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Starting a company in Australia? Try following these tips!

China Product Sourcing

Establishing a company can be very challenging if you don’t have a plan to start with. The first step to start a company is to make a draft for your business, better known as business plan. The draft consists different parts, such as a financial plan (how are you going to finance your new company?),  personal information such as experience and general information, also a small market research, such as your target group and competitors (if you have done it) and last  but not least, your successful idea and how you are going to run your idea. Make sure that you will get some feedback before you show it to potential investors.

Funding the future

The next step to make your drafted concept reality, is to find funders or investors who are willing to fund your company, as it will be really challenging to start a company with your own capital. Of course, if you can’t find any investors or funders, you can lend it from a bank. However, a bank won’t lend you money very easy. That’s why you have to start with the business plan, so you can present your business plan to the bank so you can convince the bank (or other funders/investors of course) to loan/invest/fund your business concept.

China Product Sourcing 1

After the financial part is finished, you will be looking for the administrative part. You have to register your company. Thing to consider during this phase are the company name, company structure, get a consent with those who are involved with you company and understand your obligations as an officeholder. When you finished these steps you are ready to go! Or have you forgotten something?

Most made mistakes

You have probably forgotten some things during the first few weeks, such as having cash to buy things like supplies, inventory or for your cash register. You will also have to decide whether you are going to use a personal bank account to do transactions or to open a business bank account.

China Product Sourcing 2

The amount of stock can be big or small, depending on the kind of business you are planning to run. If you are planning to import products, you can use your own network to find a supplier or find a supplier on the internet. Although planning everything yourself can be very difficult such as legal issues or comparing the prices you can also have your stock acquisitions outsourced. Optional you can find someone for your China Product Sourcing. A good example of a China Product Sourcing Company is MyShipper Australia. They are specialised in China Product Sourcing to Australia and they have a network of different trusted suppliers and the costs for a supplier overseas can be cheaper than a local supplier. Especially in Australia, that has one of the strictest policies when it comes to importing products or shipping products from other countries.

For more info, view here: http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/gold-coast-online-startup-myshipper-provides-an-innovative-gateway-to-china/news-story/d9ba1a0ff48a444505e85cb517900c71

Control the outcome of your meetings

Meetings are part of people’s daily business activities, which causes them to forget the essence and importance of these get togethers. Of course some meetings are less important than others but lack of encouragement during these less important meetings can in the end affect the important ones. Think about the time when you were trying to close that one ‘BIG’ deal with clients. In such an event, a meeting will have a huge influence on the decision making process. I can speak from my own experience that some meetings are so stressful, it feels like you’re doing some kind of event management all by yourself. True preparation includes finding the correct meeting room in KL to thinking about possible questions from the other party.

Improve your intro and the close
Starting with a strong intro during your presentation will give you more confidence throughout the whole meeting so don’t underestimate this point. Give a proper introduction and point out what you want to discuss. This is not only professional but also shows your ability to work structured. End your presentation by repeating the most important points and give your advice or conclusion.
event management
Determine your purpose
Before entering any meeting it should be crystal clear what your purpose is. Know beforehand which result you want to accomplish so you can work towards this. Furthermore, stick with just three talking points. Don’t start talking about all your ideas rather focus on the main points. This way you keep it to-the-point, which helps people to keep focussed.

After the meeting
Unfortunately most people think their job is done when the meeting ends. Nothing is more true, it actually just begins here. Don’t forget that many clients have a number of meetings afterwards to discuss what they heard, review their point of view and discuss their decision. Follow up with the key attendees and subtly reinforce your points.

Call to action
Make sure all the attendees know what is expected from them before leaving the meeting. It wouldn’t be the first time that people shake hands and nobody knows what the next step is going to be.

Conclusion is that you need to be prepared for important meetings. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a job interview, meeting with important clients to close a big deal or have to justify the annual results to the shareholders. When you don’t prepare for a meeting, you automatically let the other party control it. Step up your game, control the meeting and force things to go your way.


