This month an impulsive purchase left me in struggle of making room for a new sofa set in my house. The biggest challenge was to dispose off old sofa and obviously, I couldn’t get this done without recruiting extra help. There were multiple options to consider but furniture stores that take away old furniture stood out. Let me tell you about some of the stores that can help out so you don’t have to do it by yourself.

Most furniture stores that take away old furniture do it in exchange of a new purchase. They offer to remove equal number of items that you buy such as the case with IKEA, Sears, Bob’s Discount and many others. If you are not purchasing any new furniture item but want to remove the old ones, reasonable options are to either contact professional haul-away services, donate it to charity, or contact junk removal companies for help.

Are There Furniture Stores That Take Away Old Furniture?

Long story short: Yes, there are furniture stores that will help you get rid of older furniture items to make room for new purchases but these service either come at a cost or in exchange of purchase from that particular store.

So to say, you can not simply request a furniture store to remove any item from your home with a fee.

Even for the stores that do offer such services, the items they deal with are limited. Some only cater to removal or mattresses or sleeping sets. You may find a handful of options that remove all types of furniture.

1. Slumberland Furniture

Slumberland Furniture will help you remove a mattress or a box spring with a purchase of new one at the store. The company, however, does not recycle any of the furniture items. It normally throws them away into a dumpster.

Its services are currently only available in Illinois, Wyoming, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Montana. The only items eligible for haul away are mattresses and box springs.

Slumberland Furniture typically charges $10 per item removal. However, the charges may be higher if you opt for haul away of bulkier items like king-size beds.


Another reliable store whose services you can try out for furniture removal is IKEA. It will help get rid of any old furniture item as long as you purchase something similar at the store. IKEA would then use recycling method to dispose off the items for good.

There are few states where IKEA does not offer its services. Nonetheless, buyers in Arizona, Texa, California, Colorado, Wisconsin, Florida, Washington, Virginia, Georgia, Illinois, Utah, Texas, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, and Nevada can get furniture removal through IKEA. The offer is valid for almost every furniture item.

It is hard to determine exactly how much the haul away will cost you. The fees are variable since IKEA works with third-party delivery and removal services for pick up of furniture items.

3. Raymour & Flanigan

This furniture store offers to remove a mattress or a box spring set or both depending on what you buy at Raymour & Flanigan. The deal is that they would remove items equal to the number of items that you purchase. It will then recycle the furniture items for best use.

Their services are available in Vermont, Connecticut, Virginia, Delaware, South Carolina, Florida, Rhode Island, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New Jersey, and New York. The only restriction is that the furniture items must be in sanitary condition when the company arrives to haul away the items.

There is no fee for the haul-away services. It is a complimentary offer with the purchase of new mattress or box spring at the store.

4. Rooms To Go

Rooms to Go haul away services are limited to mattresses only. It will take away old mattress when you purchase new one at the store. Older items are normally thrown into a dumpster.

You can avail furniture removal only in the states of Alabama, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The restrictions remain the same in all states i.e. it is only applicable to mattresses.

There are no fees for this service by Rooms To Go.

5. Sears

Sears can also assist you in furniture removal when you make a purchase at the store. You can use its service to remove sofa in exchange of sofa, bed for a bed, mattress for a mattress and so on. Sears recycles the items for any usable material.

The only restriction is that the items must be ready for take-away when the vehicle arrives. This offer is valid in all 50 states of the US and applies to all furniture items and selective appliances. You can not request Sears to remove commercial grade and installed appliances.

The fees for furniture haul away at Sears vary depending on the location.

6. Bob’s Discount Furniture

When you make a purchase at Bob’s Discount and choose BOBtastic White Glove Delivery, the furniture store would assist you in removal of old furniture in exchange of whatever you have bought there. This is not necessary when you buy a mattress in California as that is covered under California Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act. Most items will end up in incinerator.

The haul away service by Bob’s Discount Furniture can be availed in Arizona, Wisconsin, California, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Kentucky, New york, Maine, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maryland, Nevada, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Missouri. It is applicable to mattress and mattress foundation purchase but the items must be sanitary condition for removal.

There is no fee for the haul-away services when you choose BOBtastic White Glove Delivery. It is a complimentary offer with the purchase of new items at the store.

7. Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture

This furniture store will remove the items that match with the furniture that you buy here. Two chairs for two chairs, a mattress for a mattress, a bed for a bed, and so on. Moreover, Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture store recycle the material from the old furniture that it obtains.

Their services, however, are limited. It is currently only operating in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Nonetheless, it can help you with removal of all types of furniture items.

Clients have to pay $75 for removal of one item and then $25 for each additional item that they take away.

8. Mattress Firm

The Mattress Firm furniture store will help you remove as many items as you buy from them. There is no limit on the number of items it can haul away as long as you make equal purchases. Then the store will use recycling method to dispose off old furniture.

Its services are available in all 50 states of the US but unfortunately, only mattresses and box springs are eligible for take away.

You can opt for either Gold, Platinum or Diamond delivery services. These would cost you $100, $150, and $200 respectively.

9. American Furniture Warehouse

American Furniture will assist in removal of old mattresses or sleep sets when you buy a new one at the store. It will then recycle the old material for better use.

You can avail of these services in CO metro areas along with Phoenix, TX, Houston, AZ, and Denver as long as you are purchasing mattresses or sleep sets at American Furniture Warehouse.

The fee may be up to $30 for an item or a set.

Why You Should Look For a Furniture Store That Helps Remove Old Furniture?

Furniture removal is not an easy task and therefore, many people prefer not doing it by themselves. Most items are too heavy to carry or get rid of for one person. You definitely need some help!

