Work-from-home has increased the demand for personal computers. I was relieved you can use computer financing with bad credit and even use certain personal loan providers or BNPL programs to build your credit score with on-time payments. Interesting, right? Let me show you how it is done! 

You can get computer financing with bad credit either directly from stores, through BNPL programs or by using rent-to-own schemes. Some of the most useful providers I could find were Amazon, FlexShopper, Fingerhut, Best Buy, Apple and Dell. All of these are reliable options for financing a computer purchases but there are only few that can help you build credit score as well.

Where Can I Avail Best Computer Financing With Bad Credit No Credit Check?

Yes, yes and yes! Computer financing with bad credit shouldn’t give you a tough time, mainly because so many options are unavailable in the market. Financing options are now available for houses and cars, so a computer is affordable.

You need to watch out for the interest rates and financing terms you agree to. When applying with bad credit, it can be challenging to score low-interest rates.

The estimated APR for bad credit financing is 28% to 32%, roughly double the rate when you apply with a fair credit score, i.e. 13% to 15%. 

If you need a computer, then you must agree to pay these extra costs. The bright side is that specific computer financing options can help you improve your credit score with on-time payments.

What Stores Offer Direct Computer/Laptop Financing Bad Credit No Money Down?

Before talking to you about financing via third-parties, let’s look at stores that allow you to purchase computers directly through lousy credit financing. They skip all the hassle of involving a middleman and, besides the fact that they are a bit costly, offer a smooth road-map to getting a laptop of your own! 

1. Best Buy Progressive Leasing

In the list of stores that offer computer financing with bad credit, Best Buy stands out as it also provides outstanding laptops, laptops, desktops, components, accessories, and tablets.

The payment schedules are set monthly, and you need to go through a credit check to qualify for Best Buy progressive leasing. 

Applicants need to be above 18 years old or 21 years old in Puerto Rico to apply for financing here. It is also compulsory to provide name, date of birth, contact address, and contact information. Once you use it, Citibank will re-check all the data and information from employers and credit bureaus before making a decision.


Amazon offers computer financing along with laptops, relevant components, accessories, and tablets as well. You can immediately apply for funding and begin monthly payments with an Amazon credit card.

You need to, however, create an Amazon account beforehand to be eligible for computer financing. The site would also request you to share your complete name, birth date, ITIN or social security number and annual income.

I am applying for financing at, which results in a credit check carried out by Synchrony Financial that reviews your credit report before making a decision. 

3. FlexShopper

You can buy desktop computers here, laptops, tablets, and gaming PCs. All the items are available with payment schedules ranging from weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options.

On top of that, buyers can also opt for the Early Purchase Option, which allows them to pay all the remaining costs whenever they can afford. 

Going through a credit check when applying for FlexShopper financing is compulsory. It would help if you were above 18 or 19 years old in Alabama or Nebraska. Applicants from Mississippi can only avail of the offer if they are above 21 years old.

FlexShopper has also made it mandatory to provide a valid source of income, social security number or ITIN, and verified checking account in good standing to be eligible for its financing program. Only US residents can apply here except those in Wyoming, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

4. Snap Finance

Snap Finance is an incredible lease-to-own program that has shown high approval odds for applicants with bad credit over the past few years. You can get up to $3000 in financing here, which should be enough to buy a computer.

Keep in mind that Snap Financing works with retailers only. It is not an online marketplace. Instead, you can utilize the credit line with different sellers to purchase electronics, furniture, bedding, and computers. You can find the list of stores that support Snap through its Store Locator online. 

Only users with an active checking account, valid email ID/phone number and a stable source of income who are above 18 years old can apply for this type of financing. 

5. PayPal Credit

This isn’t a store itself, but many leading ones like Samsung and Hewlett-Packard offer PayPal credit as an additional payment method and support its monthly-basis payment schedules.

You must go through a credit check and provide your date of birth and social security number to sign up here. 

Synchrony Bank manages PayPal Credit, so it will review your credit report and assess income information before approval.

Can You Finance Computers With Rent-To-Own Programs?

Rent-to-own programs are similar to buy now, pay later schemes, allowing you to purchase the item without paying upfront.

