How many of you are still not aware of the Greendot prepaid cards and how helpful it can be when it comes to managing your cash and making online transfers. Now you can transfer money from Greendot card to a bank account as per your need and in just a minute.

Cool, right?

There are many other perks associated with this prepaid card as well that you will be able to explore if you give this article a thorough read.

Not only are we going to tell you about how to transfer money from Greendot to a bank account but we will also show you how to make the best of Greendot prepaid card so stay tuned!

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Can You Transfer Money From Greendot Card To Bank Account

Easy? You would be glad to know that the process is SUPER easy and the only things you need are the account number and the routing number for your bank account.

Make sure you have the correct information and after that, you can transfer the funds to your family and friends whenever you need.

In a nutshell, you are required to link the Greendot prepaid card to your bank account prior to making any transfers. You can do so by adding the bank to the list of connected accounts on Greendot and then entering the amount that you wish to send.

The best part about the Greendot card is that you can refund it online and use it to send money to other accounts without any hassle. Let’s take a look at some of the money transfer protocols that you should know about when you own a Greendot prepaid card.

Transfer Money From Greendot Card To Bank Account

You can send money from Greendot as long as you have the account details of the bank account that you wish to share the funds with them. Moreover, you should be a legal resident in the US and be of age older than 18 years to activate the Greendot account.

Here’s what you need to do next

  • Log in to your Greendot account
  • Find the section Pay Bills and People and click on it
  • Tap on Pay People and then enter the recipient’s account information. Some of the data that you will be asked for includes the account number, routing number, full names, email ID, contact number, etc
  • In the next step you have to specify the amount that you want to send over
  • Tap on Continue
  • You will be asked to review the information that you have entered. Recheck and then click on Send Money

Does It Take Long To Transfer Money From Greendot Card To Bank Account?

Green Dot Transfer Money To Another Green Dot Card

Send Money From Greendot To PayPal

When you are using Greendot card, you might come across a situation where you have to transfer funds to PayPal to make a payment. Luckily, that is possible and you can transfer the amount of your choice whenever needed.

  • Receive and activate your Greendot card
  • Open the associated account and provide the recipient PayPal information
  • Press Send
Note! You can also use Moneypak to link Greendot and PayPal if you wish to make a payment to online retailers like Walmart or Amazon. Here you are allowed to send as much as $1100 per transaction.

Transfer Money From Greendot Card To Cash App

Sending Money from Greendot to Cash App is quite easy as well.

  • Download the Cash App on your smart device
  • Create an account
  • Login using your credentials and then tap on the Building’s icon on the left side of the screen
  • Click on My Cash and then select Cash and Bitcoin
  • Press + Button to add a bank. In this case, you have to provide details about your Greendot Prepaid card
  • Confirm that you have entered all the right information and press Add Card

How To Transfer Money From Greendot Without Card?

Pay At Walmart Using Greendot

Did you know that it is possible to make purchases at Walmart using the Greendot card? Well, most new customers are unaware of how easy shopping can be with electronic and online payments.

Although this has not been accepted as a mode of payment at many other stores, places like Walmart and Amazon are now taking Greendot payments. Some expenses you have to keep in mind in this case include:

  • Card limits
  • Reload fees
  • Card balance limits
  • Cashing fees

Receive Money On Your Greendot Account

You may also need to receive funds from another Greendot account and luckily that is possible with utmost ease. If a friend or a relative has to use their Greendot prepaid card to send you money then here’s what they need to do.

  • Open Greendot official account by providing your log in details
  • Move to the section of Pay Bills and People
  • Tap on Pay People and provide the card details of the recipient such as account number, email ID, full name, etc
  • Then specify the amount that you want to send over
  • Tap Continue and then confirm that you have provided all the correct information
  • Click on Send Money

Ways To Refund Your Greendot Prepaid Card Easily

Now that we have talked so much about sending money from Greendot card, the next question is “what should you do when you run out of funds?”

Obviously, you have to recharge your card from time to time i.e. send money to Greendot Card online. Luckily, this card works much like any credit card and you can transfer funds to it using multiple methods.

We will be discussing two of the most commonly used ways below.

