It is certainly not always possible to stand in the lengthy queues at the bank and wait for your turn to get a tiny task done. Cashing the checks is not any demanding or twisted process, but it can get quite arduous dealing with the banks. To prevent you from this hectic affair, several gas stations offer the service to cash checks. You can find one near you and see what types of checks they cash.

There are gas stations that cash checks to make it convenient for clients to pay when they are out of paper money. Some leading names in this regard include Krogers, Meijer, and Safeway. However, you need to keep in mind that there are certain requirements of documents before you are eligible to pay via this mode of payment.

Are There Gas Stations That Cash Checks?

Thanks to modern techniques and tools as cashing the checks was never as easy as now. Apart from the bank, many gas stations cash checks, making the process quicker, accessible, and easier for people. This change was introduced along with gas stations taking PayPal and gas stations accepting Apple Pay as convenient alternatives to paying with cash.

Many gas stations smooth the way for cashing checks as they allow you to cash your payroll checks, government checks, installment settlements, business checks, and many others.

If you carry out the living on payroll checks, this is undoubtedly one of the most feasible options for you where you won’t have to wear yourself out in the crushing process of getting payroll checks cashed.

Some of the best gas stations that allow you to cash checks, either directly at the pump or in-store, are mentioned below as:


Meijer Express Gas Stations offer premium quality fuel and many other in-store products for the customers. It has around 250 locations, and it facilitates the check cashing service.

Type of Checks: Meijer allows you to cash government and payroll checks. The cash limit for government checks is $1999, while payroll checks are $1000.

Meijer does not cash the personal checks; instead, you can utilize these checks to pay for a particular purchase inside the store. You can get cash backs through these personal checks.

It does not accept money orders, third-party checks, starter checks, post-dated checks, and Cashier’s checks. 

Fee charged: The price it charges varies from one location to the other, but they are somewhere in between $3 to $5 typically.

Documents Required: Register for Meijer’s’ Certegy verification and have a valid photo ID.

You will have to wait for seven days at least before cashing. 


Another gas station that managed to get on this list is Kroger. We all know it is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the US, with several convenience stores around.

Types of Checks:  Payroll Checks, Government Checks, Income Tax Refunds, Debit Card Cashing, Insurance settlements, Child support checks, and Business checks. 

It does not accept third-party checks or even personal checks. 

Fee charged:  It varies by location. However, in general, for cashing a check of $2000, the price is $3 typically, and for the checks ranging from $2000 to $5000, it is $5.50.

Documents required: You must have a valid ID issued by the government, such as a Taxpayer ID, Social Security ID, Military ID. In addition, bring along your current ID. Drivers’ licenses could work too.

Travelcenters of America 

The Travelcenters of America, a truck stop chain, cashes your checks with a specific limitation which we will discuss further. It has around 260 locations in various states.

Type of Checks: It cashes your NATSO approved checks, and the company checks for up to $300.

Fee charged: The charges here vary with a particular set of criteria.

The check cashing service is free if you are an UltraOne Platinum member. Moreover, if you make a qualifying purchase of gas gallons above 50 or non-fuel products above $50, you can cash your checks for free for up to $300. 

Documents Required: A valid drivers’ license.


Dillons fuel service stations, a part of the Kroger family, are found at many locations, and 24 of these locations facilitate the check-cashing services.  

Type of Checks: It cashes Payroll checks, Government checks, Income tax refunds, Western Union Money Orders, Stimulus checks, Business checks, and Insurance settlements.

It does not cash the personal checks. 

Fee charged: Like many other gas stations, the fee at Dillons varies by location, but typically it charges starting from $3.

You can cash a check of up to $5000 at Dillons. 

Documents Required: You need to have a State issued ID, Current ID, Military ID, Official drivers’ license.


Another gas station that offers the service of cashing checks is that of the Safeway which located in several states of the United States with several stores in different locations.

Type of Checks: It cashes several kinds of such checks as Payroll checks, Tax refunds, Social Security benefit checks, Government checks, Unemployment benefit checks, stimulus checks.

It does not cash personal, third-party, or starter checks for customers. 

Fee charged: The cost varies by location, but typically it charges $2.25 on $200 checks.

The check-cashing limit of Safeway is $1499, so make sure you do not exceed that. 

Documents Required:  A physical check in hand and a valid ID, such as a Passport, State-issued ID, or a verified drivers’ license.


Another American chain of various convenience stores and gas stations is the 7-Eleven. Unlike many other gas stations that cash checks, this one here works a titbit differently.

Well, 7-Eleven has a program referred to as the Transact. It does not offer to cash a check; instead, it works through this program.

By Signing up at the Transact service of 7-Eleven, you get their reloadable debit card. This card facilitates you to deposit your payroll check onto the card directly.

Note that this Transact account lets you deposit any other checks such as Government checks or even a Mobile Check Load. 

