Target is our go-to place for grocery shopping and plans to make it even more convenient by accepting contactless payments. But, does Target take Apple Pay yet? Let’s find out!

Yes, Target does take Apple Pay! You can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to checkout at any Target store by just holding it close to the contactless reader. Apple Pay works in both, in-store Target shopping as well as in Target App without any additional charges.

Does Target Take Apple Pay?

With over 1900 stores throughout US, Target has made grocery shopping very convenient just like Apple Pay has made payments easier at fuel points, local stores, and even online! .

Apple Pay is a safe, secure contactless mobile payment method that has made checkout at various stores pretty smooth.

There are many grocery stores that take Apple Pay. The best news? Target accepts Apple Pay as well! You can use this payment method in stores and on the Target App.

How To Set up Apple Pay On Your iPhone or Apple Watch?

In order to use Apple Pay, you first need to set it up on your iPhone. Moreover, you can even use Apple Pay on Apple watch making your phone and watch, contactless cards.

  • In Settings go to Wallet & Apple Pay.
  • Select Add card and enter the payment method you want to choose.
  • You can add your credit or debit card by either scanning it or manually entering the card details. 
  • Accept Apple’s Terms and conditions.
  • You will be asked to verify the card credentials.
  • The card will now be added to the Apple Pay Wallet.

You cannot add Target RedCard or gift cards to Apple Pay wallet.

Have an Apple watch and want to use Apple Pay on it? Follow these four simple steps to set it up:

  • On your linked iPhone, open the Apple watch app. 
  • Go to wallet & Apple Pay.
  • Tap on Add card option and then enter the card details. 
  • After verification the card will be added to your Apple Pay. 

How to Pay via Apple Pay?

So, now you might be wondering how we can pay via Apple pay at target. Well, it is pretty simple. Take a look!

  • Open your iPhone by entering your Pin/face ID or touch ID. 
  • Check if the reader supports contactless payments by looking for its symbol. 
  • Now bring your iPhone to the reader’s screen and hold it close.
  • Keep holding your phone until you hear a ping or thanks.
  • A green checkmark will also be shown on the reader and your iPhone’s screen. 

That’s it you are done, no more swiping cards, entering pins and waiting for the transaction to go through! You can use the same method to pay at Speedway, others stores, and online.

Apple Pay on Target App – How It Works?

If you have Target App and want to use that for checkout, then worry not! You can add Apple Pay as the payment method in the app by following these steps.

  • Open the Target app and sign into your account.
  • Choose the nearest Target location or the one you are at.
  • If the target accepts contactless payment, then you will be prompted.
  • Tap on “got it” to continue.
  • You can add the items you want to purchase in the cart.
  • Now tap on the shopping cart icon. Double-check the items and then click on the black “Apple Pay” button. 
  • Follow the prompts given by Apple Pay. Confirm the order.  
  • Pick up your purchase from the nearest Target or wait for them to get delivered

What About Other Payment Methods Accepted by Target?

Other than Apple Pay, the store accepts many other payment methods. Some of these are:

  1. Target RedCard
  2. Credit cards and debit cards
  3. Contactless cards
  4. Samsung Pay 
  5. Google Pay
  6. PayPal
  7. Cash
  8. Discover/Novus
  9. Gift Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Target)

Before You Go!

If you are still in doubt whether your local Target outlet accepts Apple Pay, then confirm it by using the Apple Maps app.

Just open the app and search for the store you want to shop at.

Open the store details and check for Apple pay logo or “accepts Apple Pay”. If either is not listed, then the store doesn’t accept Apple pay.

We hope that all your questions regarding the topic are answered. If not, then feel free to drop your queries in the comment section. 

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