If you want to know how to transfer money from Credit Card to Prepaid Card Online, you are definitely at the right spot! Just stay with us, and we will let you know how it works. 

You can transfer money from Credit Card to Prepaid Card via several online financial institutions such as Google Pay, Venmo, Zelle, Azimo, Payoneer, WorldRemit, and several others. Just provide your credit card account and several other details to complete the transfer. 

How To Transfer Money from Credit Card to Prepaid Card Online?

Transferring money from a debit card to bank account is no big task these days, with all the technology helping you perform transactions in the quickest possible ways. Gone are the day when people had to wait in long queues to get their banking tasks done. However, credit card to prepaid card transfers work a bit differently.

Prepaid cards are the best payment cards as they do not require you to link your payment cards to the official banks. They are a perfect alternative to debit or credit cards and can make several purchases.

What Are The Things to Look for While Sending Money from Credit Card to Prepaid Card?

To transfer your money from credit card to prepaid card, here are a few things you must keep in mind before proceeding:

  • Guide yourself about the transfer fee required to escape any unforeseen cost. Prepaid cards are the best because of the minimum price they have. Therefore, get in touch with the service provider to know if there is any fee along the way or not. 
  • Know everything you can about the terms and conditions of the respective card and company. 
  • Check the balance on your card before making a transfer and see if you can fulfill the minimum transfer limit or not. 
  • Moreover, please look into the functional criteria of your credit card company and see how they cater to every service they have for you in the box. 
  • Many financial platforms assist you with the process of transferring money from a credit card to a prepaid card, but it is essential that you see which one suits you the best and has a top-notch quality facility
  • If you use a website or mobile application, you will have to provide your cards information. Make sure the platform is secure, and information is encrypted. 

How to Transfer Money from Credit Card to Prepaid Card Online? 

Transferring money online is a quick and straightforward process, but it does not mean that you do it on any platform. It is essential that you look into several options and alternatives to make an informed choice.

Here are a few of the best available financial institutions that can assist you with the process of transferring money to your prepaid card online: 


As we all know, Paypal is one of the biggest payment platforms that allows you to send money anywhere in the world. You can transfer funds fund bank to PayPal, Venmo to PayPal as well as perform PayPal to Cash App money transfers. The fee varies with the source you are transferring your money from; for instance, if you do it via debit or credit card, it is 2.9% of the total amount, and if you do it from the linked bank account or available PayPal balance it is $0.

You can send money from a credit card to a prepaid card by entering the required information such as your name, contact details, PIN, and prepaid card account number. Next, you will receive a confirmation code; enter that to finalize the transaction. 

Transfer via Paypal takes at least one to three business days before they are available in the recipients’ account. 


Azimo allows you to transfer money in over more than 80 countries. It offers the best exchange rate and does not charge any hidden fees. Unlike banks, it helps you save 75% money and offers practical budget planning. 

To send with the Azimo, you have to create an account, set up a transfer, and pay securely through their platform. The transfers via Azimo are safe, and the information is encrypted without you having to worry about any fraudulent activities.

Ensure you have the recipient’s prepaid card number; the first two transfers are fees, but you will have to pay a specific price. 


Another online payment platform we have for you on the list is Venmo. It offers you peer-to-peer money transfers with a 3% cashback in addition as well as the feature to venmo yourself anytime, anywhere. It works similarly to those of many other available options. With Venmo, you can pay online or shop locally. It also has a Venmo Debit Card to help you with purchases in the country. 

To transfer the money from your credit card to a prepaid card, some of the details you have to include the prepaid card number, the amount you wish to send, PIN of the card. While making a transfer, you will receive a confirmation code to authorize the transaction. 

The transfer limit with Venmo is $299, and the transfer is 3% of the total amount you transfer. 


Another perfect money transfer institutes are that of Payoneer. It does not have any hidden fees and helps you save around 70% of the money. You can use your Payoneer balance amount to make several payments and transfer from one country to another. 

To proceed, you have to provide your credit card number, the security PIN of your card, and choose the amount you wish to transfer. In addition, there is around just 1% of the total transfer amount that is supposed to be paid as a transfer fee at Payoneer. 

You can use Payoneer with freelancers, service providers, E-commerce marketplace sellers for digital marketing, and so much more.  


WorldRemit is one of the trusted platforms helping you move money from a credit card to a prepaid card without any extra hassle and in less time. It is fast, safe, and offers better exchange rates than several other conventional banks acting as the competitors. 

All you need to do is download their App and complete all your online transfers in the quickest possible way. Several other services it offers for the customers include Bank Transfer, Cash pickup, transferring money to the Mobile Money account, and Airtime top-up. 

To complete the process, you have to link your card for the transfer and provide your name, contact information, bank details, SWIFT code, and IBAN. 


Zelle is one of the perfect money transfer platforms. It has a user-friendly mobile application, and it works for banks across the United States. It keeps all your information safe, and no data you provide is visible to any third party but the two concerned authorities. 

Zelle also allows you to split the cost of bills with friends and family using the Chase Mobile app with Zelle. The transfer is quick compared to many other platforms, and money is instantly available at your recipients’ accounts. 

Please make sure you have a credit card linked to the bank account to send money to your prepaid card. 

What About Other Platforms to Send Money from Credit Card to Prepaid Card?

Some of the other financial institutions that assist you with the process include: 

  • Square Cash: Charges are 3% of the total amount you transfer. The transfer limit is $250 for a week. 
  • Google Pay: You can send up to $9999 in a single transaction if you do it through Google Play. 
  • Chase QuickPay: The transfer limit is $2000 for a day and $8000 for a week. 

The criteria are not much different, and you have to follow the prompts on whatever site you wish to transfer money through. 

The key is to integrate your credit card account with the payment platform you choose and make a seamless transfer in no time!

Before You Go!

Due to traditional banking, you have to abide by a very rigid set of requirements. All the processes are done manually and require time and effort. On the contrary, online alternatives now take care of your banking needs in the most efficient way. 

All the above-discussed platforms help you in the money transfer in various ways; some locally while others internationally, and provide the best in their capacity. Just give a credit card account number and complete the seamless transfer. 

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