Payday loans are the most favorable among all other available options if you need instant cash and other options like Chime loan are not cutting it. But you need to make sure that you land on the right platforms to get cash advances without facing any relevant troubles. There are several Payday Loans accept Chime; known to offer banking products such as a Chime Visa Debit Card

Chime offers a cash advance of up to $200, and you can link your account with a few of the best available Payday Loan That Accepts Chime and gets instant cash in case of unforeseen situations or to cover up your expenses if needed. These Payday loan apps do not charge their customers any interest or a hidden fee.

What Are the Payday Loan That Accepts Chime?

Payday loans are a good option if you are in debt or looking forward to covering your expenses. Rather than throwing the fact under the carpet, it would be best if you apply for a cash advance through several mobile banking platforms. Some of the Payday loans that accept Chime include: 

1. Dave

Dave is one of the cash advance apps that helps you get your funds before payday. It becomes harsh when you have to carry your living between the paychecks.

In this regard, Dave offers its customers an amount of $200 since it is a financial cash advance app without any added interest rate on loan. 

You can link Dave to the Chime as an external account, and it offers you a $100 loan if you connect it to the Chime account. Not only this, but it also helps you build a credit score.

However, please keep in mind that the cash advance you receive depends on several factors such as your income, deposit history, and the transactions, your available account balance, and the negative account balance (if any). 

To connect your Chime account to Dave, please follow the below mentioned process:

Profile Tab > Linked Banks and Cards > Change next to Linked Banks > Change Bank > Continue. 

To request an advance from Dave, follow the discussed process:

Advances > Get cash now > Select the advance amount > Confirm the payback date > Confirm Advance (Choose between Standard or Instant Delivery) > Agree to payment authorization > Confirm 

2. MoneyLion 

Another cash advance apps that accept Chime is that of the MoneyLion. It is a mobile banking platform where you can request Instacash advances.

You can borrow money at MoneyLion up to $1000, that too free of interest. In addition to this, MoneyLion offers its debit card, and the customers usually take the loans through this debit card. 

The amount of cash that you can loan from MoneyLion depends on a few things such as your regular income deposits, positive account balance, and you also should have a checking account for at least two months and no less than that.

The cash advance here is usually 15% of your regular deposits; however, you need to sign up for the Credit Builder Plus membership if you wish to increase the limit. 

To connect Chime to MoneyLion, follow the steps below:

Transfers > Add Amount > Select Add Account OR Finance Tab > More Options > Add Account 

This is how you can request an advance from MoneyLion: 

Direct Deposits > Request Instacash > Enter the Amount > Confirm 

3. Varo 

You can connect the Chime account and get your desired loan at the Varo payday loan app. Unlike many other available payday loan apps, Chime charges you the highest, i.e., a fee of $5 for a $100 cash advance.

It varies with the amount you wish to transact; hence, it can get a bit displeasing for the customers already searching for a loan to help them manage their finances. 

To get access to cash advance from Varo, please make sure that you have an active account for at least a month before you apply for a loan, no negative balance is there, and at least a direct deposit of $1000 in the last 31 days.

The Varo compensates its high costs by not charging you with any fees of instant transfers of cash advance to your account. 

To connect Chime to Varo:

Link an Account + > Select Chime > Enter your user ID and password > Submit > Enter the amount > Confirm

You can request an advance from Varo by following the below-mentioned steps:

Varo Advance > Instant/Standard Delivery > Chime Bank > Enter the Amount (fee varies accordingly) > Chose the Repayment Date > Confirm.  

4. Albert 

Albert also allows you to receive the cash advances in your Chime account. One of the most suitable payday loan apps enables you to budget your finances more practically and conveniently.

You can get a cash advance of up to a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $250 with Albert. To your convenience, it also offers a premium service for professional financial management tips. 

You can also request the instant delivery of cash at Albert; however, you have to pay a $4.99 cost. To qualify for Albert, you have to abide by a particular set of criteria, including a stable income source for two months at least received through a direct deposit.

Your current available balance must be above $0 at all costs. You can apply for three cash advances at Albert. 

Connecting Chime to Albert requires a few simple steps:

Budget Tab > + at the top of your screen > Select Chime > Enter the account details 

To request a cash advance from Albert: 

Albert app > Home Screen > Instant > Chime bank > Enter the amount you want as a loan > Confirm

5. Empower

Empower is another financial platform that accepts Chime to work through your payday loans. It offers four tiers of cash advances, starting from a minimum of $25 to a maximum of $250.

Another added benefit that Empower has for its customers is that it allows you to track your monthly savings, separating them aside to manage your account efficiently. 

To qualify for Empower cash advance, please make sure that your account has been active for at least two months, you have a direct deposit of paycheck of at least $200 in the last two weeks, and an average monthly income of about $500 minimum.

Moreover, you have to pay a subscription of $8 every month with Empower. Lastly, there is no interest, late fees, or credit check at all.  

To connect Chime to Empower, go to:

Home page of App > Account Section > + Icon > Chime account 

You can request an advance from Empower by following the steps below:

Cash Advance section > Chime Bank > Enter the Amount > Confirm the repayment date > Agree to the Cash Advance Agreement > Get Cash Advance 

Why Choose Payday Loan That Accepts Chime?  

You must prioritize choosing the Payday Loan that Accepts Chime because: 

  • The transactions are safe, secure, and fully encrypted. 
  • You won’t have to pay any additional fee for using their service in most cases. 
  • Offer an option of instant delivery too, though with the minimal cost associated. 

Alternatively, some people also opt to get cash advances from credit cards. This has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, typically, such cash advances

What Are Some Things To Consider When Choosing a Payday Loan Website? 

Few things that you should consider to cancel out any potential risks of false transactions through several online platforms that offer you payday loans include:

  • Cash advances are bound to help you with unexpected circumstances; therefore, please investigate the payment history of a respective platform where you apply. 
  • Before you begin, please take a deep look into all the requirements of your online lender to fit the best to their criteria. Read through all the terms and conditions of the contract, including the repayment schedules and interest rates. 
  • In addition, make sure you are well guided about the fee associated with these online websites. It might happen at times that they keep the information related to hidden costs to themselves, which later adds to the worry of potential borrowers. 
  • Your details are your asset and should not be misused by any lenders at any cost. Hence, make sure that they abide by all the security ethics and do not leak any information without your consent. 

What Payday Loan Apps That Do Not Accept Chime?

A couple of cash advance apps currently do not accept Chime. Several reasons for them not being associated with Chime include connectivity issues, limited availability in several states, and payment methods not being compatible with Chime.

The platform is continuously working to resolve such matters and hoping to link Chime to as many cash advance apps as possible for its customers. 

Some of these include: 

  1. Possible 
  2. Brigit 

Before You Go! 

You can smartly manage your unexpected finances with payday loans and get your living going. However, you need to pay attention to security and verified online banking platforms to help you assist in the whole process. Other alternatives to consider in this regard are Cash App loan and borrowing money from Venmo.

There are a number of Cash advance applications that accept Chime, and you can easily link your checking account to them. The criteria vary for every platform, and so do the qualification requirements. We hope that we successfully presented complete details to help you get payday loans through these online lenders to the best of their abilities. 

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