Some find it convenient dispose off furniture by simply leaving it on the roadside or getting it removed through junk disposal companies.

Well, I can not begin to share the long-list of things that are wrong with getting rid of furniture like this. First of all, it is illegal to leave furniture at the curb. You may have to face penalty fees for such activity.

When you rely on a waste removal company, most of the furniture items that are taken away end up in landfills – not the right place for old furniture!

The furniture may be old for your use but most of their material is recyclable. Therefore, if you opt for professional help or choose a furniture store to take away used furniture items, they may have better use of steel or aluminium obtained from them or even recycle the wood. That is much more productive than simply dumping it.

Moreover, companies that offer to take away old furniture normally come with equipped with everything they need: a competitive truck, sufficient workforce and strategy on how to make the best use of the items that you are giving away.

Why Do Most Stores Offer One-To-One Furniture Removal Online?

There is hardly any furniture store that will haul away your items without any purchases in exchange. They only tend to do when you buy a new sofa, bed, or a mattress. To make adjustments easy for you, they will remove the old sofa, bed, or mattress depending on whatever you bought.

This is known as one-to-one furniture removal. Furniture stores will not assist you to make a larger piece of furniture when you have only bought small item/items.

On top of that, stores are also selective on the items that they offer this service with. Usually it applies to mattress sets and major appliances. Also keep an eye out for additional charges as some places have a fee of up to $140!

What Stores Do Not Offer Furniture Haul Away At All?

There are furniture stores that do not take away old furniture even when you buy new items from them. For example, stores like AllModern, Arhaus, American Signature Furniture, Badcock Home Furniture, Birch Lane, and Crate and Barrel do not have any such delivery or pick up services.

Similarly, other prominent names like Bassett furniture, Cost Plus world Market, Ethan Allen, La-Z-Buy, Pottery Barn, Havertys, Joss & Main, Value City Furniture, Wayfair, West Elm, Z Galleria, and Williams Sonoma also do not provide furniture removal with furniture purchases.

Ashley Furniture stands out with No credit check financing option which makes it affordable for people with poor credit score or no credit history to get discounts or financing at the store. However, it does not offer furniture haul away at all.

What Are Alternatives To Furniture Stores That Take Away Old Furniture?

So many companies deliver new furniture items but do not take away the older one. What should you do in this case? There are some solutions to consider instead. See if you can find the best option for you here!

Professional Help

There are companies that do furniture removal and I am sure you would be able to find a couple of such services in your area. Since they operate at a professional level, they have all the equipment and workforce to get the job done smoothly.

Obviously, the professional companies that you hire for haul away will charge considerable fees, higher than what is expected of junk removal or pick-up for donations.

You can find their contact information online. Some even have quite helpful websites where you can book the appointment. In any case, make sure you discuss the charges beforehand. Also discuss what they do or do not take.

Watch out for hidden fees or additional charges when you work with such companies. The quote they give you initially is just an estimate. You will have to pay extra money for removal of bulkier items, packing if done by their workers, carrying furniture over long distances, etc.

Furniture Donation

Give away your furniture and feel good about it by donating it a non-profit organization. This may not help you make cash but you may end up supporting someone in need. Look for private schools, home for elderly, or National Charities like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and Salvation Army.

There are no set rules and regulations for this. The best way to gather most accurate information is to call the organization that you want to donate to and discuss the matter with the authorities.

Charities often accept particular furniture items only such as sofa sets, chairs, or mattresses. This means you may not be able to give away the unneeded furniture immediately.

If the particular organization that you are contacting does not need the furniture type that you have, ask them if you should wait for a couple of months and contact again.

Social Media

There may be people in your neighbourhood who might need something that you are throwing away. It is possible to get in touch with them through social media. There are also apps and websites available for this such as Facebook Marketplace that will get you through to interested buyers in your vicinity.

If furniture items are still in good shape, you can even consider selling them at reasonable prices instead of simply giving them away for free.

Sales or give-aways done in this manner will carry another advantage: you can ask the other party to manage the pick up of the items themselves. There will be no need for you to worry about their removal.

These transactions are not mediated by a retailer or any third party. Therefore, you have to make sure that the next party is trustworthy. Preferably ask for the payment before they can carry away the furniture.

Call a Friend

People who are concerned about how to move their old furniture should consider talking to a friend about. This can help out in a couple of different ways.

A friend who is moving to college, getting a new apartment or renovating old one may want to take any of your furniture item that is useful to him.

You can allow them to take it for free as long as they can manage the pick up themselves. Moreover, friends can also help you pack the items or carry them if you intend to give it to a donation company or simply move it to a junk site.

Can You Leave Furniture At Curb or Make Use of Local Trash Pickup Services?

In recent years, the trend to simply throw away old furniture as garbage has picked up considerable pace. Either users do it by themselves or hire local trash companies to pick up the furniture and take it to landfills for dumping.

Some trash services charge extra for it because they are not designated with the task to remove larger items from home dumpsters. Therefore, if you decide to use this approach, make sure you talk to their representative beforehand.

Simply leaving the furniture items at the curb or roadside waiting for needy parties to take it away is not only illegal in many states but also considered unethical.

Local governments may charge you with penalty fee for illegal dumping. Let’s say you get a special permission and promise the collection of items within a week. Even in this case, bad weather such as rain or dustorm can leave the furniture looking more like a junk.

Before You Go!

There isn’t any store that would take away old furniture for free but if you want to make room for a new item, almost all furniture stores offer services in exchange of a purchase. Stores like IKEA or Rooms to Go are quite helpful because they do not charge any extra fee for removal.

Interested in reading more about furniture purchases? Look into my easy guide on Buy Now Pay Later furniture that will show you how to make expensive furniture purchase more affordable.

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