Most rent-to-own companies give the buyers a set period (12 to 24 months) to complete their payments.

You can find various rent-to-own stores for computer financing that do not rely on credit checks. It is okay if you have a poor credit history or none. These stores are good options if you want to go for short-term financing that can be repaid quickly.

1. Aaron’s

Desktops, laptops, and tablets are available at Aaron’s and covered under rent-to-own programs. You can purchase the item of your liking and then make payments weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly.

Applicants must provide their full name, contact address, and social security number at the time of application. They must also have a government-issued ID card, verified income source, and reference to support the submitted data.

Aaron’s may or may not run a credit check after you apply, but it has been confirmed that the store does not require an established credit standing for approval. 

2. Rent-A-Center

Buyers can get laptops and desktops and pay weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. Rent-A-Center also runs a credit check, but the sources have confirmed that an established credit history is optional to qualify or get approval.

At the time of application, you must provide your full legal name, date of birth, contact information, contact address, verified source of income, contact or mortgage Company, etc.

Moreover, submitting the application with at least 2 to 4 references is compulsory. 

3. LeaseVille

Another option worth considering in the list of rent-to-own stores that offer computer financing is LeaseVille. You can purchase laptops, gaming computers, and desktops here.

Well, here’s something new! Leaseville has to be the only store with a computer financing option that does not need a credit check. The application is unavailable online, but you can fill it out at checkout.

To qualify, the applicants must show a study income of at least $1200 per month for the last 6 months, and also, the purchase should be less than $3500 to qualify. That is more than enough to buy a computer.

Like other stores, the payments are accepted here on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly with 100 days and monthly with 12-month buyout options. 

4. Rent-2-Own

Rent-2-Own stores are available to buyers in Ohio and Kentucky only. It sells desktops, tablets, laptops, and gaming PCs without credit check computer financing.

You can apply online, but you must confirm with the local store at the time of application. Moreover, buyers have to deposit the first instalment at the time of the purchase at checkout.

Payments can be made weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly with a 12-day option, the same as the cash option. 

5. Rent Delite

With the flexibility to pay weekly or monthly, Rent Delite offers computers, including laptops, desktops, tablets, accessories, and gadgets, all-in-ones and two-in-ones with its rent-to-own schemes.

Your application would go through a credit check, and you must be above 18 years old to apply here. 

Applicants also need to produce a reliable source of income, enter a verified email ID in the application and have a valid credit/debit card to make the payments.

6. YuKeep

You can finance laptops, desktops, and all-in-ones through YuKeep. According to the renting terms of the store, the payments must be made weekly or monthly depending on the contract that you finalize with the Company.

Applicants need to be above 18 years of age to apply here. Moreover, they must show a reliable source of income and link a verified bank account or prepaid card from which the payments will be made.

YuKeep also carries out a credit check before deciding on your rent-to-own application. 

What Personal Loans Work For Computer Financing?

Different banks and credit unions provide personal loans. The tricky part is that their loan terms and amounts vary depending on the lender, your credit score, history, annual income, and multiple other factors.

You can avail of some cheap options with a low credit score, but be ready to face high APRs and more strict repayment schedules. 

To figure out the best option, I recommend comparing all choices on the table. I have listed some of the best personal loans below, which you can use to purchase a computer.

1. Money Mutual

Money Mutual is an online marketplace that lets you fill out an online application and then share it with potential lenders to find you a suitable match. Once a lending Company approves, it will provide you with financial assistance regarding cash advances. 

You don’t have to wait more than a few minutes for the decision. Moreover, the money would be deposited in your account within 24 hours after approval. 

You can avail of up to $5,000 in personal loans with Money Mutual. The best part is that more than 2 million customers in the US are already on this service, making it entirely.


Personal loans for bad credit do not get better than what offers. You can avail of term loans here ranging from $250 to $5000, which are easier to pay back, and on-time payment can also boost your credit score quickly.

Once the CreditLoan approves you, the funds will be deposited in your bank account almost immediately. This service currently caters to more than 750,000 customers and is reliable.’

Most customers try to score more significant loan amounts and then use that money after a computer purchase for other types of spending. This diversified credit mix and lowers the credit utilization of their credit cards. Win? The rapid increase in credit score!


