monthly to buy $200 merchandise. 

Seventh Avenue is quite a flexible platform to provide you with buy now, later payment plans, and avail the products you have an eye on. It also does not charge you any annual fees, hence making it a budget-friendly option for you.  

9. LeaseVille

LeaseVille offers a wide variety of products, from appliances to fitness equipment. It is pretty fair to say that these products cost you a fortune if you buy them from a well-known certified brand, but it is also true that compromising the quality of purchase should not be a top choice. 

The monthly rental loan option of LeaseVille has been quite a breather as it does not even negatively impact your credit score

In addition to this, there are a few credentials you have to abide by. The customer must have a stable income of $1000 and an active account that should be active for at least three months before you apply for credit. If you fail to make a timely payment, you are charged a late fee. 

The spending limit of a credit line offered by LeaseVille is up to $3500, which can be paid off in flexible time. 

10. Massey’s

Last but not least, Massey’s is another online site that allows you to purchase the products you love and pay for them later, depending on the official repayment policy.  Massey’s Credit allows you to avail a certain credit amount in your account to proceed further. 

The first installment should be made within a month, i.e., 30 days after the purchase, with a small down payment for people with a low credit score. 

Several products that you can avail of at Massey’s include clothing items, shoes, accessories, and many other items. The application process does not require many details and is generally approved within one business day.  

Just like many other online stores with credit lines, Massey applies a late fee if you make a late payment than the official time. They also have a catalog, which guides you about what products can be attained under the buy now pay later plan and whatnot. 

Other Online Shopping Sites with Credit Lines 

Several online stores offer credit lines, but it is impossible to cover each one here in detail. Therefore, to notify you, we will list a few other online stores where you can purchase an item and pay for it later.

  • Afterpay
  • Home Depot 
  • Lucky Brand 
  • Montgomery Ward 
  • Lennox 
  • The Wisconsin Cheeseman 
  • Tender Filet 
  • Sounds
  • Lenovo 
  • Dooney & Bourke 
  • Prepay
  • Walter Drake 
  • Target
  • Ulta Beauty 
  • With Clarity
  • QVC
  • Zebit
  • Overstock 
  • Ginny’s
  • Venue
  • Country Door 
  • FlexShopper 

Store Cards for Your Online Shopping 

Here is a list of additional store cards that you can get your hands on for online shopping. They offer added benefits with an option of buy now, pay later scheme:  

StoresCard TypeWhere to UseCredit LevelLate Payment Fee
Amazon Amazon Rewards Visa Signature CardWhere Visa card is acceptedFairUp to $37
Best Buy My Best Buy Credit CardBest Buy stores, BestBuy.comPoorUp to $37
Macy’s Macy’s Credit CardMacy’s store and onlineFairUp to $38
WalmartWalmart Rewards CardWalmart.comPoorUp to $37
SearsSears CardAll stores and onlineGoodUp to $37
Kohl’s Kohl’s ChargeIn-Stores and onlinePoorUp to $37
Fingerhut Fingerhut Advantage Credit and Fingerhut catalog mail ordersPoorUp to $38

Before You Go!  

All of the above-mentioned online shopping sites with credit lines will help you purchase your favorite items in no time. All that is required is a sign up to their official website and apply for a credit program. One of the most remarkable features is that you do not have to worry about your credit history at all, as most of these sites perform little to no credit check.

Moreover, they also report to the three major credit bureaus, i.e., Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, about your on-time payments, which adds up to your healthy credit history. Hence, without carrying any weight of your poor credit score, apply on these sites and take a high road to improve your credit history. 

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