A little help never hurts especially when we are talking about a quick credit repair. People in need of credit report improvement often wonder does Lexington Law really work? We are here to sort out all the confusions that you might have about this firm and also let you know the right procedure for fixing errors on credit report through Lexington Law firm.

Before, we go ahead with answering does Lexington Law really work and what can it do to fix your credit score, there is another important question to address! Is this firm legit? We have come across many new customers who are hesitant in getting help from the Law and worry that their personal information might be used wrongfully or they may be asked to pay huge amount but get no results in return.

Lexington Law excels at providing professional support to people who are in dire need of a better credit report but are not experiences enough to handle the job themselves. It can help improve your credit report, provide legal guidance, offers money management tools and personalized packages for your assistance.

Are You Wondering “Does Lexington Law Really Work?”

If you are having a tough time believing that Lexington Law can actually be helpful then the best place to start is to go through online reviews.

You would be able to find that more than 500,000 customers have improved their credit report after getting in touch with Lexington professional team. This is what the firm can offer you:

  1. Licensed attorney to take up your credit report and scrutinize the areas that can be improved
  2. Legal, professional team experience in handling how credit disputes work
  3. Personalized packages that best serve your goal
  4. Legal guidance and regular update on your case
  5. Free access to your credit report if needed
  6. Other tools that will help you in money management later on

There is no doubt that Lexington has hired one of the best teams of attorneys and counselors that you will ever meet. On top of that, it puts in active effort to ensure that the staff is well-informed about useful and latest practices for credit repair.

The protocol of work here is simple. You have to disclose your credit report when you subscribe to one of their plans. After considering your credit situation, the firm will devise an improvement plan for you.

Costs may vary from one plan to another. Hopefully, you will be able to see the results in less than 6 months.

The firm makes sure that you enjoy a good credit score in the long run and are free to apply for best credit cards and loan programs if needed. So far , the firm is excellent at removing the following negative items from your records.

  1. Previous bankruptcies
  2. Late payments
  3. Pending debts
  4. Loans
  5. Charge offs
  6. Collection accounts
  7. Vehicle repossessions

How Lexington Improves Your Credit Report?

Most customers choose to work with credit repair companies because they help them save time. Most of us don’t have enough time on our hands to pursue a credit report dispute and work with follow-ups.

Other than that, leavings things in the hands of professionals would really relieve you of some burden. You can focus on other things, like your job or spending time with your family, as the firm handles all your financial troubles.

You also have to avoid any further damage to your credit report if it is already in a bad shape. For this purpose, it is best to not handle things unprofessionally and rely on a credit repair company instead.

You can avail all these benefits by joining hands with the Lexington professional team of attorneys and counselors. Their years of experience can help you fix your credit standing and take control of your finances once again.

Below is a quick overview of Lexington Law firm proceeds when working on your credit report.

Analyze Your Credit Report and Dispute Negative Items

The first task that Lexington has to perform is to obtain your credit report and scrutinize it to find out all the negative items that can be removed.

Right when they take up your case, the firm will provide you with a paralegal to assess the issues in your credit report and carry out discussions with you. This member will also keep you updated about the progress in the case.

The team will choose the items to be eliminated and then contact the respective credit bureaus, creditors, credit cards issuers, or loan companies that have the power to take-back the record on your credit report.

Sometimes the dispute is pursued by providing data that confirms that the item is invalid or incorrect.

At other times, the team may have to request a favor from the opposing party and ask them to settle things in a way that could get them taken off from the report.

Get In Touch With Creditors and Credit Bureaus For Follow-Ups

It is not only about filing a dispute. The real work is to stay up to date with follow-ups and have dialogues with creditors and credit bureaus until the issue is resolved.

Another important task at this point is to stay posted about all the details in case some things don’t go as planned.

In this case, Lexington Law firm has to send in professionals and handle things according to legal protocols so further damage to your credit report can be avoided.

Keep You Posted On Progress At All Times

Lastly, it will be part of the plan offered to you that they will provide quick updates and alerts about case progress.

There are also some programs that you can choose and make use of credit monitoring services right away although this is not possible with Standard credit repair plan offered at Lexington Law.

