The Kuala Lumpur skyline is ever evolving and changing – filled with immense architecture that changes with trends and the times.

Malaysian architects are finding it more difficult to meet needs and expectation of clients. In such an increasingly competitive scene, we need role models to look up to – to learn from the best and grow ourselves.

Enter Dato Roslan Khalid, renowned Malaysian architect and entrepreneur. Dato Roslan has been a household name in the architecture scene for years now.

He is currently lending his architecture expertise and experience in property development.

Dato Roslan came from humble beginnings, with his first job only paying him RM600 – barely enough for his food and room rental.

A brilliant student from his university days, Dato Roslan has never given up making a name for himself. An introvert by nature, he had to stretch himself out of his comfort zone to learn the ropes of the industry.

He was always engaging in lengthy debates with his classmates and this habit followed him into his adulthood where he would debate endlessly with his partners and future workmates.

He said this indirectly shaped his thinking without himself knowing.

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Dato Roslan Khalid, successful architect and entrepreneur. Photo credits to The Edge Property.

If you are aspiring to work or even own an architecture firm in Malaysia some day, Dato Roslan is someone to look up to.

His own personal motto is never to give up and to learn to see the opportunity in every crisis.

Only through such positive thinking will you be able to achieve your dreams and set goals, especially in a competitive industry such as architecture.

Take it from the man himself – only with perseverance and and his never-say-die attitude did Dato Roslan manage to avert the economic crisis which took the Malaysian markets by storm in the late 90s.

It is when the odds are stacked against you that you must shine.

The architecture scene in Malaysia is still growing and will only become more competitive and cut-throat. If you’re a budding architect with big dreams and ambitions, don’t give up!

Learn to draw inspiration from others and keep moving forwards towards your end goal no matter how small the steps may be – so long as you’re progressing.

Architecture is an art form to be defined by each architect, each artist. Just like any art form, practice makes perfect – don’t stop beating on your craft and one day you might just call a building, or even buildings, your own.