Federal benefits are easiest to receive via the Direct Express Debit MasterCard. Direct Express money transfers have variable policies, which we will let you know about in a while. First, come first, you cannot transfer the money from Direct Express Card to a Netspend Card. 

You can transfer money from Direct Express Card to the Bank Account through the online website or contacting the Direct Express card customer support service. Other than the bank transfer, it can be done through the ATM or by purchasing a money order. The transfer fee via the Direct Express Card is  $1.50 per transfer. 

How Can You Transfer Money from Direct Express Card? 

Direct Express is one of the payment platforms that provides you with financial products such as that debit cards. While every payment platform comes with ease and convenience, Direct Express is famous for helping you manage the federal benefits. You can send money from Direct Express to Cash App and a number of other platforms as well.

Some federal benefits include health insurance, basic benefit plan, life insurance, child care, social security, employee assistance programs, thrift saving plan, and many more. These federal funds are deposited directly to your prepaid debit card account on the exact payment day. 

With the Direct Express Card, please note that you can transfer money only to your savings account or the checking account. In addition to this, transferring money to another card via Direct Express is NOT allowed. 

What You Should Know About Direct Express Debit Cards?

You do not need to be a bank account holder to get the best of the Direct Express Debit Cards. You can make purchases on several platforms using these cards, pay for the grocery or utility bills online, transact cash from the ATM, Credit Union, or banks. 

Just make sure that wherever you use the Direct Express Card, it shows the Mastercard logo, and you are good to proceed. 

Direct Express, as mentioned earlier, eliminates the need to have a bank account and carry an excessive amount of cash along. In addition to this, they are FDIC insured and come with a specific security PIN that you can use whenever using the card. 

One of the exciting features of Direct Express is that you can also track the deposits and transfers you make. To do this, too, you need to make a call at the toll-free Customer Service Department number of the Direct Express card. 

You can also do this by visiting the website and logging in to your respective account, where it displays the complete transaction history with the dates and exact number of which payments were made. 

Now that you are slightly aware of how these cards work, we will proceed towards transferring money from Direct Express to the Bank Account. 

How to Transfer Money from Direct Express Card to the Bank Account? 

There are two ways you can opt for transferring money from the Direct Express Card to the Bank Account. Choose either of the below-mentioned options as per your feasibility. 

  • Call the Customer Service of the Direct Express to proceed with the transfer. The contact number is typically present at the back of your card. 
  • Another way of doing so is through the Website of Direct Express. For this, make sure you have an account number and the bank’s routing number

Transfers Other Than Bank Transfer

Now that we know you can transfer from debit card to other banks either through the website or by directly contacting the customer representatives, the question arises of how to proceed with transfers other than the bank transfers. 

Well, there are TWO basic ways to get this done which we will now be guiding you with:

  • Through the ATM

You can withdraw the required amount from any nearest ATMs and bring the cash to the respective bank. You can then deposit the money in the account physically and get it whenever needed. 

  • Through the Money Order 

Another method of transferring money to the other account is via the money order. You can purchase them at several spots, such as convenience stores and post offices. This allows you to deposit funds into other accounts. 

You can get the Direct Express card by signing up and calling the Direct Express card enrollment center toll-free at 1 (800) 333-1795. Moreover, to active your card, contact the Customer Service Department, which is present on the back of your card. 

What is the Fee for Direct Express Card? 

The fee varies with the type of transaction or transfer you wish to make via the Direct Express Card. Here is the complete list and their associated costs: 

  • Direct Express Cash Access: $0.85 per transaction. 
  • Card Replacement: $4.00 after one (1) free each year. 
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal in the US$0.85 per withdrawal (after using free transactions). 
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal Outside US: $3.00 plus 3% of the amount withdrawn. 
  • Purchase at Merchant Locations Outside of the US: 3% of the purchase amount.
  • Expedited Delivery of Replacement Card: $13.50 each time. 
  • Monthly Paper Statement mailed to you: $0.75 each month. 
  • Funds Transfer to US Personal Bank Account: $1.50 each time. 

Please make sure that you are well aware of all the costs associated with getting complete transparency and no hidden costs at the time of transfers. 

One of the downsides of the Direct Express card is that you CANNOT deposit personal funds onto your card. 

Benefits of Direct Express Card 

Direct Express Card has numerous advantages that equip you with top-quality features and services compared to many other financial service providers available. Some of the benefits of Direct Express Card include: 

  • You won’t have to carry a large amount of cash around every time. 
  • It eliminates the need to have an official bank account. You get your funds on time every month. 
  • It is FDIC Insured which means you do not have to worry about the coverage of insurance amounts. 
  • You can track the available balance on your card. 
  • It notifies you whenever the funds are deposited in your account. 
  • Security PIN to activate the card and secure your information. 
  • Direct Express customer service makes sure that you get your card replaced instantly if it gets stolen. 
  • It has no sing up fee when you register yourself for the account with Direct Express.
  • There is no monthly or overdraft fee.
  • There is no cost for getting cashback or money from the bank, ATM, or a Credit Union

Before You Go!

Even though transfer of money from direct express card to a netspend card is not possible, on the contrary, it allows you to transfer money to the bank accounts. You can move from the card account to a personal bank account by contacting the customer care agent toll-free number. Direct Express is the safest way to manage your federal benefits through premium services. 

You can contact the Enrollment Center to get your card anywhere between 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM from Monday to Friday. The fee varies accordingly with the type of transfer you make, and hence it is essential that you use the card therefore and wisely to prevent any unwanted costs.                                                                                                                             

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