We will talk more about different plan that the company has below so don’t go anywhere!

Lexington Law Really Works But With What Downsides?

Although Lexington Law firm has a lot of benefits to offer you, it is not free of some disadvantages as well.

We are sure that by now the article would have provided you with good insight into pros of choosing the company for credit repair.

However, before we check out some of the cons, let’s give you guys a quick overview of features that make Lexington stand out from the crowd.

  1. The firm is completely reliable. You don’t need to worry about its reputation or hesitate when sharing your personal information. You and your credit report are in safe hands!
  2. Its team comprises of experienced staff who would not let you down. Trust us, Lexington works only with the best!
  3. The Standard credit repair program here is quite affordable as compared to what other companies cost. The next section will talk a bit more about Lexington credit repair plans and their costs.

Now for the harder part, here are some drawbacks that should be under consideration when you file your case with Lexington firm.

It Does Not Have a Clean Legal History

In 2019, a law suit was filed against Lexington Law by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The bureau claimed that the firm was working with a third-party that made referrals to the Law agency, suggesting customers to work only them if they wished to improve their credit report.

According to legalities, this type of affiliated network is unlawful and therefore made the reputation of the law firm shady. Although there have been some court hearing on this matter, the issue still remains unsolved.

There are also some claims that more than 500 complaints have been filed against Lexington that they are yet to respond to. On the other hand, the company officials state that they are handling as many complaints as possible every day and they will be thorough when they address to any accusation placed by customers or other agencies.

There Are Hidden Charges

One of the best selling points for the firm was that it offers a cost-effective solution to customers who are already facing financial issues. However, a downside is that its plans contain some hidden charges.

Lexington law will ask you to pay $14.95 after they take up their case. The excuse would be that this would help them start paperwork for your quicker. This expense is not mentioned anywhere on their rate list. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the work would actually start at a faster pace or it will follow the same protocol.

What Is The Cost Analysis For Lexington Law Firm?

You can avail three different credit repair plans with Lexington Law. These are Concord Standard, Concord Premier, and Premier Plus.

The standard plan is mostly sufficient when you need appropriate credit repair while you are on a tight budget. It charges $89.95 and offers all the basic services such as guidance by a professional team, assignment of a paralegal, regular updates on progress, etc.

Concord Premier, priced at $109.95, is suggest for those that are in need of serious credit repair services. Besides dealing with the situation at hand, the plan would also give you access to some educational programs that the firm hosts. These are directed at guiding customers on how poor credit score can be dealt with in future.

The last credit repair plan is Premier Plus and costs about $129.95. This is designed for seriously damaged credit report with bankruptcies and repossessions that are hard to remove.

Not Convinced On Does Lexington Law Really Work?

Lexington Law might not be good idea for everyone. Therefore, it is always best to consider other options before deciding which service you wish to avail. There is no need to a thorough research as we have brought the best choices to you below. Have a look!

Sky Blue Credit Repair

  • The company was set up in 1989 so it carries immense experience in credit repair industry
  • It has hired experience and reliable staff of professionals
  • You will have a 90-day 100% money-back offer if they fail to improve your credit report
  • Sky Blue Credit Repair charges on $79 to kick-start your case
  • They offer one of the fastest credit repair procedure available in the US


  • CreditRepair.com provides users with free access to credit reports
  • It has also introduced some online credit management tools
  • The company promises an improvement of at least 40 points in first 4 months
  • The basic credit plan costs $99.95
  • They have a very helpful customer support service available over phone and email

Credit Saint

  • The company has A+ BBB rating
  • This firm also offers 90-day 100% money bank offer similar to Sky Blue Credit Repair agency
  • Credit Saint will let you avail free consultation to decide whether you want to sign-up here to not
  • Their standard plan costs only $79.99
  • You have to pay an account set up when you case is taken up

Before You Go!

The article would have taken good care of your doubts. You might finally have the answer to Does Lexington Law really work? There is no questioning that it is one of the most trustworthy services in town.

However, credit repair is not a goal that you have to reach but an activity that requires constant attention and work.

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