Working out in Malaysia

Squats, lunges, fit, abs, muscles, crunch, cool down. What do all these words have in common? Exactly: GYM TIME. Gym freaks are going crazy even seeing these words, but not all of us are so familiar with all this gym / fitness vocabulary. That is why it is time to talk a bit about gyms (or fitness centres, whatever you prefer).

Don't forget to stretch!

Don’t forget to stretch!

What to do at a gym?

As some can’t even imagine why the hell they would go to a gym in the first place, let me please tell you that it’s not just lifting weights. There are plenty of things to do and I bet there is always something that you will like. For example, you could step on one of the cardio machines (i.e. elliptical, treadmill, bikes, stepmill, etc.) for a warm-up. You can also pick a nautilus machine, but if you have no idea how to use any type of fitness equipment, then I recommend you scheduling a session with a personal trainer so that he can teach you how to use the equipment safely.

If you don’t know how to use the machines, you might hurt yourself using them. But as this is a little bit basic, you also might want to hop on one of these balance boards to work on your balance. What’s even more fun is that most fitness centres offer classes, for example aerobics. These are very fun ways to work out. Ask for the possibilities at your gym, they might have more than you expected.

Best gyms in Malaysia

There are plenty of good gyms in Malaysia, but how can you find the one that suits you best? Luckily, there is a website where you can find the right venue you desire in just a few clicks. You can also see the venues’ service listings, prices, locations and special promotions. So, what are you waiting for?