BadCreditLoans is a lender marketplace that will connect you with the most suitable choice, as your loan application highlights. You can get easy approvals here for a loan amount ranging from $500 to $10,000. The interest rate is set between 5.99% to 35.99%. 

What’s catchy about the website is that it explains the entire borrowing process in easy words, so even newcomers don’t have to go through any confusion. 

The application form is short and straightforward. After the approval, funds will be sent to your account on the next business day. The loan terms are typically between 3 and 60 months, depending on your borrowed amount.

4. is another service you can use to get personal loans. It is one of the loan providers that offer loan amounts as high as $10,000. Since a computer purchase does not cost that much, you can apply for a lesser amount or use the remaining to buy other necessary things.

The interest rates with may vary from 5.99% to 35.99%. The repayment term is variable but typically ranges between 90 days to 72 months. 

Your application here would be assessed within minutes, so you can immediately get the approval. Once the application is through, the funds will be transferred directly to your bank account.


The last option I want you to know about is, a commendable platform for borrowing funds with a poor credit score. You can get up to $35,000 loan here!

The interest rate varies from 5.99% to 35.99% and depends on your credit standing. The loan term is also variable but is mainly set between 3 to 72 months. 

The loan amount you can get here is enough to buy computers for everyone in your family. Just Kidding! You can always apply for a smaller fund, but the minimum amount here is $500. 

Buy Now Pay Later Computer Financing With Bad Credit

Buy now, pay later programs work differently than getting direct financing from the store. You can purchase items using the BNPL scheme and then pay for them over a pre-decided period.

Paying over a short period may save you from interest charges, but if you can not, the rates may be relatively high once the period is over. This is why items bought with the buy now pay later program cost more than their retail price.

If you cannot pay within the interest-free period, the following exciting charges may accrue from the date of purchase and not the date on which the promotional period ended. 

Some of the stores where you can finance a computer with bad credit using BNPL and pay either on a monthly or weekly basis are listed:

1. Fingerhut

Financing at Fingerhut covers purchases of computers, laptops, tablets, accessories, etc. You can apply with a credit check and make monthly payments with a debit card, checking account, money orders, or MoneyGram.

Please remember that you can not pay at Fingerhut using a credit card or savings account. 

Applications can be quickly completed online, but you must provide your Customer Number if you have one. Other than that, a down payment is also compulsory.

2. Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue is one of the outstanding BNPL schemes you can avail of for computer financing with bad credit. It sells laptops, tablets, and accessories with monthly payment schedules. 

You can apply for financing online, but some lucky customers may even receive pre-approval offers, considerably reducing the hassle of filling out and submitting the application.

Regardless of how you apply, a credit inquiry is a must, and you will also need to make a down payment at the time of the purchase. 

3. Montgomery Ward

Montgomery Ward offers Ward Credit, which you can apply for and use to purchase a computer. When the purchase is satisfactory, the product will be sent to you immediately, but you must continue making the payments on time.

The first payment will be mailed to you within five days of order shipment. The number of payments still needs to be fixed. Moreover, you can apply for a credit increase, which may even be decreased depending on how responsibly you use it.

Dividing the purchase cost over weekly or monthly payments in case of rent-to-own schemes of buy now pay later programs makes it look like the purchase is highly affordable. But remember that the overall cost you pay at the end of the period would be significantly more than the item’s actual price. 

What Computer Brands Offer Financing?

Computer brands also offer direct financing, but the options are somewhat limited. Below are two reliable stores you can use to finance a computer directly through the Company.

1. Dell

Dell is a well-known name; luckily, you can avail yourself of computer financing here. In addition, laptops, gaming computers, gaming laptops and other relevant gadgets are available here with monthly payments. If you are looking for a gaming PC payment plan with no credit check, Dell may be the answer.

Only US residents can avail of Dell computer financing bad credit. Moreover, you will have to wait until WebBank/Dell Financial Services verifies the employment information and credit referencing you provided.

Going through a credit inquiry when you apply for financing with Dell is compulsory. 

