Explanation to Start Financial Content

Today we are proud to announce that PerkStreet will keep you guide about your daily banking and financial decisions and will write high quality content.

Prekstreet | Best Checking Accounts for Bad Credit | Banks That Don’t Use Chexsystems

We were able to give cash back for spending money that was already earned, not risking going into debt by spending on a credit card. We believed we could reward everyone, not just the people who would tell you it takes money to make money.

The last 5 years were an incredible journey. We’ve given out over $4 million dollars in perks and done groundbreaking things to create our amazing online community. We are deeply saddened to see it end.

Over the last 6 months we have been pursuing additional investment to grow our business to the point it could be self-sustaining. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure more funding and now must begin the process of closing the company.

We are honored that you put your trust in us. We regret the inconvenience and disappointment this causes you. Each of you has been an incredible partner in this journey, whether holding our feet to the fire for things you didn’t like or gushing that you feel like a member of movement rather than a customer.

Keep on perk’n –

Jason & the PerkStreet Team