Venmo is commonly used for money transactions on famous sites like eBay or transfers to other apps like Cash App. It functions like a social media network. This is because all of your transaction history is shared with others. Users tend to avoid this through various means and therefore, it becomes important to know Can you delete your Venmo history so no one else can see it?

Users want to delete Venmo history as they suspect leakage of personal account information but Venmo does not host the option to delete transfer history. Instead, users can hide his history from others by making current as well as past transactions private or choose to delete the account permanently.

Can You Delete Venmo History?

All those who are added in your friends list on Venmo can see your account details. Venmo history deletion is not an option for which people are looking for. Worry not, as we have tackled the problems of fixing Venmo lost connection with bank, we will also present you with some ways to keep your account information safe.

If you want to make transaction history more private, you can change the apps Settings. However, it is not possible to delete the transfer history altogether.

Venmo is used to transfer money to another accountholder as well as to share your amount with other type of accounts.

All your personal details and history are kept private. However, the recipient will be able to see the data once the payment reaches him.

Incase you are concerned about your transaction history and the leakage of the information to someone else, there are a few steps you can take.

You Can Close Your Venmo Account

There is an alternative to deleting Venmo history. You can choose the option to close the account. But always keep one thing in mind that once you close your account it will not be recovered in future. Therefore, we suggest you withdraw all funds beforehand.

When you completely delete your Venmo account they will inform you through email. In the email all the information about your account which you have deleted is included. Venmo also informs you that it will not be recovered in future but still you have to keep this email in your draft for future use.

You Can Change Venmo History Settings To Private

In Venmo Public feed there is an option through which your data and transaction history is shared with others. So if you want to make the transactions private, instead of deleting your account, go to public feed option to hide your previous transactions.

How To Delete Venmo Transaction?

In Venmo there is no option of deleting your transaction history because they always keep it in record. So there is an alternative method where you can hide your transfer data from all those people who have accessed to your account.

These steps should be followed in series to make your transaction private.

  • Correctly open your Venmo account through email address and password.
  • Then click on the Hamburger icon tab which is present at the top left corner of the screen. 
  • You will see all the related steps and settings which are required to make your transaction private.
  • Then the next step is to visit the Settings page.
  • Search for default privacy settings option. From here you have to choose the option of privacy to make your transactions private.
  • When you selected this option of privacy, you will also be able to see the option of Past Transactions and you can choose to make those private as well.
  • Now choose option of “Change All To Private” due to which you are transactions will be deleted from the record of others and in future it will be private and accessible by you only.
  • Then again visit the “Privacy” once again to select change anyway option. Once you have selected this option, your history will be automatically moved from public to private. Moreover, the procedure will be confirmed through email.

Before You Go!

Although Venmo does not offer international services, it is widely used due to its quick local transfers to bank accounts and apps like PayPal. However, the drawback is that mostly its customer’s transaction history is shared with those in the friend’s list. All these people are able to check the previous history of money transfer that is sometimes quite annoying.

That is why the option of making history private is quite useful. With this feature, your past history is shared with you only and none of the user has access to it. Users can not delete his Venmo transfer history and account permanently but can keep them private.

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