2. Apple

Apple financing covers purchases of iPad, MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini and other relevant gadgets and accessories. You can apply for this financing online and pay every month until all instalments are complete.

A credit check is a must when applying for financing with Apple. You also need to produce an Apple ID, verified email ID and iCloud account, preferably in good credit standing.

At the time of application, you have to use two-factor authentication with Apple ID. 


HP also offers a type of computer financing for bad credit. It has developed a buy now pay later scheme that lets users take advantage of a 90-day delayed payment structure.

How Do Computer Financing Works?

The answer to this question depends on what route you are taking to finance your computer purchase. Let’s say, for example, you get a personal loan. In this case, you must find a lender willing to give you sufficient funds on affordable terms. 

You must choose a personal loan that you can pay back on time. Since these report to credit bureaus, the repayments can make or break your credit score. 

The next option is to finance a computer directly from a store. This can be more expensive than getting a personal loan because the store would charge you higher, in total, than the actual cost of the computer when you pay instalments.

Store financing is a reliable option when you are still looking for a lender who would give you funds for purchasing a computer, such as in cases with inferior credit standing. You can make weekly or monthly payments to the store until the entire cost is paid.

Some programs let you buy the computer outright for its original price after leasing it for a month or more. This can save you from paying double the amount stores charge for direct financing.

You can also use buy now pay later programs to purchase a computer. These third parties will make the payments on your behalf, and you have to pay back the amount to them over time.

Do Credit Unions Finance Computer?

Unlike banks, credit unions are non-profit organizations. Its members receive profits in terms of lower rates on loans and credit products.

Not only do credit unions finance computers, but they do so on excellent terms as well. If you have a membership, you can use personal loans from credit unions to buy a computer.

Remember that the loan terms and amount a credit union offers depends on several factors, including your credit history and income. 

A few credit unions offer specific loans for purchasing technological stuff like computers, laptops, or tablets. The catch is that the loan is provided at lower rates than other personal loans for bad credit. However, the downside is that you can only use the funds to purchase something else.

Can You Get Apple Computer With Financing?

You can finance an Apple computer, but let me tell you the truth: The options are minimal!

Best Buy and FlexShopper are the only reliable candidates offering Apple computer financing. 

Another method is to go for Apple in-house financing through Apple Card, which is only an option for some as it entertains only the applicants with good or excellent credit standing.

If you choose to get a personal loan, the funds can be used for any purchases, so financing an Apple computer through this means is also possible. Regardless of what you buy, the direct payments must be made to the lender who approved the loan and by the decided repayment terms, i.e. monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly. 

Can You Get a Laptop With No Credit Check Financing?

Similar to computer financing programs, there are various methods of availing laptop financing with no credit check.

The difference is whether you are applying with a bad credit situation or no credit at all. 

Generally speaking, no credit history faces less scrutiny. You may qualify for better terms without a credit check since it means you are just starting your journey to build a credit score, and companies are more willing to help you in this case.

Poor credit standing means you have repeatedly failed to make on-time payments, carry debt, or have not been responsible in your spending pattern. This can be troublesome as overcoming lousy credit is challenging, and loan companies tend to offer more strict terms to such clients.

Will Computer Financing Help Me Build Credit Score?

Finishing a computer through any scheme does not guarantee an improvement in your credit score, but yes, making the right choice will make a difference.

For example, there are personal loans that are reported to credit bureaus. Using them to finance a computer purchase (or any, for that matter) will positively impact your credit score. On-time payments can help you build credit quickly.

This is also true when using specific networks or credit unions to finance and specific store options such as Ward and Snap Finance. 

Some financing options may not help you improve your credit standing, but you can pull it down. For example, FlexShopper only reports payments to credit bureaus if you deposit an instalment on time.

The bottom line is that financing a computer can help you build a credit score, but you have to be careful with the financing option that you go for.

Before You Go!

You aren’t short of options regarding computer financing with bad credit. With so many stores, rental programs, and personal loans to choose from, you would be able to find the right match in no time.

The list does not end with computers! Various stores finance furniture for bad creditonline catalogues for bad credit, and now you can even avail of lousy credit iPhone financing. Remember to read my just 3-minute long handy guides!

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