As much as it is disappointing, the truth is that Venmo instant transfer not working is an issue as common as payment decline on Venmo or bank connection interrupted error in the app. Nonetheless, Venmo continues to be one of the most famous peer-to-peer money transfer app probably because fixes to these problems are quite easy!

Venmo instant transfer allows you to exchange funds immediately for 1.5% fee. If the feature is down, you should check Venmo server, contact the app or bank customer support, and also ensure that you are transferring within Venmo limits as well as adhering to Venmo rules and regulations. Otherwise, the app reserves the right to suspend your account or put hold on the transactions.

Why Is Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working?

The Venmo app is loved due to its instant money transfer feature. In exchange of a minimal fee, the platform allows users to send money immediately from one account to another. However, many have pointed out that the instant transfer stops working randomly sometimes.

There could be many reasons behind your instant transfer feature on Venmo not working. It may be a technical glitch or security violation.

Other than this, network errors, exceeding money transfer limit, providing wrong bank information, etc. can all interfere with smooth transfer of money through the app. Luckily, most of these issues take only a couple of minutes to fix!

How To Fix When Venmo Instant Transfer Is Not Working?

It can be difficult to identify what is messing with Venmo transfers. Therefore, I would suggest that you start with easiest fixes and then proceed to check one by one until the problem is resolved. Here are some troubleshooting tips that will prove to be extremely helpful.

1. Check Venmo Service

Most of the times, your instant transfer does not go through because of a technical error at Venmo’s end. The servers may be down, it can be undergoing maintenance, or the network may have connectivity issues.

If any of this happens when you are about to make instant transfer, there is no other way than to wait for the company to fix the problem.

It shouldn’t take long for Venmo technical team to restore the service. You should be able to perform the instant transfers immediately later on.

However, it is important to check that the poor service is not cuased by your device. For example, Venmo servers may not be down but your device is having issues connecting to it. In this case, you should check your internet connection by running multiple other sites or contacting the Internet Service Provider for confirmation that the network is not down.

2. Confirm Your Bank Card Supports Instant Transfers

If your bank’s debit card is not supported by Venmo then you won’t be able to perform instant, or even standard transfers, for that matter.

There is a long list of debit cards issued by US banks that Venmo does not support so there are fair chances that you may have one of them.

You can check if your card is accepted by manually adding the card information in the Venmo app and confirming through the additional information that it displayed. The card will show up in the payment option if it is supported and gets highlighted in gray-ish color if Venmo does not support the card.

3. Do Not Cross Venmo Transfer Limits

Majority of the money transfer apps have a limit on transaction. This means you can only send and receive a set amount in a day or a week after which you have to wait till the limit is refreshed to carry out more transfers.

Again, this is done to make sure that no scammer or hacker is able to misuse all funds in an account within a single transfer only.

It is a viable explanation that your instant transfer is not working because you have exceeded the weekly limit on Venmo. In this case, you will observe a notification that says “Venmo transfer declined”.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of Venmo transfer limits daily and weekly. I have talked more about this in the sections below so don’t forget to read till the very end!

4. Check For Internal Security Issues

Instant transfers are processed immediately but Venmo understands that it can not compromise on security just because a user wants to send money right away. Consequently, it will carry out all the necessary checks before the transaction is finalized.

Sometimes, as a result of a security error, the instant transfer is rejected. This typically happens when the name on your bank card that is linked to Venmo account does not match with the one that you have entered on Venmo at the time of transfer.

If the mismatch is what’s causing the security issues, you can fix it easily by following the steps below.

  • Initiate the transfer one more time.
  • Recheck the name in the last step before confirming.
  • Also confirm that your first and last name are in the same order and not reversed by mistake.

5. Do Not Violate Venmo Terms and Conditions

Venmo maintains its integrity by implementing strict terms and conditions. It is compulsary for all users to adhere to these regulations otherwise, Venmo reserves the right to freeze an account or put a hold on its transactions.

If your instant transfer is not working, check that you have not carried out any act that is in violation of transfer terms. Implications attached to it may have stopped your transaction from going through.

Venmo has set up strict rules to ensure there are no fraudulent activities and to protects its users from scams. It has the right to reverse a payment, suspend account, cancel a transaction and take legal action against a fraudulent party if needed.

How long the account activity will be terminated depends on the magnitude of violation. You can contact Venmo to discuss the matter and proceed to unfreeze your account accordingly.

6. Contact Venmo Customer Support Team

The fixes above should be able to solve the issue when your Venmo instant transfer has stropped working. However, if the problem does not settle, I would recommend that you call Venmo customer support team for assistance.

The company representatives are available at 855-812-4430 . You can also contact Venmo through the Venmo Support tab on the official website.

The team will figure out a way to fix your issue timely. Make sure you discuss the matter in detail with them so they can help you out accordingly.

Should You Contact Linked Bank For Help?

When you are using a linked bank to transfer money through Venmo, it is possible that issues at the bank’s end causes delays or interruption in the instant transfer.

Therefore, I would recommend you get in touch with the bank too to confirm if their network is experiencing any problem. Simply call the associated bank during the working hours to get insight into the ongoing situation.

What Is Venmo Instant Transfer Fee?

Venmo charges a fee for transferring money instantly. You have to 1.5% of the amount as the transaction fee from $0.25 up to $15.

It is possible to avoid these charges by opting for standard money transfer instead. This type of transfer can take up to 2 – 3 days to complete but does not incur additional charges.

What Are Venmo Transaction Limits?

Venmo transaction limits are quite generous. If you are using it for peer-to-peer money transfer then it is highly likely that you will run out of limits especially if you have a verified account.

  • Venmo allows transactions of up to $2999.99 per week with an unverified account.
  • You can carry out transactions of up to $4999.99 per week once the account is verified.

Needless to say, transactions will be declined when you try to transfer money after the limit has been exceeded.

Before You Go!

Venmo instant transfer can be down from time to time but it never a cause of concern. You should be able to fix the issue using the hacks below. If that does not help, Venmo support team will intervene to deal with the matter professionally.

When you are done solving the issue with instant transfers, you may want to continue learning how to send money from Venmo to PayPal and send money to yourself on Venmo. Don’t forget to read our easy guides on this topic for more fun information!

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