Through this Transact 7-Eleven card, you can always get access to your cash using ATM withdrawals. To your delight, there is no fee associated with the transaction. In addition, you can use it anywhere that accepts Mastercard debit cards.

This is an excellent alternative for people who do not have official bank accounts. You can use your Transact Mobile App for making several payments online and in-store. 

Pilot/Flying J Travel Centers 

Like the Travelcenters of America, Pilot Flying J Travel Centers is curated for travelers, mainly truck drivers who are on the go 24/7. It operates seven days a week and facilitates customers with some services.

Type of Checks: It cashes your NATSO approved checks along with the checks from billing companies and Pilot Flying J Direct Bill Customers. 

Fee charged: The prices can vary by location. However, if you make a qualifying purchase of 25 gallons within two hours of fueling, enjoy a free cash check of up to $200.

The check-cashing of Pilot Flying J Travel Centers is $999.99 with the associated fee. 

Documents Required: You can also avail of some of the additional services here, such as public laundries, Western Union, 24/7 ATM service, shower facilities, coin exchange machines, free air of tires, and much more.

What Are Some Other Gas Stations that Cash Checks?

  • Road Ranger: It cashes checks up to $999 with the associated fee. However, you can cash a check of $200 for free on making a qualifying purchase of a minimum of 25 gallons. 
  • Chevron: As an independent company, it provides check cashing service only in particular locations. 
  • Sunoco Only a few stores offer check-cashing services, and the limit ranges from $2000 to $5000, and the fee ranges from $2 to $6 depending upon the amount you want to cash. 
  • Citgo: Select locations of Citgo offer check-cashing services at the convenience stores. 
  • King Soopers: It cashes stimulus and government checks. Furthermore, it does not cash the personal checks and fees may vary by location. 
  • Love’s Travel Stops: It accepts payroll checks and provides a few extra services such as fax service, ATM, money orders, Western Union, tire repairs, propane tanks, and many more. 
  • Walmart: It cashes checks up to $5000 with a fee starting from $4. It cashes government checks, two-party personal checks, MoneyGram money orders, Tax refunds, Cashier’s checks, and a few others. 
  • Food City Supermarket: It cashes government checks, payroll, and stimulus checks. The check-cashing limit at Food City Supermarket is $1000. 
  • Shell: Shell offers the check-cashing service, but the policies vary by location. You will have to get in touch with the respective staff to know more. 
  • Ralphs: It cashes stimulus checks, government checks, income tax refunds, insurance settlements, and child support checks. The fee typically starts from $3
  • Conoco: Only select locations cash the checks. You will have to get in touch with the support service to know better what statements they cater to. 
  • GetGo: It offers all the checks except the Child support checks. It also supports personal checks.   
  • Albertson’s Stores: It cashes the checks up to $1000, and the fee varies from one location to the other. 
  • Fred Meyer: It cashes the checks up to $5000 with a $3 fee. The types of checks usually vary by location. 

What Are Pre-requisites of Cashing Check at The Gas Station? 

Cashing a check at the gas station is not tricky, and you need to get a hold of a few essential documents that will allow you to cash a check at the respective stations.

Although the documents requirement criteria vary by a gas station, it is better to have the ones listed below in your possession as they are commonly required. 

  • State-issued ID
  • Resident Alien ID
  • Military ID
  • Current ID
  • US-Issued Passport
  • Reservation ID
  • Valid Drivers’ License

The requirement of every gas station conventionally revolves around a few of these documents. So, it would be best if you have these beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

Which Gas Stations Do Not Support Cashing Check? 

While many of the gas stations provide you with the check-cashing facility, few of them do not. You would know if you are a regular customer of one of these pumps. However, those who wish to switch towards this option should know not to expect the check-cashing service from these gas stations.  

Some of these gas stations include:

  • BP
  • Circle K
  • Kwik Trip/Kwik Star
  • Corner Store
  • QuikTrip
  • Kum & Go
  • ARCO/ampm
  • Wawa
  • RaceTrac
  • Sheetz
  • Valero
  • Speedway
  • Costco Gas Stations
  • Murphy USA/Murphy Express
  • QuikTrip
  • RaceTrac
  • Sam’s Club Gas

Other than these ones, the above-listed gas stations should be your preferred choice for this matter.

Before You Go!

We hope you are now well aware of many gas stations to step into to get your checks cashed. Just know what types of checks they cater to, the cashing limits, and the documents required to cash a particular check category. In addition to this, these gas stations are available to your service for a lengthy stretch of hours, so you won’t have to worry about the time restrictions too.

With this reading done, you may also want to read about gas stations that only hold $1 when you pay with credit cards? If yes, just click here for another interesting piece of writing!

To sum up, it is an excellent alternative to traditional ways we have been opting for quite a while now. No matter you are on the road or on the way to fueling up your car, you can always avail of the check-cashing service at several gas stations listed above. We hope we guided you to the best of your knowledge and abilities and helped you find one near you.

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