Contactless payments are a huge convenience but should we really stop there? When you have the option of earning cash back as well, who wouldn’t love to save some dollars on every purchase? Let’s talk about where can I get cash back with Apple Pay. So next time you can choose to link the digital wallet with a smart credit card or debit card for maximum cash returns!

You can link Apple Pay Card, Debit card, or a credit card with Apple Pay to earn Cash Back Rewards. However, confirm that the store you are shopping at accepts both, i.e. the card you are using and payment via Apple Pay. You can combine different offers to make sure that you are getting the maximum cash return on the purchases.

Do Payments With Apple Pay Get You Cash Back?

To cut the long story short, Apple Pay definitely offers cash back at certain stores when you purchase through credit or debit cards. This is quite a selling price! The rewards here are sometimes higher than what you would expect when making a purchase directly through the card.

Nonetheless, there is criteria that you need to be meet in order to be eligible for the cash backs. Some of the important points include:

  1. Make sure you are shopping at a store that accepts Apple Pay.
  2. Link Apple Pay to the debit card or credit card that offers cash back. The best of these have been discussed below so keep reading!

There is another point worth noting here: Apple Pay offers cash back and so do certain card schemes. If you are shopping at a place that offers cash back on a debit/credit card, you would receive it regardless of the digital wallet you use.

However, spots that have cash backs on both, Apple Pay and the card offer extra reward. Hopefully, this would mean greater return on your purchase.

Some of the stores where you can enjoy this additional bonus are Walgreens, Mobil, T-Mobile, Uber Eats, Exxon, Duane Reade, and Panera Bread. Do you happen to shop at any of these?

Where Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay?

Grocery Stores:

Retail Stores:

Online Stores:


Gas Stations

How Does Apple Pay Cash Back Works?

Apple Pay card, credit cards, and debit cards are all different methods that allow you get cash back. However, the offer is not extended to all companies and all types of cards so you need to confirm beforehand if you are using one that can earn cash back.

Credit cards like Blue Cash Preferred, Blue Cash Everyday Card, and Chase Freedom Flex are just few examples that can be used for this purpose.

Moreover, the card you are using determines the amount of cash back that you will receive. Typically, most credit cards will get you cash back between 2% to 6%.

Whether you are using a debit/credit or Apple Pay card, it is important to check that the card and Apple Pay is accepted. Albertsons, Safewats, Trader Joe’s, etc are few stores that offer cash back when shopping via Apple Pay. Do check them out!

1. Apple Pay Card

Before I start talking about different credit cards that will help you earn cash back with Apple Pay, let’s start with simplest way to get this done: Use Apple Pay card!

This card works much like a credit card which means you can use it for online and in-store purchases. Luckily, Apple Pay card is now accepted at a number of locations and even at some local markets in the US!

You will get 3% cash back on some listed, specific categories, 2% cash back on all other types of purchases, and 1% cash back on shopping spots that do not take Apple Pay.

Apple Pay card can be use with or without linking it with Apple Pay. That is why I have mentioned that you can use at places where Apple Pay is not accepted.

2. Wells Fargo Active Cash

A great credit card option to go with when you wish to get some cash back on Apple Pay is Wells Fargo Active Cash Card. It offers a simple 2% cash back on all types of purchases using Apple Pay.

Moreover, the card carries other advantages as well. For example, you can get $200 bonus if you spend $1,000 in the first 90 days of becoming a cardholder.

Some Apple Pay users do argue that other better credit card options exist that can be linked with the app for cash back but, it is worth noting that, the Active Cash Card has no annual fee and provide 0% introductory APR as well.

3. Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

In addition to multiple benefits that Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card offers, it is one of the best choices to avail if you want to earn rewards with Apple Pay.

This credit card provides up to $200 cash back after your spend $500 in the first 90 days of becoming a cardholder.

Whether you link a digital wallet, like Apple Pay, or use the credit card directly for payments, it offers 1.5% cash return on every purchase. So to say, there are no additional benefits of using Apple Pay with it. Most of its perks are available with other payment platforms as well. However, Apple is a secure and simple wallet to use.

4. US Bank Altitude Reserve

Even without utilizing Apple Pay for cash back, this credit card itself offers commendable bonus points. Nonetheless, you can double up the perks by using it in combination with Apple Pay.

US Bank Altitude Reserve credit cards offers 3X points on each purchase, 1.5 cents each for payments when staying in hotels or booking plane tickets, etc.

If you are an Apple Pay user, shopping at Costco with Altitude Reserve credit card would be a great choice. This is because you would earn rewards that are more valuable and will be able to accumulate more cash backs quickly.

5. American Express Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card

The cash back policy of American Express is the same whether you use Apple Pay or any other digital wallet. However, users opt for this combination because of its security and convenience which not many other credit cards offer.

The Blue Cash credit card provides 6% cash back on $6000 for the first year on gas stations, transportation, etc. Additionally, it offers 3% cash back on all other purchases and 1% cash back on money transfers.

The annual fee is also waived off for the first year. In coming years, you would be charged $95 per year. American Express Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card is one of the best options to use with Apple Pay.

Eligible Apple Pay Devices

  • iPhones are eligible for Apple Pay use and cashback. All iPhone models are equipped with necessary technology to carry out Apple Pay transactions.
  • Selective iPad and Mac models allow Apple Pay transfers but offer restricted functionality.
  • You can use Apple Watch for this mode of payments too.

How To Set Up Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is already available on Apple Devices. However, you need to add a credit card or debit card to the Wallet before you can begin utilising it for payments.

Simply tap the + symbol in the app and scan the card you wish to add. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

You can add multiple credit cards or debit cards to your Apple Pay but it is only possible to select one as the default. You can always change it later if need be. Moreover, users can select a particular card that helps them earn the most cash back at a select store or retailers.

Where Can I Get Cash Back With Apple Pay Without Card?

It is compulsory to have an Apple card to qualify for cashback. You have to link the card to the Wallet and get cash back with Apple Pay.

If carrying a physical card is a hassle for you, consider opting for an online one. You just need to in your eligible device such as iPhone or Apple Watch.

Can I Get Apple Pay Cash Back At ATM?

Yes, there are some ATMs that offer cash back with Apple Pay. If you are unable to get cashback, you can still withdraw cash at an ATM with Apple Pay.

  • Press the Side button two times on your Apple Device.
  • Then select the debit card that you want to use for cash withdrawal.
  • Open Apple Pay through verification and hold the device close to ATM reader.
  • Enter verification code when prompted to do so.
  • Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw and confirm.

How Can You Get Maximum Cash Back With Apple Pay?

I have mentioned before that if you shop at a store that does not have any cash back rewards on Apple Pay. You would only receive cash back as per credit card or debit card policy.

Therefore, if you wish to maximise your rewards, you can do so by choosing a seller that offers cash back on both, the digital wallet as well as the card that you are using.

You can also save some additional dollars by linking multiple credit card to your Apple Pay wallet. In this manner, you can use a card that is most compatible for certain type of purchase and ensure you earn maximum cash back.

Before You Go!

The use of Apple Pay as payment method has immensely grown over the past few years. It is now accepted at various grocery stores, gas stations, hotels, super-markets, etc. However, you must note that not all places offer rewards when using Apple Pay for purchases.

You should link Apple Pay to debit cards, credit cards, or bank accounts that let you avail various cash back and discounts. A detailed list of this is shared with users through Apple official website. I hope this article was able to provide you with needed insight as well!

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