How to Gain Profits through Imports from China to Australia


Importing goods from China to Australia represents several opportunities for your business. Since the recent change in relations and trade partnership, Australia has garnered more and more importing demands from China.

However before importing, you have to carefully choose the right manufacturer among the thousands who can build or make your product. If you want to be successful in your business, you need to consider different factors. First of all, you need to think carefully about the level of risk you are taking, the cost and the amount of time it’s taking. Here are some advices and tips before you start:


  1. Make your own research

Before choosing to import from China, you should form your own opinion first. It means that you will have to search on the web or ask experienced people so that you’ll know the risks and time frame to consider if you want to venture into a particular business. Don’t forget that every business is different so you should select the option that suits you the most. Of course you will have to validate your product idea and see if it is profitable to import or not.

Suppliers who offer cheaper price than their competitors are not always the best choice. Mainly because lower prices involve higher risks followed by low quality and bad reputation. Before engaging yourself, you should definitely check customers’ opinion on suppliers’ services.

  1. Choose the right product  

Chinese manufacturers are used to large orders, 500 quantities and more, but it is not impossible to order under 500 but only very minimal amount of manufacturers will fulfill that requirement. You have to keep in mind that importing from China means big quantity, so you should choose a product that you can order in large quantities.

  1. Australian professional sourcing company

Some companies act as an intermediary between you and Chinese companies, as it is the case for MyShipper that also doubles up as China to Australia Import Agents. It’s the safest way and best value for money when you want to import from China to Australia. Indeed, MyShipper Australia will improve your business by building win-win relationships between you and Chinese manufacturers. Since communication is very important, the professional sourcing company has multi lingual staff that makes communication easier as well as lowering costs and minimising risks.


For more info, view here: http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/gold-coast-online-startup-myshipper-provides-an-innovative-gateway-to-china/news-story/d9ba1a0ff48a444505e85cb517900c71

Have you already imported from China to Australia for your business? Don’t forget to let us know your comment!

Architecture In Malaysia – Dato Roslan Khalid

The Kuala Lumpur skyline is ever evolving and changing – filled with immense architecture that changes with trends and the times.

Malaysian architects are finding it more difficult to meet needs and expectation of clients. In such an increasingly competitive scene, we need role models to look up to – to learn from the best and grow ourselves.

Enter Dato Roslan Khalid, renowned Malaysian architect and entrepreneur. Dato Roslan has been a household name in the architecture scene for years now.

He is currently lending his architecture expertise and experience in property development.

Dato Roslan came from humble beginnings, with his first job only paying him RM600 – barely enough for his food and room rental.

A brilliant student from his university days, Dato Roslan has never given up making a name for himself. An introvert by nature, he had to stretch himself out of his comfort zone to learn the ropes of the industry.

He was always engaging in lengthy debates with his classmates and this habit followed him into his adulthood where he would debate endlessly with his partners and future workmates.

He said this indirectly shaped his thinking without himself knowing.

dato roslan khalid, rk group, kb group, ramada lumut resort

Dato Roslan Khalid, successful architect and entrepreneur. Photo credits to The Edge Property.

If you are aspiring to work or even own an architecture firm in Malaysia some day, Dato Roslan is someone to look up to.

His own personal motto is never to give up and to learn to see the opportunity in every crisis.

Only through such positive thinking will you be able to achieve your dreams and set goals, especially in a competitive industry such as architecture.

Take it from the man himself – only with perseverance and and his never-say-die attitude did Dato Roslan manage to avert the economic crisis which took the Malaysian markets by storm in the late 90s.

It is when the odds are stacked against you that you must shine.

The architecture scene in Malaysia is still growing and will only become more competitive and cut-throat. If you’re a budding architect with big dreams and ambitions, don’t give up!

Learn to draw inspiration from others and keep moving forwards towards your end goal no matter how small the steps may be – so long as you’re progressing.

Architecture is an art form to be defined by each architect, each artist. Just like any art form, practice makes perfect – don’t stop beating on your craft and one day you might just call a building, or even buildings, your own.

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