Amazon gift cards are the most promising financial products offered by Amazon that lets you redeem extensive categories of products. But, if you don’t wish to shop through the gift card directly then you might want to know if Amazon gift card to PayPal money transfer is possible. We have previously talked about how to transfer money from gift cards to PayPal so let’s see if it works with Amazon!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer funds from Amazon gift card to PayPal. However, you can use an alternative method of adding the gift card to PayPal wallet by PayPal > Wallet > Add Debit/Credit Card > Enter Relevant Information > Follow On-Screen Instructions > Confirm. In contrast, you can transfer funds from Amazon gift card to a linked bank account and withdraw funds in this manner.

The ABC of Amazon Gift Card to PayPal Money Transfers

Amazon is one of the eminent e-commerce companies offering its famous gift cards. Using their gift cards, you won’t have to drop off anything from your bucket list to save money and not make a hole in your pocket. 

Amazon gift cards can be selected for the denomination between Rs 250 to Rs 5000 or more. These gift cards are redeemable for one year straight starting from the issuing date. There are various categories of products on which you can redeem the Amazon Gift card. 

Amazon gift cards are prepaid vouchers that offer instant discounts on products of different categories. Not only this but these vouchers can easily be converted into the Amazon Pay balance to pay for various bills. 

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your Amazon gift card balance to PayPal. On the contrary, you can however add your gift card to the PayPal wallet. 

Although PayPal supports funds transfers from bank, platforms like Venmo, Cash App, you can not share balance from Amazon gift card to PayPal One of the reasons that you cannot do this is that initially, PayPal was a part of eBay when it came into existence. Amazon and eBay companies are two e-commerce platforms that were known to be in greater competition with each other. 

While that being said, even when PayPal and eBay separated their ways, this did not end their rivalry. As of recent developments a while ago, Amazon started its payment service known referred as Amazon Pay. 

The competition is the main reason, you can’t transfer the Amazon gift card balance to PayPal. alternatively, you can also redeem your card by purchasing at Amazon itself. 

How To Add a Gift Card to PayPal?

Anyone who has Amazon gift cards is allowed to add them to their PayPal wallets. Interestingly, this procedure works for several other platforms such as Discover, American Express, and Mastercard too

To add your Amazon gift card to PayPal, here is what you need to do. 

  • Go to the official site of PayPal and log in to your account. 
  • Look for the tab stating Wallet on your respective home screen. 
  • Next, you will see an option to link a debit or credit card on the screen. Click on it. 
  • Once done, on this page, you will come across an option to Link a card manually. Click on It. 
  • Here, you need to enter all the relevant information about your gift cards. 
  • It can include the card number, expiry date, and CVV number. 
  • Follow further on-screen prompts to complete the process of adding your Amazon gift cards to PayPal. 

This way, you can easily utilize your gift card on PayPal quickly and easily when you cannot transfer the Amazon gift card balance to PayPal. 

Transfer Amazon Gift Card to Bank Account 

One of the other queries that come down to the Amazon gift card balance is whether or not you can transfer the gift card to the bank account.

There are no brick-and-mortar banks that support the feature of adding an Amazon gift card as a payment method. In contrast, you can transfer money from the Amazon gift card to a bank account. To do so, all you need to do is log in to Amazon Pay using your credentials. 

Make sure that you are an official bank holder to do so. This way you can withdraw the money from the Amazon gift card. Choose the certain amount you wish to transfer to the bank account keeping under consideration the transfer limits.

  • Log in using your Amazon credentials by clicking on the option of Buyers in Amazon Pay. 
  • Next, you can withdraw money by selecting the option of Withdraw Money. 
  • Make sure you open a bank account
  • Enter the amount that you wish to transfer. 
  • Click on the option of Continue to complete the procedure.   

Before You Go!

Amazon gift cards are indeed one of the latest trends successfully replacing traditional gifting options. Options like buy now pay later gift cards have made them all the more hit. Now that you know that transferring your amazon gift card balance to PayPal is not possible, it might get easier for you. However, you can add your gift card as the payment method to your PayPal account. 

The rivalry between eBay and Amazon is one of the prime reasons keeping you to perform this action. As mentioned earlier, you can also redeem the Amazon gift card to buy the products from Amazon. Indeed, it is one of the largest e-commerce platforms and has devised ways to facilitate its customers in the best possible ways. 

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