Note! The first and the easiest method to refund your Greendot card is by visiting a nearby Register. This approach is found to be convenient for most users since it is not difficult to locate a register spot around your area.
  • Identify a retail location in your area that is closest to you
  • Grab your card and go to the store
  • Hand over the money to the cashier and provide your card number
  • Request the cashier to deposit the amount on to your card in order to reload it  

Another way is to use MoneyPak instead.

  • Greendot can be refunded immediately using MoneyPak
  • This service is available to all users regardless of their age

Unfortunately, Greendot does not yet host an extensive website that could allow for online refunding of the card. We are hopeful that this improvement would be made soon so that it is more convenient for customers to keep their cards loaded at all times.

Other Ways To Load Money On Green Dot Card

Greendot Prepaid Card – In a Nutshell

Gone are the days of carrying paper cash in your pockets.

When such a large number of users are shifting to credit card and debit cards, Greendot prepaid card has emerged as an amazing option for the public.

It can be used to accept deposits from other accounts, transfer money to accounts, PayPal, Cash App and other relevant apps, and even receive paychecks.

This is a safe service so you don’t need to worry about losing the cash that you deposit there.

Nonetheless, since it is a prepaid card, you have to keep it loaded in order to make use of it. With sufficient funds, you can utilize the Greendot card at different locations.

Moreover, the Greendot card also allows you to cash out at multiple locations as well such as Kroger and 7-Eleven. This service comes free of cost. Typically, users are allowed to cash out $500 per day but this can vary depending on the card that you are using.

Perks of Owning a Greendot Card

As we have mentioned before, there are many other benefits of using the Greendot card besides using it to send and receive money.

The first and foremost advantage is that it allows for quick transactions of funds. You can send money to whichever account you want and it would not incur any additional charges.

When you are sending money, you only need the recipient’s information such as account number, full name, email ID, contact number, etc.

Moreover, it is also easy to keep the card loaded by sending over money using your bank account. Even your friends and family members can send you funds from their Greendot account or other bank accounts.

You can avoid monthly charges that Greendot has by ensuring that you have at least $1000 in your account each month. Otherwise, the charges are set at $7.95.

There are also no overdraft fee but you will have to pay some money if the balance in your account falls below $0. You can also avail check-cashing services for free, free-of-cost online bill payments, and a VIP program in which ATM charges are waived off.

Lastly, applying for a Greendot prepaid card does not require you to worry about credit checks. The company does not run scrutiny on credit history so you can obtain the card even with a poor score.

Here’s a quick overview of all the benefits that we have discussed above.

  • Quick transaction of funds
  • Easy card reloading using different accounts
  • Allows you to avoid monthly charges
  • Free check-cashing services
  • Free online bill payments
  • No credit check required

Downsides of Green Dot Cards

Is Green Dot Card Safe To Use

How To Apply For Greendot Prepaid Card If You Haven’t Done So Already

The process of applying for a Greendot prepaid card is quite straightforward.

However, before you begin the application, you have to make sure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria for the card.

The few things under consideration are that you should be a legal resident in the US and be of age above 18 years. Moreover, you should have a social security number since it would be required while you are filling out the application form.

Once you have checked that you satisfy the requirements, here’s what you can do next.

  • Ensure that you have a working internet connection
  • Open Greendot official website and provide login details
  • Tap on Other Product on the main menu of the website
  • Select Prepaid cards and then tap on Learn More if you wish to go through the terms of prepaid card usage
  • Complete the application form by sharing the required personal information
  • Click Confirm to complete the process
Note! Once your application is processed, you may have to visit the nearest store to obtain the card. In some cases, it might be mailed to you directly.

How To Activate Green Dot Card

Ways To Check Green Dot Card Balance

Green Dot P2P Transfer/Spending Limit

What To Do If You Lose a Green Dot Card

Types of Green Dot Cards

Fees Associated With Green Dot Cards

Green Dot Card Customer Support Service

Before You Leave!

It is relieving thought to find out that you don’t always need a bank account to receive or send money. Now with helpful prepaid cards such as Greendot, you can transfer money as per your need.

Although the company has laid down all the protocols for keeping your money safe and sound, there are a couple of things you can do to enhance security even further. For example, you should avoid using public computers to log in to your account as they are more vulnerable to hackers.

Hopefully, this article would help you create and manage your Greendot prepaid card. Don’t forget to leave your reviews in the comment section!

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