Cash App is famous for seamless transactions to many other platforms simply by using its account number and routing number. However, there are still some payment methods that may not be supported and even if you have sufficient Cash App balance, the transfer to certain accounts may not be possible. So in this piece of writing, I wanted you to learn if prepaid card to Cash App transfer is doable or not.

Cash App does not support transfer from a majority of prepaid cards so it is recommended that you link a bank account or debit/credit card for convenient monetary transactions. In order to do that follow the guide: Cash App Account > Building Icon > Add Bank > Information > Link Debit/Credit Card > Confirm.

Can You Send Money From Prepaid Card to Cash App?

You can visit the official website for Cash App to see which cards are supported and which are not. In a nutshell, Cash App does not support many prepaid cards and therefore, the use of debit/credit cards with it is more popular. 

All Cash App account holders can use VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards for transfer to their accounts. However, it must be noted that it is only possible to send money using prepaid cards. You can not carry out the transaction and vice versa i.e. from cash app to prepaid.

Below is a quick list of prepaid cards that you can use with Cash app: 

  1. Capital Obe Venture Rewards Credit Card.
  2. PayPal Prepaid Mastercard.
  3. Discover It Cashback.
  4. Netspend Visa Prepaid card.
  5. Netspend Visa Prepaid Card.
  6. Brinks Prepaid Mastercard.
  7. Playcard Prepaid Mastercard.
  8. Discover It Balance Transfer.

How To Send Money From Prepaid Card To Cash App?

There are three different methods that you can use to send money from a prepaid card to a Cash App. 

The first method is to link the card with Cash App for direct transactions. 

  • Open a Cash App account. 
  • Click on the Banking tab and then select Linked Account. 
  • Tap on Add Bank. 
  • Select Credit/Debit card and enter the card information. 
  • Tap on Add Card. 
  • Then open the Balance tab. 
  • Tap on Add Cash and enter the amount of money you want to send. 
  • Select the prepaid card and tap on  Add Cash.

Another approach is to use a third-party service. You can create an account with PayPal, Venmo, CardCash, or Prepaid2Cash and link your prepaid card with it. Once the account is linked, you can easily transfer the money through the app or website. 

There are certain fees associated with using third-party services for money transfers. 

The last method is to sell the prepaid card for cash. Websites such as Gift Card Granny, Card Cash, Raise, etc. You can then transfer the funds to Cash App. 

You will not be selling the card for full value. The amount you get depends on where you sell it and the terms of service. 

What Alternatives Can I Use For Cash App Transfers?

Since the use of prepaid cards with Cash App is somewhat restricted, you can consider alternatives that make it convenient to send/receive money from Cash App.

You can easily link a bank account or debit/credit card with Cash App. The app supports cards from Discover, Visa, American Express, Mastercard and many other leading companies.

How To Add Bank or Credit/Debit Card To Cash App?

  • Open the Cash App account on your device. 
  • Click on the Building icon towards the bottom left of the screen. 
  • Then click on Add Bank. 
  • Provide bank account information or debit card information. 
  • You can continue to add a credit card or other acceptable cards in the next step. 
  • Confirm your action. 

Cash App shows on your bank statement once you have linked the two accounts. In this way, you can check the spending at the end of each month. 

Virtual Debit Cards That Work With Cash App

  • Serve Visa Prepaid Card
  • PayPal Prepaid Mastercard
  • Chime Visa Debit Card
  • Bluebird by American Express
  • Green Dot Visa Prepaid Card
  • Netspend Visa Prepaid Card
  • Walmart MoneyCard Visa Prepaid Card
  • Current Visa Debit Card
  • Cash App Card

What Are Cash App Transfer Limits?

The transfer limits for Cash App depend on the type of account that you have i.e. verified or non-verified. 

Non-verified Cash App accounts can send up to $250 in a week and receive $1000 in a month. Verified accounts can send up to 7500 in a week. There is no limit on the amount of funds that they can receive. 

As for the cash card, in addition to the Cash App ATM service, you can enjoy higher withdrawal limits with it as well. Cardholders are allowed to cash out $310 in a single transaction, $1000 per day and $1000 in a week in total. 

Before You Go!

Cash App supports transactions with the majority of platforms but prepaid cards are not quite reliable when it comes to sending money to your Cash App account. This is because the number of cards it supports is limited and you will be better off using a credit card or debit card instead. 

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