The internet revolution

Nowadays, we can barely live without internet anymore. We use it to communicate, buy, sell, work, study, watch movies and TV series, games, and so much more. You may have tried to avoid it, but this is very difficult. It has taken over the world. But is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. It also made our lives so much easier. You don’t have to go all the way to the train station to see what time the train departures. You don’t have to walk through the whole city centre to find that one dress you need for that special night; you just Google “dark blue Maxidress” and there they are, all next to each other. You can find everything about anything. You can follow classes from home. You don’t have to write letters to your friend on the other side of the world; you can even see them now via internet!


Internet affects our lives, our economy, the way we advertise, and so much more. It became an essential part of our daily lives. Almost everyone has mobile broadband. No, I’m saying that wrong; almost everyone has UNLIMITED mobile broadband. The faster, the better. And if you don’t have it yet, you’re pretty behind. Because, who doesn’t want to send pictures to your friends via Snapchat all day? Or update your status on Facebook? Post a funny quote on Twitter? And post a filtered picture on Intagram? Stream the latest music via Spotify? Watch videos of funny dogs on a skateboard on YouTube? Maybe just a bit surfing on the internet to find the latest scores of your favourite sports? Or, in different words, be a bit overloaded with the things to do and see online.

A lot of things you can do on the internet.

A lot of things you can do on the internet.

Then, we of course want the best price for unlimited mobile broadband, but where to find this? I did some research and the provider that suits me most is P1. They offer ToGo® Unlimited Broadband and then you can choose an internet plan that fits you best. For all plans there is NO upfront fee, 1 month internet for FREE, FREE delivery, and online discount! For me, the ToGo® 109 is the best, because it has unlimited internet and 1Mbps Download speed which you can share up to four devices, for only RM 109 a month. However, there are two other internet plans to choose from. Maybe you should just take a look on yourself and see if you agree with me.


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